Happy St. George’s Day, And Risque Painting By Petar Meseldzija

I just found it’s St. George’s day today, an important traditional day for English (and some Spanish and Portuguese) and Christian people.

So wishing you a Happy St. George’s Day.

I’ve also added the Portuguese flag to my sidebar – so hello and welcome to all my Portuguese followers (4097 page views as of today).

Flag_of_Portugal, DON CHARISMA

Spanish Flag, DON CHARISMA

Saint George’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint George, is the feast day of Saint George as celebrated by various Christian Churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint including England, and regions of Portugal and Spain. – Wikipedia

And, in Don Charisma style – here’s a “little risque” St. George and the Dragon painting that I posted back in 2014, as a bonus.

Painting by (c) Petar Meseldzjia – Originally posted here (with permission) :-


Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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child water playing

Leak Humour And Country Flags (Water Filter Is Fixed BTW)

In response to my post about my leaky water filter (which is now fixed) – My friend and fellow blogger – who’s taking a break from blogging, and has been so kind in helping me, in my comments section, left me this comment today :

On a somewhat related note, when we first move into our house we started receiving calls all day from a waterproofing company who just would not take no for an answer. My wife, who worked night shift, got tired of the calls waking her up as she tried to sleep during the daytime.


Next time they called and asked if we had a problem with water leaking in the basement she responded, “Yes, we have a terrible problem. When it rains the water comes in and starts filling up the basement, but before it can get more than two feet deep it starts leaking out. Can they come out immediately and stop it? We just can’t get it deep enough to do any serious swimming.”


They never called back, but for a couple weeks afterwards she got nervous whenever someone came to the house, assured it was going to be the men in white coats coming to take her away.


Author – (c) 2020 The Modern Theologian

As I said they he is taking a break from blogging, so please bear that in mind if visiting his blog (I’ve linked to, because I always cite sources with links if possible).

And, the “And” part :

I’ve been slowly adding the flags of the countries of my commenters on my sidebar (as I’m proud of my own flag, I assume others are too). Just added Spain, Australia, Canada and Denmark. If I missed anyone please leave a comment which flag you want to see and I’ll add it for you.


Don Charisma

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