The Kite VS Cafe Del Mar

I shot this kite video a couple of weeks ago, only just got around to making it into a video … It’s the full club version of Cafe Del Mar / Energy 52 … 7min 30sec … The graphic special effects I enjoyed making especially the one at the end 🙂

Moving my old videos to YouTube …

Apr 14, 2014 at 17:27


11 thoughts on “The Kite VS Cafe Del Mar

    1. Thanks hun, and yes this song is one very much that grows on one … I didn’t actually used to like it that much when it came out, but I really like the way it builds and the bassline is awesome … quite an old bit of music too, must be getting on 20 years now …

  1. That looks like so much fun. Lovely beach too. We are finally getting some warm weather here too but it is suppose to change and snow by tomorrow. Will this winter ever end?

    1. LOL me too … only thing is that there is a pre-requisite for kites, and that is wind, without it kites are quite a bore … I know this because I’ve tried to fly kites without any wind !

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