“Nudity In Art” – “St Georg And The Dragon” by Petar Meseldzija

Petar Meseldzija has kindly granted permission for me to use his painting on my blog. Thank you Peter, I’m very grateful, I hope that you do receive some traffic to your sites 🙂

I believe that a blog should be an interesting eclectic place. I’m not for the singular purpose blog, I think it’s becoming redundant these day. So I like to have a variety of things going on and topics, I think it adds to reader’s (and my) interest. I often find posts get unexpectedly reblogged or commented on. I get to see some new faces, always happy for that. Just my take.

I came upon Petar’s painting when I was looking for Dragon images. Today is actually the most relevant today, because it’s St George’s today in UK (I think they may celebrate elsewhere, but don’t know !). The poll I did a couple of posts ago – “Nudity In Art” – Don Charisma’s Opinion has a landslide majority (96.88% 31 votes for, 1 against) of people who want me to post this post, so here it is.

As a young professional man working in London, it takes quite a lot of getting used to. A lot of the time it’s pretty grey, people aren’t exactly warm and friendly. If I’m honest there’s usually an air of mild-hostility on the underground trains, especially when it’s busy. No one really want to be in the tunnels or on the train with the stale already breathed air, which becomes incredibly humid, it’s quite unsettling actually. Or being forced together by the overcrowding.

Day after day travelling in London’s tube is a bit of grind actually. Imagine then my surprise one day walking along the platform and I see an advertising poster with a naked lady on it. I nearly fainted, no, that’s just not possible, the British are such prides they would never allow that. I looked more closely and yes it was a full frontal nude. What did become apparent is that it wasn’t actually a photo, but a painting, an advert for an art gallery or exhibition. I don’t remember which, the surprise and delight on seeing the lady was obviously too much for my masculine brain to process. Very much made my whole day, and I still remember it vividly enough to write about it. Just very beautiful to look at, really, bottom line.

Personally I find there’s much beauty in people that we don’t get to see due to “modesty”. So these are some of the reasons why I wanted to post this very beautiful painting by Petar Meseldzija. It’s definitely a favourite of mine, and I hope many of you will enjoy too, on today, St George’s day.

St, Georg and the Dragon

Petar Meseldzija’s “St. Georg and the Dragon”, 2000 (Click on the image for a larger look)

Petar’s blog : http://petarmeseldzija.blogspot.com/2012_09_01_archive.html

Petar’s website : http://www.petarmeseldzijaart.com/

Interestingly there is quite a racy story behind the painting and St George, which I didn’t know before and hence the nude in the painting. It’s well worth a visit to Petar’s blog – you can read about it there.

Lastly, prior to starting my blog I had no clue what art was about, I didn’t understand it or the word. I thought it was the preserve of the extremely talented, something one had to study for a long period of time. It transpires that art is not meant to be elitist, it’s for everybody. Everybody has a potential artist in them, one of the things I was trying to demonstrate with my two recent art prompts – Art – Don Charisma’s Prompt AND Paint – Don Charisma’s Prompt, AND the conclusion Art And Paint – Don Charisma’s Prompts – Conclusion

Thank you dear followers for encouraging me to post. Thanks to Petar for his kind permission and trusting me to write about his work – I hope I’ve done justice to it my friend, and I hope I’ve added to it with sharing a little of my own perspective.

Warm regards

Don Charisma

Resources & Sources

Petar Meseldzija’s “St. Georg and the Dragon”, 2000 (c) Petar Meseldzija (Published with permission from Petar)

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71 thoughts on ““Nudity In Art” – “St Georg And The Dragon” by Petar Meseldzija

  1. Wow… I’m impressed. I have looked a lot of good paintings in deviantart (community like wordpress but where people upload their pictures or photographies), but never something like this one. Thanks 🙂

  2. I love that you are posting art after all the other stuff that happened. Yeah!! Very intriguing piece and very cool artist site. He is very talented. Blows the mind how real it looks.

