Happy St. George’s Day, And Risque Painting By Petar Meseldzija

I just found it’s St. George’s day today, an important traditional day for English (and some Spanish and Portuguese) and Christian people.

So wishing you a Happy St. George’s Day.

I’ve also added the Portuguese flag to my sidebar – so hello and welcome to all my Portuguese followers (4097 page views as of today).

Flag_of_Portugal, DON CHARISMA

Spanish Flag, DON CHARISMA

Saint George’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint George, is the feast day of Saint George as celebrated by various Christian Churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint including England, and regions of Portugal and Spain. – Wikipedia

And, in Don Charisma style – here’s a “little risque” St. George and the Dragon painting that I posted back in 2014, as a bonus.

Painting by (c) Petar Meseldzjia – Originally posted here (with permission) :-


Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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15 thoughts on “Happy St. George’s Day, And Risque Painting By Petar Meseldzija

  1. You know, I’ve always found it funny the sudden leap between classique and risque. Put a shirt on the otherwise naked princess, bring attention to her lady bits and BOOM, you are now lewd.

    Personally I have no issue with nudity in Classical Art. It’s a long held Mediterranean tradition. I wonder if a healthy renaissance of artistic nudism might distance the young from the increasingly pornographic honeypots of modern ‘culture.’

    On that note I see you have an article on artistic nudity already, so I have added it to my queue and shall read that as time allows.

    Also! Happy belated Saint George’s Day. Perhaps I shall hang my first New England Battle Flag a little higher in memory of the England we were supposed to be. Cheers from New England.

    1. From what I understand, nudity in art, isn’t considered offensive, I think because there’s many great works of yore, where this was the norm.

      The whether “porn/nudity is a problem” question, I’m more liberal, than puritanical on that. As for the identity politics surrounding it, that’s all BS as far as I’m concerned.

      Healthy hetero men and woman are interested in each other – so it’s normal human behaviour to show an interest. If we didn’t there would be no you or me, or anyone else.

      Happy St Georges day also. My New England history is virtually non-existent, so I can only join you in lamenting what was so supposed to be 🙂

      1. That’s okay. I’m sure despite my being a lover of things British, were you to quiz me on intimate knowledge of Britistory I would indubitably embarass myself.

        As to the above, I am largely inclined to agree. I have quite a few liberal tendencies, despite my being an Identitarian. My ultimate dream, the one that perhaps makes the least sense, is where everyone gets their ideological cake and can eat it, too, without the endless partisinal bickering. In that I actually enjoy crossing the borders of my own political milieux to find agreement with other parties. Too much echo chamber makes anyone stagnant, I reckon.

      2. Then we’re all good. I have family in US, and visited once when I was “a lad”. Generally found I liked the country and the people I met. But it’s such a vast place, I only managed to see Washington DC, NYC and Ohio. Also did a few business trips when I was working in London, and that was via JFK, to my company’s branch in Stamford, CT, and a visit to NYC to see a family member. I fear though my waistline would increase vastly, if I lived there, due to the great Pizza in US 🙂

        I think a bit from either side of the aisle is balanced, there’s issues I’d tend more left (or globalist), and others more right (or populist). I’m still doing my research on politics, because I was never that interested most of my life whilst things were ticking along ok, until recently when things have changed, and I’d just had enough –

        I don’t like being attacked, persecuted, manipulated, taken advantage of or vilified for immutable characteristics, or another’s “alien” ideology, however much mental gymnastics are done on their part, however much holier than thou they think they are.

        As for the bickering, well, I’m a peaceful person who managed pro-actively to stay out of it most of life, but enough’s changed where I’m moving towards getting involved. Brexit was the last straw, and that’s far from over yet.

        Most of us would like to be in a world, where everyone got along, but I think history has taught us, that that is unlikely.

        The best we can do ourselves is try our best to get along with others, some will become allies, friends, girlfriend etc, other will decide not to be. Being able to “not like” someone, is part of liberty and freedom, and also completely necessary in any and all sexual relations.

      3. True that. One of the most mystifying lessons I’ve ever learned is that some people simply enjoy conflict. I do not. I hate conflict, by and large. That’s the biggest tragedy in my world, in my vantage. Political disabilities rob citizens of a mental depth that would, I think, otherwise enrich lives. But alas alack.

