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Brexit Implications Beyond UK – George Soros’ Communist Master Plan

(For my Canadian friend et al)

Interesting what the globalist elites have planned for us and how they’ve been going about it :

I’ve found Dr Steve Turley’s presentations quite interesting and informative regarding US & world politics, he’s posting daily on YouTube. I think many people and countries are waking up to the importance of “nationalist populist” as Steve puts it.

Politically, most likely, I’m a centrist. So, if you’re commenting from far-left or far-right, then it’s about the same for me – I don’t subscribe to your ideologies. I find both communism and fascism, abhorrent in about equal measure. I thank whatever gods exist, every day, that I don’t have to live in a place like Nazi-Germany or Communist-Russia.

Thanks to my new followers, again, I don’t where you came from or why, I don’t think I did anything particularly special – but thanks anyway.


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12 thoughts on “Brexit Implications Beyond UK – George Soros’ Communist Master Plan

  1. If you want to know what a true globalist is like check out The Luanda Leaks/Watch s2020 E10/ Frontline/PBS/ official site. The story is also in the book The Looting Machine by Tom Burgis. The woman, Isobel Dos Santos has been arrested. It was in the Friday, January 24th, 2020, Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper. Whether the people of Angola will ever see real justice remains to be seen. We can only hope.

      1. By natural rights, Africa should be one of the richest continents of the world. However they have the curse of extremely rich, natural resources. The multinationals move in and enable the governments to abscond with all the riches leaving the people living in the country in unbelievable poverty. Dos Santos was one of those people. She’s considered the richest woman in the world all thanks to her daddy.

      2. Yes, it’s the same story over and over, almost everywhere. I don’t know what the solution is – There’s some malevolently greedy people in the world, like these Dos Santos’. I’m fairly sure the solution isn’t some form of political totalitarianism though.

        It’s a shame socialism doesn’t work in practice, because that might just be fair, or fairer. It’s also a shame that the modern left goes from one extreme to another – in UK for instance, Labour had their worst defeat in general election since 1935. Most people are saying it’s because of their far-left politics, and that it should be obvious why they lost. Well except for them, they’re just doubling down on the more of the same, just turning off more and more people.

        I voted for Labour in early 2000s (and grew up in a Liberal county), but the political landscape is a million miles away from where it was then – back then there wasn’t much to choose between Labour or Conservative, they were both close to center. Conservative seems to have stayed close’ish to center.

        Canadian alternative media seem envious of what Trump has done for US, saying that a Canadian prime minister could have been making a similar speech to Trump at Davos – Not Trudeau obviously, I hear Canadians are struggling under him. Be interesting to see what happens at the next Canadian general election.

        Anyway – On a more positive note, a lot of UK people are feeling very positive about coming out of Europe on Friday. Best guess is that UK will probably boom over the next few years, if our government doesn’t cock it up.


      3. I’m afraid the the opposition to Trudeau is weak and not going to get any better.
        I agree that Brexit might a very good thing for Great Britain.
        Trouble with socialism – the same group of kleptocrats tend to get into power and take all the goodies.

      4. Everyone thought the support for Brexit was weak, guess what, it wasn’t.

        Everyone though Hillary would win, and Trump was a bit of joke, guess what Trump won.

        We were a little concerned that Labour might win in UK in December, guess what, Conservatives had biggest win in 85 years.

        France is rising up against Macron, his socialist policies have been VERY unpopular. Italy has similar things going on, the opposition IS rising up. Hungary and Poland are also discontent with the largely socialist Europe’s leadership. Germany are said to be on the brink of recession. Many countries in Europe have very inadequate protection for women and girls, and attacks have happened (and still happening) mass scale in UK, Sweden and Germany (probably others, these are the ones that I have heard reported on). Any of these countries may leave Europe, If something worse doesn’t occur, as there are REAL tensions. Dr Steve Turley is reporting about this stuff, along with RT and Rebel News and others.

        I heard CNN et al are reporting how great the Impeachment is going for them, they had a “Happy Impeachmas” after their sham “won” in congress. And are now reporting how great Adam Shit-Show is doing in the senate. Alternatives (eg Fox) are reporting that Trump doesn’t have anything to worry about, and the case against him is *all* hearsay, lies and bullshit basically. Basically the same old BS the fakestream media has been reporting ever since Trump won. They basically hate him, he’s their nemesis.

        The mainstream media on the whole has a socialist bias. They don’t report on stuff that doesn’t support their narrative, and manipulate stuff to suit it. So if you’re getting info from them, then could be that support for Trudeau isn’t isn’t what they say it is. I honestly don’t know – it’s a suggestion – you’re Canadian and living there, so I could be wrong.

        My solution to this problem (regarding Brexit) was to seek out other news and information sources, alternatives who are reporting on what’s not being reported by fakestream media. Who’re reporting in a logical, and more honest way, you know journalism and facts. Youtube is relatively tolerant, but they are still making it difficult for dissenting voices. Sometimes one has to search hard and deep to find some channels, as they’ve been buried by Youtube. It may be that these “dissenters” move to things like bitchute. I don’t know.

        We don’t know for sure if Brexit will be a big success or not, only time will tell.

        Kleptocrats are present everywhere, human greed and malevolence is a thing, and it’s probably tolerated, because many people don’t have the desire for massive power and wealth. I think that capitalism or something like it, is the most likely to offer at least the opportunity of prosperity, security and peace. It’s not the perfect solution, but it’s one of the best systems we know about. Socialism/Communism doesn’t have the same track record.

        I’ll send you an email, so you have mine. It’s still *very* helpful to see your feedback and comments on my blog, too.

