Why I’m Reposting My Old Videos

Free accounts on WordPress.com come with 3GB of storage for media files. Mine was nearly full.

I realised that in moving the videos to YouTube, I could reclaim about 2.5GB of space.

So, more space to upload my photography going forward.

In the process I thought some people might like to see/hear the videos again, so I’ve scheduled them to re-post over the course of the next few days. I’m no pro-videographer, so just some experiments.

Keep well.


Don Charisma

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8 thoughts on “Why I’m Reposting My Old Videos

    1. Thanks, yes I was aware of that, and have been experimenting with Google photos. But, doesn’t WordPress.com actually just copy the image file over so it’s locally stored on the blog ?

      1. Not sure Don, I’ve recently started restructuring my site and noticed it but didn’t try it out. If you resize images before uploading they don’t take up that much space anyway – unlike video 🙂

      2. Could be a useful way to do things, as photos can be automatically uploaded smartphone -> google photos, and then able to see them in WordPress.com … but I think WordPress.com then copies it over.

        Reducing size is useful for taking up less space, and also protecting the original asset (ie copyright photos, a “pirate” can’t get access to a full resolution copy)

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