  3. I find this painting to be extremely well executed and quite beautiful AND tasteful 😀 (It is the tasteful aspect of art that is so problematic these days I think?) Who knows really hey –
    This IS a conversation we could have for a LOOOONG time…I mean – we are talking about Paintings….I am happy talking about paintings 😉

      1. Imagination is all it takes dear. 😉 Any how – I must say – I probably prefer to paint or look at paintings… or talk about what I am painting or someone I know is painting…
        Never was one for knowing all the fancy pancy stuff of art…it kinda is what it is.
        OK – so I could probably discuss some techniques and genres…but I would choose to rather talk to someone about how they felt while painting 😛

      2. Same hun, the fancy pants stuff is probably what put me off art in the past … anyway, I’m still learning to do this stuff, having fun 🙂

      3. NIght night then 😀 – I might do the same hey. Been a busy day/week/ (had no water all day due to burst pipes at the water plant place thing! – never lovely!)
        Now – ‘GO!’ Be gone – go do thy thing good sir! 😉

  4. Regarding the Tube in London. I came to realise, I lived in London for thirty years, that It is un-resonable to expect everyone to strike up a conversation. They are mainly focused on getting to work or home, they have problems.

    Yet, if you travel out of rush hour you will find that people are more approachable. Also if the Tube breaks down, people they start to talk. You have to in that situation as your may need those people to help save your life.

    Back to the painting. Interesting piece. Throws up many questions. Will investigate.

  5. The artistry is irrefutably magnificent. I’m still debating the compositional aspect with myself. The fact that I am doing so is testament to this brilliant post, DC.

      1. I’ve got a one’s that not exactly pro reminism, gonna get a few eyes on it before I post … I’ll see what Danny thinks, some things just stir up too many hornets !

      1. The inner school boy in me is in turmoil. Knights, dragons, and arses, all of which are the inner school boy loves…yet, at the same time I feel cultured and educated because of the style.

  6. Don, thanks so much for posting this beautiful painting. I haven’t yet been to the artist’s blog to read about this, but one thing I do know is that you’re right – art IS for everyone. I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m unschooled in the finer points of art, but I know I have my favorites, and my life would be the poorer without them. Thank you for introducing me to Meseldzija and his work. And thanks also, for your blog – it’s given me some perspective on blogging I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

  7. …and after a terrible work day, I go here and see that.. my tiredness is fading and my mooooood lifting 😀
    Byeeee Doooon 😀

  8. Envious I am…my dragon seems so mundane…the challenge to do better is always present in art. Nice work and will check out his blog. Nudity has been demonized by morons, conservatives and Methodists.

    1. LOL, I’m sure mine would be too, but the point is do one’s own art and don’t worry about the competition too much I feel …

      Can’t entirely agree with you on your last point, I think it’s actually much much broader than that spanning cultures and religions, we’re all a little ashamed of our animal origins … just how it is, but glad that through art, we can be a little less self-concious 🙂

  9. After looking closer, the damsel is actually chained to the dragon at both wrists. I think there is a lot of symbolism here and it would take an intensive study to figure it out. Very interesting.

  10. I think the painting is beautiful. The shadowing, how he played the light, he’s a very talented artist. Thank you for sharing. Although it does not speak to me, it IS very gorgeous. My stick figures do not compare. Thank you for also reminding us that art is basically how we perceive something…and it’s for everyone not just the elite. What someone may find “crap” another would pay a million for *heart is overflowing right now* Art has always been a big deal to me, especially through music. Please keep sharing.

    1. Thanks hun, and will do … I think “like” is very subjective and down to individual … and as I’ve said blogging has been very beneficial in opening my eyes to creativity and what’s possible, I could even become an artist, which I didn’t think i could before 🙂

  11. Fantastic,
    I really like the way you explained this post.
    Nudity on the web is a concern for any parent, there is some really sick “SH one T” out there
    Classy post

    1. THanks my friend, I think this is pretty tasteful … and shouldn’t be a concern for parents … they should be protecting their kids from the sick stuff you talk about …

      1. Yes, I wouldn’t have a problem if my kids Googled Nudity and they found this stuff.

        Followed the links – going to spend some time on Petar Meseldžija’s sites

        GUYS GO SEE!!!

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