Slipway Sunset Panorama PS-5w-x-2h-P

Slipway Ocean Sunset Panorama

Been another long day with WBIIA 2, so I’ve just found a little time to post this.

It’s a slipway for the Thai coastguard with a beautiful yellow and blue sunset, and some heavy cloud cover 🙂 And the bright light on the water is a squid boat, squids are attracted to the bright light, I think that’s how they catch them … Do enjoy !

It’s ten photos merged with Photoshop Photo Merge, 5w x 2h portrait orientation. Taken on my iPhone 4s. Slipway Sunset Panorama PS-5w-x-2h-P Slipway Sunset Panorama PS-5w-x-2h-P

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

36 thoughts on “Slipway Ocean Sunset Panorama

  1. I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful place or somewhere I would so like to place my feet. I want to walk down towards that beautiful water. You take beautiful shots. -Karen.

  2. What a beautiful merge… Wow, ten pictures?
    I love the bit about the squid boat. I never would have known about using light to attract them.

    You eyes on the world share so much insight–thank you. It’s fun reading your blog posts.

    1. Hey Meredith, you are welcome, and I nearly forgot about the squid boat … This one is a small squid boat, they do have big ones with like 50 big light bulbs on wooden “arms”, I’ve seen them in the daytime at the port 🙂 warm regards DC

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 … not sure about protocol for the (c) 2013, (c) 2014 … the photos were taken in 2013 so assumed that that’s when the copyright is, or did I get that wrong ?

      1. No Don, I made an incorrect assumption that you’d taken the photos this week, based on the text. Thank you for keeping the amazing photos coming each day- from parts of the world I may not ever see otherwise. I enjoy them. Cheers! WG

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