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Strip Richard Branson Of His Knighthood –

People are dying and Richard Branson wants to get richer off the backs of ordinary hard working folks – profiteering whilst others are suffering.

I used to look up to the man. But since he bought my mortgage company after the 2008/Lehman Brothers crisis, they have set their interest rate at an extreme profit margin, all whilst interest rates have been historically low (like close to zero). For more than 12 years now I’ve been paying a huge premium over the Bank Of England’s base rate, straight into Richard Branson’s pocket. It’s one of the reasons I’ve personally struggled financially ever since 2008 – whilst Richard has his fingers in a number of pies, including his own island. Bouncing around in his private jets and floating around in Bentleys, living the life of Riley.

See for yourself :

Or just search “northen rock high interest rate” on, and there’s a bunch of other sources reporting the same thing.


Also – He’s a tax cheat via British Virgin Islands – a luxury the rest of don’t get afforded, that’s called tax evasion in UK and is potential jail time. Small people who try to avoid paying taxes get bullied by the tax man in the UK, big people like Branson, get a free pass.

And he sued our “free-for-all” health care system, the NHS, for “an undisclosed sum” which we all pay for out of our tax, and in the same sentence has the audacity to fundraise for the NHS of which he keeps 4.5%

And, now he wants to dip his hand into UK taxpayer pocket for a bailout of his airline, to the tune of 1/2 billion pounds.

No, not over my dead body. The sheer audacity and brass balls of the man beggars belief, he legally steals from ordinary folks, doesn’t pay any tax via loopholes, and then, his greed knows no bounds, wants us to bail out his airline. Fuck you Richard Branson.

So, I would urge you to sign this petition, and let these greedy bastards know that we’re not paying for their excessive lifestyles, whilst suffering poverty ourselves. The pandemic, on top of 12 years of austerity due to 2008/Lehman brothers, has been struggle enough for many folks – without burden of independently wealthy people burdening us more. Surely he’s in the club with the big banks who get the lion’s share of money printed by the government, so get them to bail him out. Or,

As for Virgin airways, sell it on to Qatar airways or someone else who has the money (Qatar already own AT LEAST a 25% share in British Airways and Iberia Airways, via the “IAG Group” that we know of), at a big discount, lose a few of your millions Mr Branson, a fraction of your net worth and do your bit to help out – give the proceeds to the NHS, without taking a cut.

Absolutely my duty to raise awareness of this cooked man, and his crooked ways, he’s no right to the “Sir” in front of his name.

Our only recourse is to petition stripping him of his knighthood, I have already signed the petition I’m sharing here – This from :

Richard Branson, DON CHARISMA

‘Sir’ Richard Branson is a British entrepreneur who is a disgrace to his country. His personal wealth is estimated at £4.2bn


His company Virgin Care SUED the NHS for an undisclosed figure in 2017. Yet he takes 4.5% of all donations given to the NHS through Virgin Giving which has amounted to millions!!!


He also is asking for a £500M bailout of UK taxpayers money for his company Virgin Atlantic 49% of which is owned by Delta – an AMERICAN company! he has also put thousands of staff on extended leave or asked them to take voluntary redundancy.


He has also NEVER paid personal income tax since moving to the tax haven British Virgin Islands 14 years ago.


Its unacceptable rich billionaires are milking the system in times of national crisis.


Richard Branson is a traitor to his country and should be stripped of his knighthood!








Source and petition –

Or if you need another mainstream source :

Petition to strip Richard Branson of his knighthood gets 13,000 signatures

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma


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6 thoughts on “Strip Richard Branson Of His Knighthood –

  1. Brütal. And maddening. Globalization. Not the paradise my childhood swore we’d get.

    There is a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo. Unlike many in my sad corner of the political dark web, I’ve no interest in playing doomsday prophet.

    I will share a prayer that the sins of the profiteers are laid bare and that the common people realise that their complacence with celebrity culture and worship of idle comfort enables the high finance of elites who hate us all equally in spite of whatever platitudes we comfort ourselves with.

    And I hope you’re able to make leeway against that Branson boy.

    1. Amen to that.

      I think people are trying to put things in order, but, it’s slow progress.

      As for the elites like Branson, a crisis shows their weaknesses, so may be one of the few good things to come out of pandemic.

