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Whose Blog is it Anyway? 2 – The Contenders – VOTE NOW

Just a short time now before lines are closing for contenders for “Whose Blog is it Anyway ?” 2 … Deadline 17:30 GMT today, very shortly in fact. Get yours in now if you’d like to take part.

I’ve decided to release the contenders who’ve applied. I will add any last minute entries later. Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster

The Contenders – WBIIA2

I’ve gathered all the qualification paragraphs from my email, and here’s the people who are competing for a coveted place in the next challenge.

*Please vote for your favourite*

Voting will close in 24 hours, Saturday 11-Jan @ 17:30 GMT.

I will then announce the full list of participants, including the seven others I’ve already chosen amounst the people I already know.


Name: Phil Manhire (aka “The Watcher”)
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

Living in Vanuatu as I do (more commonly known as “The Land of Smiles”), gives me a different slant on life to most. Daily life here is prone to happenings that are a mix of funny, twisted, exasperating and sometimes just downright perplexing. For instance, where else on this planet does one find that judicious care ALWAYS needs to be taken in giving instructions to the Ni-Vanuatu staff because they invariably take them LITERALLY….such as the time a house girl was told to clean the fridge “inside and out” and then to come home to find that this is EXACTLY what has transpired – it was first cleaned inside…then taken OUTSIDE and cleaned again?! Or the time the gardener was told to fill the ute with rubbish and take it to the local tip and burn it. Yep, you guessed it… no more rubbish and just the blackened shell of your ute (“Oh, what a feeling!). Although I have been blogging for a couple of years, I am relatively new to story-telling per se. Still, as I am unafraid to be opinionated, irreverent and at times, I think – insightful, I would like to “‘ave a go, mate” at your Challenge. I hope you and your readers agree. Cheers!

Name: Christopher S. Malone
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

“I would like to be chosen as a guest improvisor for the upcoming Whose Blog is it Anyway? challenge. This challenge will allow me to be an integral part of an established blogging/writing community. This will allow me to step out of a comfort zone to experiment and grow as a writer and as a member of a larger community that I’m timid to be a part of.  My passion towards becoming a better writer will add a new flavor to whatever topic is placed in front of me.  It’s anticipated to be a part of a group of writers who definitely have a different voice and perspective on the topic given to us, and it will be unique to learn from what they have to say.  Saying no is not an option in this exercise, and it shouldn’t be in life.”

Name: navigator1965
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

Hey! This automatically filled itself out for me. Pick someone else, Don. I’ve had my turn.

Cheers, Nav.

Name: Dating Ann
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

First of all, I am a new blogger! This would be my first challenge and oh how I love being challenged. I think quick on my feet (or maybe in this case on my butt). I also believe this would be a great opportunity to network with other bloggers. I will make sure not to create too much work for you. I’ll definitely meet all of the requirements so that working together would be a piece of cake. I am super excited about potentially being apart of something so creative and innovative. Pick me!

Name: irenedesign2011
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

First of all, because I always try to see the life with positive eyes.

Next I find this challenge funny and would really like to try to improvise and learn by that, we all should try to learn something new every day. Otherwise we stop growing mentally, which would be so boring.


Name: Elaine @ foodbod
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

What I really want to write is: why not? Why not pick me? What have you got to lose??

In all seriousness, I bring with me my lifetime of experiences, which will be totally different from someone else’s, and provides another view of life. How bad could it be??

Name: areed090290
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

I love to write, and I’d like to think I’m pretty humoring. I can come up with some pretty creative stories, and I can keep people entertained. I’m on almost all day long, I’m prompt with responding to people’s comments. I’m addicted to WordPress, what can I say? Thanks for at least reading this, and I appreciate your time and effort.

Name: Sharon Hughson
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

Aside from sharing my amazing sarcastic sense of humor, I believe this impro activity will stretch my writing muscles. Blogs, fiction, non-fiction – all of it flowing from my very own pool of creativity, that’s one thing. Writing at the behest of a simple title for a crowd of thousand you don’t know? Something different. Surely it will inspire me to reach higher and write with more pizazz. 

