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Whose Blog is it Anyway? – The Next Challenge – WBIIA2

We all had great fun doing “Whose Blog is it Anyway?”, topic was women and sparks did fly.

Great writers, some amazing moments, good cleanish fun and we all had at least a little giggle.

You can see all of the posts for this first challenge here – Whose Blog is it Anyway?

So what’s next ? Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster

The Next Challenge – WBIIA2


“Whose Blog is it Anyway?” is cutting edge improvised social blogging, it’s something that’s NEW, FRESH and EXCITING.

It’s birth is in the fusion of blogging, social media and impro techniques, to make something new, to do what’s not been done before. FUN and CHALLENGING for personal growth and entertainment. The potential is endless, limited only by imagination of the leaders and participants.

Forget “Zero to Hero” think “Zero to Jedi Writer” or “Zero to Fly-By-The-Seat-Of-The-Pants Yoda Writer”. Learn to be a creative charismatic writer, you will.

Plus of course we’ve added a little Don Charisma secret sauce, for that really spicy “Russian Roulette” experience – usually seems to be me that get’s the bullet !

Well, enough of the hype, down to business.


It’s fun, we get the chance to laugh at ourselves a little bit, a lot often. Not take ourselves too seriously. Challenging, trying something new, working on those creative and spontaneous muscles.

It’s a challenge NOT a competition. Let me say that again IT’S A CHALLENGE NOT A COMPETITION.

I want people to work together the same way we do in an imrpo group. Not all this petty fighting and envy. Together, as a team, cohesively.

Why? because we’re stronger and more powerful than just a bunch of individuals. Without a cohesive team it’s very very hard to achieve amazing things, WITH one it’s a lot easier. So let’s achieve amazing things, awesome creations that give us and others joy, happiness and fun. Let’s help each other to promote each other and realise our goals.

The Challenge

The Don Charisma secret sauce recipe isn’t available to anyone, and frankly half the time I don’t know what I’m doing, and the other half of the time I probably couldn’t explain it. So don’t ask me about fight club the secret sauce recipe. The only way you can learn the recipe is to take part, through your own experience.

I really like Fight Club, it’s funny in a man way. I also like the “Ideas Chef” idea, mixing things up and coming up with something new, so try this :

Rules of “Whose Blog is it Anyway?”

1st RULE: You do not talk about WHOSE BLOG IS IT ANYWAY.
3rd RULE: If someone says “No, But” or “Maybe, I’m not sure”, “Well, not really…”, “Perhaps, let me think about it” the improvisation is over.
4th RULE: Only one guy (or gal) to an improvisation.
5th RULE: One improviser at a time.
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes.
7th RULE: Improvisations will go on as long as they have to.
8th RULE: If this is your first time at WHOSE BLOG IS IT ANYWAY, you HAVE to take part.

🙂 THE foundation principle of impro (theatre or comedy) is “Yes, AND”, this mean I accept the challenge, whatever it is and I will add to it, it’s the essence of cohesive teamwork. Still we need leaders and rules, they create safety and structure around what we’re doing. Within that it’s creative heaven – a writer, a designer, a photographer or any other creative’s IDEAL breeding ground to learn how to be more creative and spontaneous.

Now we’ve cleared that up, this challenge is secret, all I will say is that it’s a writing challenge. It will only be announced privately this time to individual improvisers and you’ll have a limited time-scale to complete (24-48 hours). Your audience and fellow improvisers won’t know what your writing about until I press the publish button and they’ve read it, along with my/your audience.


I will chose improvisers from two categories, 1) people I already know and trust, and 2) anyone who wants to apply, provided they can qualify.

So it’s a partly an open challenge this time.

In order to qualify for an “open” place, you’ll need to write me a paragraph telling me (and my readers) why you think we should include you in this challenge. The qualification submissions will be open for 48 hours.

I will then collect all the submissions, and put them into a post, with a poll. Then you and my other readers will be given another 24 hours to vote for who you/they think should go through.

I will make the final decision on who will go through. Those selected will be contacted by email with their topic and title, and you’ll then have 24-48 hours to complete.

We will then schedule your posts for publication over the course of one or two days, weekend or mid-week, depending on the number of submissions.

Schedule is not set at the moment, as I have various things going on, but it’s possible the publishing weekend will be 18-Jan-2014. This is subject to change, so please keep an eye on my blog for updates.

In order to qualify as a guest improviser, you must be able :

1) To write in English, able to review and correct *ALL* your own typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. We will review anyway, but please don’t make extra work for us.

2) To complete your work within the time-scales indicated. Rise to the challenge and be a finisher. Enter into the fun and creative spirit of the impro challenge.

3) Be prepared to answer *ALL* comments on my blog in response to your submission.

4) Follow the rules in terms of the structure of your submission, and provide all things that are requested of you, ie short intro/bio, your discussion and an outro, and one photo/image that is copyright free.