      5. There is so much discord everywhere that I hope we don’t propel into WW3. However, it is a grass-root uprising which is a good thing. It’s time the people spoke out.
        You’ll have to see the video I did when Trump and Clinton were running for president.

      6. Dropped a like with my other youtube id … especially enjoyed the slap guitar 🙂 Had to look up quid pro quo, I never did Latin at school. I suspect US had a lucky escape, or was it the silent majority having had enough ?

        Hopefully no WW3, but, I guess it’s possible. I think people would like to speak out, or at least speak freely – but they are getting attacked for doing so, the curtailment of free speech has been slowly creeping up on us. Those describing themselves tolerant, are very much the opposite. Shame really because I might actually get on with those people if they weren’t so ideologically possessed – They’ve already made up their minds, and so many tripwires and so much pre-judgement, it’s impossible to converse without it being a fight, and political, like walking on eggshells.

        I looked back at some of the posts I did over the years, can’t imagine being that outspoken these days. I also used to write some nonsense too, it was fun, I enjoyed it. Creative writing I enjoy more than serious.

        Keep an eye on the coronavirus thing, it may be more serious than they’ve let on. Obviously in a sensible way, ie don’t panic. But do take precautions, just in case.

        Probably not your cup of tea, but here’s some music I made with Ableton, it’s unlisted on search, so you’re probably about the 7th person to hear it apart from me. Was more of an experiment than anything … I’m fairly sure I’m no musical genius, and I know I don’t have the rhythm to play live (white men can’t dance ?) … I like it, which is all that really matters in the end … was meant to be some kind of electronica/dance genre, just evolved whilst I played with Ableton.

        Probably should share it on blog, but I bottled it. Ah, fuck it, I’ll share it, what’s the worst that could happen ? Probably just confirm what I already know.

        I also started a drum and bass track, but making music just devours huge segments of time, so unfinished. Hopefully the time and place will open up to finish it. I do like like the boisterous nature of drum and bass.

        My hero musically is Fat Boy Slim, aka Norman Cook, aka a bunch of other alias’

        Anyway, sorry rambling on genres you probably don’t get on with – sorry about that.

        I sent email to you yesterday at the address which shows up in my comments. Had some problems with emails recently, so let me know if you didn’t receive.

  2. Don,
    As many informed experts have commented, the pejorative anti-Soros rhetoric maintained by the “alt-right” is, at heart, anti-Jewish propaganda of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” ilk. That is, it is a canard meant to scare and agitate people against a supposed Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. Careful what you broadcast, my friend, or you may end up in the same camp as the Nazis.

    1. I think the point is that the favourite political manoeuvre of lets say the ‘alt-left”, is a race based identity politics strategy. It’s effective, it shuts down unprepared dissenters, and it’s getting now used to the point where moderate centrists like myself have HAD ENOUGH OF IT. As I understand it it’s a Marxist mechanism, which was probably developed for positive egalitarian reasons, but then bastardised and weaponized into a power-smash-and-grab political tool. So hearing alt-right and Nazis in the same paragraph, leaves me a little skeptical about you.

      But I’ll give benefit of the doubt, perhaps you are a well wisher, warning me of something – in which case that’s kind of you, thank you for taking the time. Kind of like I am a well wisher to you, in sharing content indicating that there may be a MASSIVE political shift underway, away from the “alt-left”. Brexit and Trump are just a couple of indicators, but there are many others – look at France, Hungary, Poland and Italy for instance.

      I just listened to Soros at Davos, presumably the speech that Steve mentions. It was basically “orange man bad”, which ties up with what Steve was saying. Also, Soros was trying to put blame on Facebook for Trump’s current and future success – the problem with that is that Facebook is as left as any of the other media, so have been doing everything they can to be a left influence. Unless he mean’t Facebook should be silencing “alt-left” dissenters, in order to manipulate the 2020 election – in which case, that’s very worrying indeed, and would shore up Steve’s comments.

      Sources I consulted (mainstream, centrist) said that Soros broke the Bank of England in the 1992 crisis and profited by billions, I think this is widely known and accepted, even was bragged about as one of his “best trades”. He is also said to have profited by virtually bankrupting Thailand (and Philippines?) in the 1997 crisis, pocketed again billions. Which again I think is widely known. This legal “stealing” via financial instruments, probably derivatives (which poor/ordinary people don’t have access to), resulted in financial suffering for millions, for years. Many lost their homes in UK in 1992, or where crushed by the double digit interest rates. It was an utter shitshow for the countries on the receiving end, whilst Soros’ presumably lived/lives like a king.

      Also, recently, Philippine president seems pretty pissed off with Soros, enough so to ban him from entering his country and even put a bounty on his head. No smoke without fire, they say. I don’t think Filipinos are Nazis, but perhaps I missed something there. Had considered visiting Manila etc, so will have to look up their politics, don’t want to be visiting a Nazi-Germany-esk Philippines, not really my cup of tea.

      These are just some of the things I’ve heard of in pejorative of Soros. I imagine if I dug deeper and wider, I could find many more examples of Soros’ malevolence, without ever going anywhere near a far-right, “alt-right” or Nazi source.

      So, not overly convinced at the moment that it’s propaganda brewed by Nazis – IS IT MAYBE, just possible, it’s Soros’ character, actions and far-left politics which are the problem ? Maybe it’s just that more and more moderate ordinary people aren’t really feeling the love for Soros’ et al Oligarch/slave plans ?

      Dunno, I’m not an expert or serious journalist. More offering a counter argument, and discussion.

      Thanks for your comment, it was interesting to reply to, ever we are learners in life.

      LASTLY, for the record, I’m not racist, or a fascist, or a Nazi, or “alt-right” (whatever that is), never will be.

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