  2. “For more than 12 years now I’ve been paying a huge premium over the Bank Of England’s base rate, straight into Richard Branson’s pocket. It’s one of the reasons I’ve personally struggled financially ever since 2008”

    I don’t know UK banking rules, but can’t the person just change banks and refinance the loan under a different company as well? What RB is doing is wrong, but as long as people use/invest in his companies there is no reason for him to change.

    1. RB wasn’t the owner when I took the mortgage out. The mortgage was taken out during a bubble with Northern Rock. The value of the property fell, so now LTV is too high. So, no I can’t just go get another mortgage, otherwise I’d have done that already, years ago.

      Also, after 2008 all the banking regulations where screwed down, tighter than a ducks arse – so it’s much harder to get a mortgage in UK (and US).

      Northern rock, don’t offer any other solutions or deals. Or care. I tried, they won’t budge.

      Read the first link, and have a look around, Northern Rock are known for this.

      So I have to pay up and shut up. Stuck with them.

      This plus the other stuff I’m learning about RB, annoys me.

      1. Ah, okay, understand now. I had a time when our mortgage was over 10%, took years before we could finance down to 3%. The rates dropped sooner, but the other banks didn’t like our home’s debt-to-worth ratio, plus the cost of the refinance itself made it financially not worth it for years. We’ve been out of the mortgage and car loan arena for 20 years now, so no feel for how easy it is/isn’t to get one.

        On the other side, it’s been 38 years since we last bought a “new” car. Even when we could afford one, the thought of paying for something that lost 1/3 of its value when we turned the key was something we could no longer stomach. I’m lucky that, 20 years ago, I worked at a company with a fellow who bought cars off of the auction, fixed them up, then resold them at a fraction of what they were worth (auction price, parts, and $200 for labor).

      2. Yes, I must admit to having gone green with envy, that is my dream to be debt free. If I ever reach there it will be the most relaxing day I’ve had in half a life time or more.

        Sorry if my writing wasn’t clear, I’m not the best writer in the world, just do my best. (also, it’s kinda personal, so I glossed a lot over)

        20 years ago/ pre-2008, they were handing out “self-certification” mortgages like candy to just about anyone (US and UK). Then because of banks “gambling” with tranches of mortgages packaged together (prime and sub-prime) and CDS’s (credit default swap, is an insurance for mortgage default), and eventually Lehman brothers went “tits up” and the whole thing fell apart. Causing a global financial meltdown, and a depression. (I think also Lehman brothers pissed off a lot of influential people, otherwise they would have been bailed out as well. I worked for them before the collapse, and it was one of the worst working environments I’ve ever been in)

        The crooks who caused the crisis, then became the benefiteers – the banks, who got bailed out, and massive tranches of money was printed for them. A little trickled through to “the public”.

        The rest of us, got landed with mortgages that we couldn’t change, because house prices dropped. Others bankrupted. Probably big concerns like hedge funds and property funds etc snapped up all the foreclosed homes with the cheap money. In the meantime, the regulations where locked down so it became very difficult for ordinary folk to borrow money, even though rates were low.

        Gradually things improved a bit up until 2016, when the Brexit nonsense started and it’s been downhill since then. And then it was COVID, when there was light at the end of the tunnel.

        So, perhaps if I’d born 15 or 20 years earlier it would all have been roses. But it is what it is, I make the best of the cards I was dealt, and have “managed”. Probably it’ll work out ok for me.

        If I was going to point any fingers it’s a corrupt financial system, based on globalism. Some people have figured this out, and that’s why we’re seeing a shift to populism instead, UK with Brexit, USA with Trump, and most of Europe now have figured out EU is parasitic. Italy may be the second one to leave. France is looking close as well. Pretty likely the EU project is over, just a matter of time now.

        This is also why people are starting to turn on people like Richard Branson, because they are globalist elites, that have got fat and rich, whilst the rest of us struggled. A commentator said yesterday, the middle class used to be the economic power house, have largely disappeared, and now we just have the haves and the have nots.

        My two cents anyway …

        As for vehicles I never managed to own a new car, closest I got was 6 months old, most of depreciation had already been paid. It was impractical for needs at the time (a relatively inexpensive two seater sports car) so I sold it, and lost a bit of money in the process.

        Since a long time now I’ve lived in cities, and found I could do without a car, I pay for taxi, public transport, car sharing schemes or hire a car if I really need one. I’ve learnt to use backpack to carry shopping home. That’s saved me thousands over the years.

        Fiscally I’ve ended up very conservative, more through need than belief.

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