5) Work WITH ME and any of my coordinators, to resolve any issues or problems. Be flexible.

I am sorry that I can’t accept everybody’s submissions this time. This is because it’s a lot of work to organise the whole event, and there simply isn’t enough hours in the day for me to do everything on my own. If you want to help, then please contact me about being a coordinator (see end section). If I have coordinators helping then I can accept and publish more submissions, therefore more people would get the chance to participate.

Guest Improviser Qualification Form

Please use this form to tell us why you think we should choose you to be a guest improviser in the next challenge – “Whose Blog is it Anyway?” 2.

I will close applications in 48 hours – on Friday 10-Jan-2014 at 17:30 GMT. Please apply as soon as possible 🙂

I will create a badge for “Whose Blog is it Anyway?” and those who’ve participated are welcome to display it on their blog if they would like.

I’m really looking forward to it, it’s hotting up to be a whole lot of fun.


Don Charisma

Note: I won’t accept unauthorised bloggers entering the challenge. Any outbound links in my comments to such submissions will be deleted. Have some respect for me and those who are genuine participants.


I’m looking for coordinators for the next challenge, as it’s impossible for me to do everything, ends up me working 24 hours a day. You would need to be organised, efficient and personable. Duties would include :

1. Liaising with improvisers up to the point of a publishable submission.

2. Overseeing comments after submissions are published, as a moderator.

3. Assisting in planning, scheduling and execution, with input into the working of the challenge.

Benefits – learning to run an event, helping others improve their writing skills and promoting themselves. Fun!. Learn a bit about the how I make the secret sauce.

Skills – good communicator, diplomatic, personable, efficient, good written skills and reliable. And also firm and assertive when appropriate.

Pay – None, this is not for profit, just for fun endeavour. You’d obviously be guaranteed a place in the challenge (if you want), and therefore the opportunity to promote yourself and your blog.

Apply – a paragraph about yourself and why you’d like to help by email to – dcharisma at icloud dot com

Please note:
Comments are invited. BUT you are reminded that this is a public blog and also you are reminded to think before you press the “post comment” button. 

Good manners are a mark of a charismatic person – so please keep comments civil, non-argumentative, constructive and related, or they will be moderated. If you feel you can’t comply, press the “unfollow” button and/or refrain from commenting.

I read ALL comments but can’t always reply. I will comment if I think there’s something that I can add to what you’ve said. I do delete comments that don’t follow rules above. For persistent offenders I will ignore you permanently and/or report you.

Most decent people already know how to behave respectfully. Thank you for your co-operation on this.

Don Charisma

25 thoughts on “Whose Blog is it Anyway? – The Next Challenge – WBIIA2

      1. hmmm. I have had a blog for four years.I have only recently been involved in w.p. circles.. I guess they compete??? – Perhaps it is best to have an audience outside of word-press.. Best to have a search engine following……. I am really sorry to hear that people need to compete on w.p. although I have noticed W.P. seems to encourage competition. thanks.. eve

      2. I think it’s good to have a range of audiences in different networks … People are competitive anyway, but I like to try any level the playing field so that everyone can have a go, and the competition isn’t so serious … warm regards DC

  1. Sounds like a pretty interesting idea 🙂 Considering that I am a working actress, improv sounds pretty fun. I am a little confused over whether the improving is supposed to be more factually based or more for entertainment purposes.

    1. Hey Phil, I’ve received your paragraph, let’s look on the positive and assume you’re going though. I just don’t know the numbers and amount of help I’ll have, so I’ll do my very best … OK ?

      Warm regards


  2. You know you can call on me to write or help at any time. I need to point out however that for the sake of modesty and not wanting to harm the eyesight of anyone I need to keep my shirt on. I am quite happy to run around barefoot though. 🙂

    1. Let me ping you an email, I’m moving over to icloud, yahoo is shite … I left that shoes and shirt one in for comedic effect, but sure you got that 🙂



    1. Hey Sharon, there should be a form on the blog post to apply for the challenge, please use this, as that will go straight to my inbox and has all the required info (Email, blog url and paragraph about you).

      Coordinator should email me at the address on the coordinator section.

      Please don’t use comments to apply 🙂

      Warm regards


      1. Don’t know what to say, it’s a WordPress built in function the forms so you’d think they’d show up in their app … It’s the first time I’ve used them, thought it would save time … looking forward to see what you’ll write … cheers DC

      2. Not this time, DC. I’m still trying to think up a reason for you to choose me besides self-promotion😳 I’m looking forward to another batch of these posts, though.

      3. Fun ? Spontaneity ? A challenge ? Trying something new ? Team work ? Helping to promote others ?

        I could give you more 🙂

        Obviously like for you to participate, but your decision at the end of the day …

        Warm regards


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