Name: markbialczak
Your Blog URL:
Why you think we should pick you as a guest improviser:

I’d like to participate in the impro II, Don, because I can write fast, I can write funny, and I can write interesting. In my past live, I reviewed concerts. In my current life, I review movies. In my next life, I yearn to make up sentences, paragraphs and wild ideas as part of Don Charisma’s new and innovative writing challenge. And then let people review me. Thank you for your consideration.

The Vote

Please note:
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Good manners are a mark of a charismatic person – so please keep comments civil, non-argumentative, constructive and related, or they will be moderated. If you feel you can’t comply, press the “unfollow” button and/or refrain from commenting.

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Most decent people already know how to behave respectfully. Thank you for your co-operation on this.

Don Charisma

50 thoughts on “Whose Blog is it Anyway? 2 – The Contenders – VOTE NOW

      1. I THINK that’s around 11:30 AM cst. That’s what Google told me, so if it’s wrong, blame Google! They lied! not me!

        Do I get cookie points for attempting to use google first? Even though Google can sometimes be as bad as Wikipedia with their false information…


      2. Well that’s interesting and relates to the challenge, you’ll understand later !

        The sites that give time out are usually accurate and Google do do their best 🙂

        And not familiar with CST ? Canadian Standard Time ?



      3. Close! Central Standard Time

        Basically, Central Standard time, is the time that all of those poor people who live in the middle of NO WHERE live!

      4. I’d like to hear them, but some caution is advised as some readers appear to have had the sense of humour muscles removed … We have a disclaimer graphic for this challenge, specifically for the sense of humour challenged. 🙂

      5. I live in tornado alley, and some of these places have trailers. You’d figure after your trailer gets torn apart, you’d MOVE! But noooooo, you REBUILD, in the SAME SPOT, just to get it TORN TO HELL again!


        I also live in the land of the Chicago Bears, and Jay Cutler, whose a fairy… can’t make up his mind for anything. It’s a coin toss on whether he does well, and he’s more injury prone than a 2 year old child. You know…he gets paid millions just to warm the bench at least 1 quarter of a football season. Where the heck do I sign up at?!

        Oh, and even though we get snow here, people see snowflakes and they freak the heck out?! OMG FROSTY’S COMING, WHAT DO WE DO!! Oh, and we also live in the land of EVERYONE NOT HAVING CAR INSURANCE. Fear of snowflakes + no car insurance = a HORRIBLE idea. Very few know how to drive here… I have NO IDEA how some got their drivers licenses. Swerving in traffic, no turning signals, cutting people off RANDOMLY, for NO REASON…and you’re a good driver?

        Yeeeaaahhh and I’m a pretty man -.-

      6. Although, this is coming from the woman who thought it would be an AMAZING idea to hang Christmas ornaments from her ceiling to keep her baby from eating them and STILL hasn’t taken them down. They’re also randomly falling off some of the rigged nail hooks I made, and I guess I’m just THAT lucky, that they keep bouncing off my head -.-

        Kids 1, Mom 0

      1. Hey I thought of you today. I went to a large store to get some photos printed and they had this show playing on one of he big screen tvs.

    1. All timezones are based around GMT/UMT so all you need do is lookup your current timezone then add or subtract the number of hours … or stick it in google 🙂 application are now closed, next time then dude ? cheers DC

      1. LOL don’t worry I’m only teasing Elaine … Hotting up to be a lot of fun, just typing up the next post, will go out later and coordinator will email you your topic … I’ve picked a really hard one for you LOL

      1. You and me both … they do regularly announce them on wordpress. There was one about the pixar theory and one about getting married that I’ve read … quite good writing actually, stuff that makes one think in a good way, interesting to see what people go crazy for 🙂 cheers DC

  1. I was polite and didn’t vote for myself. I hope a few more people will, but there are some good answers here that reflect excellent writing ability. Look forward to the outcome – even if I don’t get picked.

  2. Even when I write my own blog, I don’t know whose it is, so imagine that being doubled in this experiment would be curious. Let me be frank: I have multiple personalities. Okay, now let me be John.

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