Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi Departures

Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport Departures Panorama

I like this effect of two tunnels, where in fact there is only one tunnel … trick of the panorama 🙂

One cannot ignore the majesty of the internals of these huge structures like airports. Fish-eye/wide-angle lens or panorama is the only way photographically take in the whole thing. I only have iPhone without attachments, so panorama it is …

They make you check in 3 hours before the flight, so usually there is plenty of time for exploring the departures area. More photos from Suvarnabhumi airport later 🙂

This was taken as two photos, a top and a bottom, as panoramas in the their own right on my iPhone 4S. The merged using Microsoft ICE.

Worth clicking on image, there’s a larger pixel size behind. Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi Departures - MS ICE Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi Departures – MS ICE

Taken in Thailand, (c) Don Charisma 2014

63 thoughts on “Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport Departures Panorama

      1. Sometimes I tease a little, no offence mean’t just me joking around a bit … makes the day go quicker, although sometimes people don’t see the funny side !

      2. gotta laugh or else we’d cry? … I’ve been over virtually every combination of little magic with patty, but I am worried that she doesn’t get it !

  1. I’ve been to Suvarnabhumi Airport, I remember being impressed at how beautiful it is, but your panorama brings it to another level. Great job!

    1. Thanks dude, certainly it’s a huge place, a hub I hear for whole of asia … I have a few more photos, but more difficult to decide the more shots I take of the same thing !

  2. Вие продължавате да ни водите по света, да виждаме картини, каквито не сме и сънували.Тази снимка ми изглежда нереална. После,като се замисля, всичко това е създадено от човешки ум и от талантливи ръце. До скоро и напред! Успехи!

    1. Само малко нещо, което направих 🙂

      С практика и търпение, аз намирам, че е лесно да се види страхотни снимки, преди да ги вземе …

      Топлите пожелания


      1. Здравейте отново! Дано да Ви хареса коментарът ми за залеза – да видите какво чувствам в момента.Моля, ако имате време, отговорете ми на предишните въпроси. Благодаря Дон!

      2. Здравей отново. Google превежда не винаги превежда правилно: (

        Аз правя всичко по силите си … опитайте отново въпроса?

        Топлите пожелания


      3. Когато го писах наистина малко бях тъжна. Много неща ми се иска да направя, но не зная докъде ще ми стигнат силите. И ме натъжава , че книжките ми наистина събират прах. Но сега, като започнах да си пишем се чувствам по- добре. Благодаря!

      4. Животът е един и същ за всички нас. Тъга е само част от това, което чувстваме, така че аз не се интересуваме твърде много, това alwasy ме учи на нещо.

        Да ти пиша ли английски?

      5. Няма проблем. Аз просто си върша най-добре, когато имам време. Понякога не правя!

      1. ya know, I’ve been thinking about wild, out of the box ideas like traveling to cool, faraway places. I’m generally quite risk averse in life but I think that definition should be refined to *exclude* holding myself back from going places and seeing the world – perhaps on my own terms.

        Hey! Imma big girl now!


      2. We all need security just as much as adventure, so yes take the adventure on your own terms, when you’re ready 🙂

        First time I came here was only 2 weeks, and then flew back and forth quite often, it’s gradually got less as I’ve found my feet a bit …

  3. I think that is a pretty cool idea. I can agree waiting three hours in the airport is not fun, but at least this gives you something to explore while you are waiting that long.

    1. Yup, but that’s the way the Thai’s like it … I think they hope you’ll spend lots on money in the shops … But I haven’t got any so I just wonder around and visit the smoking rooms 🙂

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