Repost – Sunset Slipway Fisherwoman vs You’re Beautiful

(Reposting my old videos to YouTube)

Title pretty much says it all … quite a challenging job to match the music with this one, I nearly went with “The Female Of The Species Is More Deadly Than The Male” … But wasn’t quite right really !

On the geek side this time I used avidemux to add a logo, apparently gamma seems to mean the same as opacity in photo terms 🙂 … Would have preferred a transparent background but I could only use jpg and jpg doesn’t do transparent background …

Mar 2, 2014 at 03:41

14 thoughts on “Repost – Sunset Slipway Fisherwoman vs You’re Beautiful

    1. Thanks, very much appreciated … I’ve got a couple more in the pipeline, just keep getting bogged down with other things … soon I hope 🙂


      Don Charisma

  1. If this will help, I once bought a book based on the title alone — “If I Had Killed Him When I Met Him I’d Be Out Of Jail By Now”. Beautiful song, but feel free to say the female is deadlier than the male of any species. Black widow spiders, for example.

  2. Вашият безкраен океан…и една красива песен. Иска ми се да съм на този бряг… Как е далеко и колко прекрасно. Една хубава музика не се нуждае от превод, нищо – не зная езика, но докосва сърцето ми. Така е винаги с красивите мелодии. А океанът разлива вълните си… Чудесно е, драги Дон! Браво!

    1. “Your endless ocean … and a beautiful song. I wish I could be this coast … How far and how wonderful. A good music needs no translation, no – I do not know the language, but touches my heart. It’s always beautiful melodies. A spill ocean waves … It’s wonderful, dear Don! Bravo!”

      Thanks hun, good to hear 🙂

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