Time Lapse Stormy Balcony Sunset Video

One thing about taking still photos is the difficulty in capturing the sunset over time, in this case around 1hr 15min. Video doesn’t really cut it either, as who wants to sit and watch a video of a sunset for hours at a time ?

My solution, today – time lapse photography on my iPhone. I setup my iPhone on a monopod, and used bungee luggage straps to attach it to the railing. I then used software to take a photo every one seconds. In total over 4000 photos. A little editing in Photoshop to add titles and music (thanks Tim Tim, and originally Diana Coupland) … and viola, here’s the whole of this evening’s stormy looking sunset, in one three minute clip …

Enjoy 🙂


Aug 13, 2014 at 17:28


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