        It’s been in my mind awhile to ask, but are you familiar with Steampunk music? It’s an odd genre. There’s only the one hand I like, they’re called Abney Park. Some of their stuff is inspired by older American jazz. I like the album Aether Shanties.

      4. A wise friend once told me about VAR “Karpman” triangle – Victim, Attacker, Rescuer – which is a common theme in soap operas, probably the cornerstone. Soap operas are continual conflict, and many do watch, and identify with either of the three roles, depending on context, and the identity of the watcher. It also plays out in real life, everyday, everywhere.

        Peace I prefer to conflict. But sometimes conflict is necessary to maintain boundaries and self-defense (in countries, groups and inter-personally), for “The Peaceful Warrior”. And as you said, there’s those who will pick a fight or intentionally step over a boundary to do so. So personally being an ex scout, I’d rather “be prepared”. I’m generally peaceful, but I will stand up for myself, politically or otherwise, if that’s necessary. Fights/conflicts are won (or lost) a long time before the fight (“be prepared” has more than one meaning, so it’s a clever moto).

        And of course in my limited Ninjitsu training, best outcome is to avoid conflict in the first place, I think all martial arts teach the same.

        With the political, it’s the same as any kind of ideological possession or zealotry, the idea becomes more important than reality, and that causes inability to have mental depth or “character”/”personality”. Democratic systems of moderately opposing beliefs (Ie we need a left and a right), tend to be the best, that we know of for countries – the others – dictatorship, fascism, totalitarianism and so on, generally most don’t want to live in such a way (too much power and resources in too few hands, mostly)

        Me, bemused, not so much anymore – Power is attractive to most. Most perceive a lack of it, and a desire for it is a motivator for conflicts, and misbehaviour of many kinds.

        I’m not familiar, although I do like a broad range of music roughly centered around “pop” (because I did some DJing for “pop” kind of audience, for a while, I ended up immersed in that genre). I posted John “Spider” Koerner recently which is folk/blues which is pretty niche, and my music collection varies a lot, little bit of everything, heavy metal, rock, blues, pop, EDM etc. Mostly others would consider my tastes pretty low-brow, Jazz and Classical for instance I’ve yet to develop much of the palette for, whereas I could probably listen to repetitive EDM like Fatboy Slim all day and night. Anyway that’s new to me, I’ll take a listen bit later on.

      5. That all makes sense, of course. And I like your good friends metaphor.

        I struggle with this myself. So much of history is predicated on the perception of satisfying debts that it has created a nexus in which history becomes quite pendular.

        I personally believe amicable divorce is the optimal solution. But so long as Identitarian constituencies exist in indentured servitude to globalism I fear you are correct and that conflict is inevitable.

        While it is futile to curry favour as a Nationalist in this current year, I am disturbed by the basic level at which most operate. (In my circles and abroad.) “You hurt me, just you wait.”

        It leads to people seeking conflict as opposed to anticipating and preparing accordingly. I imagine the ninjitsu bit was helpful, as a boy I did the karate and the lesson stuck: engage honourably but do not seek unnecessary engagement.

        I have found that when I am honest, as opposed to trying to Sun Tzu nonexistent enemies, that a Zen approach has earned me friends in various camps who are more willing to parlay with me because my motivations and actions match and are not absurd.

      6. I’m still very much a learner in all this. Cultural, societal and political changes have awakened my curiosity, via necessity, survival, actually – so I research, and, interesting and helpful to get input from rational people like yourself.

        I don’t know what the solution(s) are. I think the only solutions for serfs such as you and I, are to be rational and reasonable, try and speak the truth where it’s appropriate, and aim for “right action” where possible. Be the change you want to see in the world, kind of thing. And “be prepared”.

        I put this on my sidebar, it’s Nigel Farage speaking to the EU – “There is a battle going on, in the west and elsewhere. It is globalism against populism. And you may loathe populism, but I’ll tell you a funny thing, it’s becoming very popular”

        My research also indicates that many people in many places, are waking up to the absurdity of where culture and society is headed. I dig and dig for alternate media sources, so have found a descent set of reliable non-MSM sources by now. There’s much that’s obscured by MSM.

