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Can’t You Write Your Own Original Material? Quoting Einstein Has Been Done!

It’s funny how writing these kinds of comments never gets old for some people. Using investigation techniques I’ve perfected over the years – working out the why is usually simple.

This was left in my comments yesterday :

“Can’t you write your own original material? Quoting Einstein has been done!”

Obviously whoever wrote this has a much higher IQ than me, but alas, that is not the case …

I see the blogger who wrote the post has only 4 posts on their blog, and another blog they deleted (so a real success right there). I had a look through their shining example of “original material” and found incoherent copy and paste jobs, to form something resembling a post (not even intelligent spam – more likely intellectual diarrhoea whilst on meth, I guess.). As for persistence in blogging – a couple of weeks or so. Amazingly they had found a kindred spirit to, and I use the term very loosely, converse with.

So, my conclusion – ideologically possessed or narcissist or plain straightforward nutjob. But not being the knower of all knowledge, possible I’m wrong., Don Charisma, Trolls-R-Us

The silver lining, the emotional alchemy – as I’ve said a million times on this blog – is they never cease to give me something to blog about, and it’s made me quite popular. If I have the time, or I’m bored, I might even play with them for a while, and then add their details to my blocklist (do not pass go, do not receive $200)

And before some smartarse pipes up and asks, any of the inevitable questions – I’ve been blogging since 2012 – I do write my own material, do my own graphic design, photography, and much more besides. I found people liked curated quotes, it doesn’t take a lot of time to read or digest, and during these odd times, something interesting or motivational, doesn’t hurt.

The more diverse I go, the more interesting comments I get. And, actually, this was just the kick in the arse that I needed to do more of it, so thanks again Mr or Mrs Troll.

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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12 thoughts on “Can’t You Write Your Own Original Material? Quoting Einstein Has Been Done!

  1. I just don’t like blogs who do nothing else then launching quotes illustrated with one of their own pictures. Not withstanding; lots of them have followers that amount somewhere between 5 to 10 K. It’s just puzzling me; what do they get out of it? It’s an enormous amount of work and what-for? To have a couple of thousands of followers?

      1. From my perspective, it can just become an ego thing that doesn’t serve any useful purpose or it should be that you count on making money with attracting advertisers due to the amount of followers you’ve amassed. Which is a kind of boring to me. I produce once a week a post of approximately 500 words about a subject that interests me or that I want off my chest. I admit that the main reason I’ve started a website or blogging was to provoke some interest in my writing, but right now I’m past this hurdle and I’ve decided that primary function of my blog is to share my thoughts and to follow people who’re having a bigger attention span than a mosquito.

      2. So that’s a bunch of assumptions you’ve made, and assumption being the mother of all f ups … need I say more.

        You blog how you want Urban, and follow who you want. I’ll blog how I want and follow who I want.

        As for passing judgement on other’s attention spans, seems a little harsh and egotistical, somewhat holier than thou.

      3. I didn’t intend to single out your blog, but was commenting on those who’re doing nothing else then posting quotes. And yes, this mosquito attention span is really something that bothers me among the multitasking swiping and liking internet users. When did they read for the last time a book or learned a new skill (like another language)?

      4. Perhaps would have been worth clarifying that before pressing “Send” – but fair enough. I try to do a mixture of stuff, and that always ends up with me being outside of the cookie cutter clique – which is fine, I’m happy as I am, my attention span “varies”, my interests, hobbies etc vary – I try to be “rounded”.

        My friend used to joke about his wife on facebook, and her attention span being virtually zero. Swipe. Swipe. Giggle. Swipe. Swipe. Giggle.

        Twitter I never liked from day one – 127 characters, I just didn’t get it. Now it’s probably the most important platform there is (in some ways).

        There’s also an old American expression “shit-flick”, which refers to people with low attention span saying “shit”, then switching channels and repeat ad nauseam.

        I’m a Scientist by education, so sympathise in one way. In another way, different people have different skills and gifts – and positive outlook towards them may encourage them to be friends, and they just may have skills you don’t possess, so my advice – don’t judge them too harshly, it makes you seem vain, when I don’t think you are.

        For me – ALL ARE WELCOME ON THIS BLOG – provided they are polite and treat me with respect – I’ll chat with anyone left or right, LGBT or straight, black, white or brown, able or disabled – respect is all that really matters.

        So, I try to cater for people like you, spending 12 hours or more writing one post, or several days or weeks shooting photos and everybody in between, up to people who just want to read a one liner.

        And, then there’s the doing what I want on my blog – one of the nicest bloggers I know from Philippines (who I’ve known since 2013) said to me recently – it’s your blog, put whatever you want on it.

  2. I’ve always been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of material you blog. Now that you’ve let part of your secret out, I’m even more impressed – good use of negativity.

    1. I think there’s a saying about pleasing some of the people some of the time.

      Generally I blog what I want when I want. There’s plenty of cookie cutter blogs out there, 180 million or so to choose from, so I don’t worry about what’s too much or too little, I just do what I do – if it’s too much or too little, then the reader has choice.

      As for negativity, it coexists with positivity, like day and night. I try to use the negatives in a positive way, but don’t always succeed.

      It wasn’t exactly a secret, I’ve blogged quite a lot of quotes, and will continue, as they are some of my most cherished posts – the one about winning on the top of my blog had 330 likes at last count (which surprised me to).

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