Stormy Sunset Greenwich Pier

Stormy Sunset Over Greenwich Pier

This one caught my eye as I was looking through my London snaps. January in London is usually cold and wet and miserable, but there are some stunning sunsets for those that can open their eyes for five minutes. I wish I’d have got more shots of this, but sadly my eyes only opened at the last minute … doh, unobservant I am for sure !

It’s a panorama done entirely on my iPhone 4s, with a bit of jiggery-pokery (aka Don Charisma magic) to bring out the colours in Photoshop.

It’s worth double clicking as there’s a larger image behind this one 🙂 Stormy Sunset Greenwich Pier Stormy Sunset Greenwich Pier

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

32 thoughts on “Stormy Sunset Over Greenwich Pier

  1. От моя малък прозорец към света наблюдавам слънчевия залез в мъгливия Лондон. Точно както Малкият принц. Сега ще преместя столчето си, за да погледам и други залези. Това означава ,че съм тъжна, малко тъжна…

    1. Ние сме привилегировани да бъде в състояние да се види и прави толкова много, 100 години преди бащите ни не може да си представи света, в който искал в днешния …

      Топлите пожелания


    1. I was around and about taking photos, then suddenly realised that there was the most awesome sunset that would be gone in minutes … I kinda wished I’d noticed earlier, because the clouds were closing down very quickly, seconds … but the consolation, this lovely photo, and I think I got a couple more, will post later 🙂 Also PS now I know how to use it really brings the colours out …

      Warm regards


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