        Whilst I’m neutral’ish on Trump, he did win in 2016, and as Dems do their circular firing squad, amongst continual absurdity, looks like it’ll be a double term for the “bad orange man”. The British voted for Brexit also in 2016, and the biggest majority in 85 years for populist center-right Conservative party in 2019. Other European countries are moving away from the current order, Italy is pissed, France is pissed over EU handling of pandemic. And the EU, quite possibly on the way out – many European countries also are thinking they didn’t sign up for “The Union Of European Socialist Republics”, it was originally supposed to be about trade “The Common Market”, not political alignment.

        So changes are afoot, that do seem to be heading in a better, less absurd, direction. You should check out Dr Steve Turley and Tim Pool on Youtube (I’ve posted videos from both channels on the blog in the past) … and also Jordan Peterson’s work I found helpful, he has youtube channel, that basically has all his work in video format for free. Plus he’s done talks and speeches elsewhere. If you like books he’s written two – Maps of meaning and 12 rules for life.

        Not sure if I want to keep posting political and cultural commentary videos, and also whilst pandemic is still ongoing, not sure ethically it’s the right thing. Life does go on though.

        So maybe it’ll be back to creative writing, photography and interesting quotes … dunno Seax mulling it all over … and weekends I like to not be “working” if I can help it … a lot of changes going on for me right now.

        Stay safe



      7. PS, might be worth checking out Bitchute, if you’re interested in more diverse voices, YouTube do censor via absurd rules.

        And thanks for “absurd”, I’m finding it useful in my writing and expression.

      8. Yeah. YouTube is a guilty pleasure for me. I listen to Critical Drinker to keep up with media so I can pretend I’m not an utter crank.

        I’ve been to bitchute once or twice looking for songs that got offended off the stage by “trusted community” whatevers.

      9. I don’t think you’re a crank, and personally I find a bit of character endearing. Also someone I can learn from, as I said before, different opinions, life skills and experiences I find valuable. Competency counts most, ie I don’t care about much else, gender, race, religion, bias etc.

        Conformism, I don’t value hardly at all, it’s bland at best, and corrupt and malevolent at worst, and all the shades in between.

        Still, we all conform to a certain extent, otherwise human civilization wouldn’t exist at all. Cooperation is the very fabric of society. And I’m a conformist in a lot of way myself, just try to stay away from the malevolent ends of the spectrum.

        I’m a believer in diversity in it’s true sense, that is freedom, rather than it’s virtue signalling sense of moral high ground disguised totalitarianism, with hypocrisy and mal-intent cloaked beneath. Sorry, my inner cynic is at play today – I’m less blind than I used to be.

        I’m not much of a reader, so YouTube is my staple these days – amazing what’s possible to find behind the shadow bans and globalist censorship, if one’s prepared to put the effort in. If not Bitchute is there to the rescue. Same as Patreon, then Subscribestar.

        It’s also been said, by Jordan Peterson, that YouTube audiences, are, or have been, more male than female (no sexism involved). So perhaps that’s why I’m more of a watcher than a reader.

        As for the critical drinker – he’s very bias, but I like that he calls out the hypocrisy of it all, and very eloquently for a drunken Scotsman. I also heard he’s a successful novelist. A+

        (and thanks you’ve given me an idea for a blog post, of which a lot of ideas come from comments – much appreciated Seax)

        As for the “trusted community”, I think they will end up a footnote as an example of extreme stupidity in the future.

        Conversely it may be me that’s the stupid one, in which case, I’ll say it in advance “I am stupid”, in preparation for my time in a “re-education” camp, for my sins of being a wrong thinker/wrong sayer and prepare to embrace my oligarchs’ purpose for me, as if that was my destiny all along.

        Time, I guess will tell, the outcome. My hope is that we’ll retain free speech, and the “absurdity” will cease, in favour of more harmonious society. But I think we kinda said that already.

      10. Yes. I am curious about the shadow bans. I’ve heard it discussed in my circles before, and I’ve seen you mention it. Is that why it’s so goddamned hard to get anything out there on the Internet?

