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Will Big Ben Bong Or Not – Update

I shared the GoFundMe for Bonging of Big Ben for leaving Europe – before the weekend. It seems, as with anything in politics, it’s not just as simple as raising the money, and getting it done. Feelings and egos come into it as well.

The people responsible for refurbishing Big Ben are way over budget, and embarrassed about that. It only cost £14000 to bong for New Year Eve, so the high price tag of £500000 offered to us, seems to be either a way to try to block it, or save face on being over budget. Or, worst case some kind of extortion. Dunno.

There’s now also a worry about the feelings of the remainers. Which kinda makes sense with the whole thing being such a polarising issue, but does at the same time sound a little bit snowflaky.

So, anyway, we’ve raised £266,340 as of right now. Nigel Farrage and Marc Francois had this to say about it :

So your guess is as good as mine as to whether the clock will bong or not.

My guess is not, so thankyou all who donated, they’ve promised to donate the money in this case to the charity, which sounds a legit charity.

But there is a slim chance, that Big Ben will bong, at midnight central European time (11pm UK). Looks like Boris and his advisers will have the final say.

Lastly, I never started talking about this purposely to upset remainers (I was one myself for a long time), more that I felt that now Brexit is now actually happening could be a time to re-unite in solidarity in making UK great again, and Big Ben bonging is symbolic of a major event in UK history.


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