        I also believe in a shade of diversity. In my own personal definition of true. In college I went to Guatemala to mission. I did this because I wanted to experience a sense of “otherness.” And, of course, to fulfil my destiny of being the “Mighty Whitey” trope and helping save the world. When I got there, there was no culture shock because “America” had beaten me there. The children wore American clothes, and especially the men. Only conservative women dare wear the native Guatemalan dress. They ate imitations of American snacks, watched American television. (Television in a “village.” Kind of, yeah, absurd considering there were no toilets. Only the ‘shitty river.’) Go to the city, there was a Taco Bell, MacDonald’s. It was at that point I started to realize I never left America and this is the Twilight Zone.

        That personal experience is one of the lessons that taught me globalism (a word I didn’t know yet) and multiculturalism (a word I had just learned) were not as good as I was told, and that without ethnic identity, people are very susceptible to social diseases. It dawned on me, a year later, that Whites are uniquely colour blind, and that the same thing that poisoned Guatemala is doing the same thing. Not so much that America is evil, but that America isn’t real because someone turned it into PRODUCT.

        So, anywho. There’s Saxo’s abrupt introduction to global politics. Prior to that I was a default liberal. And to this day, I sympathize with a lot of default liberals who think the world can operate in the very peaceful manner they’d like it to.

        But alas alack.

      11. I’m often (usually ?) a creative writer, so I bend the words and spin things from time to time, I intentionally leave in or insert grammatical errors from time to time, I like to improvise, be creative – I enjoy Improv and watching it. Anyway – The official definition of shadow ban, is where somebody like YouTube, will allow your channel to exist, but unless others have bookmarked it, it’s almost impossible to find. Google, doubles down by making sure it’s hard to find you in search results on their engine. I have this from multiple sources, and seen it with my own eyes, my own personal experience. My use of the term was more creative license than accurate. I’m not a cookie cutter blog, worker bee, proletariat, so WordPress.com don’t really approve of me, centrist, isn’t left enough.

        It’s hard because totalitarians don’t want any other ideas being held as truth other than their own ideology. Fascism and totalitarianism are essentially the same – a small set of people get to decide what the truth is, often it’s a despot or dictator, like Winnie the pooh in China. With globalists it’s cooperative venture, a bunch of oligarchs who pull the strings, decide the master plan, behind the scenes.

        I’m still looking into culture and politics, and very much a student. But essentially “they” usually come up with a word or words, that disguise the true meaning. Often they are the exact opposite of the word, Diversity=conformism, multicultural=monocultural. I’m sure you can work the rest out yourself, you’ve already done a pretty good job.

        Global warming, got changed to climate change, because the warming didn’t actually meet what was predicted. And, there’s some that say climate change is just a front for big business who want to make huge profits on green products. And yet others who disagree with the agreed narrative on climate change.

        The left have had control of the media, for decades and therefore control of the cultural and political narrative, until recently. Social media changed all that. And thus the pendulum swings.

        Yes, same, I voted for Labour party in 2000 in UK, and was brought up in a county with a “liberal” MP. These days the same county is “conservative” aka populist. The demographics didn’t change in that area, the parties did, the right stayed kinda center right even moved a bit left, and the left, well they kinda fell off a cliff to the left. The “lunatics took over the asylum”.

        As for peaceful, hmmm, not seeing a lot of that, throughout history, whatever the politics.

        I’m still mulling all this stuff over, see where I get with it, looking at all the angles before I commit to anything beyond centrist.

  2. Yes, St George is the patron saint of England, and also of Catalunya and the rest of the old Kingdom of Aragon, Portugal and Brazil, Georgia, Ethiopia and Bulgaria. Happy St George’s Day! We usually have a St George’s Day parade through the city centre, but, as with so many things this year, it’s fallen foul of lockdown.

    1. That’s a shame, sounds like a good excuse for a party 🙂

      I just briefly looked up, so thanks for adding to – I didn’t know about Brazil, Geogia, Ethiopia and Bulgaria (and not that up on Spain, I know they have various regions)

      Seems as though Richard Branson’s been making himself with unpopular with other people not just me, so I did a post on him today – petitions are underway to have him de-knighted.


      Hope you’re doing well

      Keep safe


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