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Personally I think blog awards are a good thing. Without going into the minute details, I think it helps bloggers connect, especially new bloggers who haven’t yet had a chance to establish their blogs in any way.


I stopped posting award acceptances last year. It wasn’t really a conscious decision, just that I got busy doing other things, and people just kept on sending them, so a backlog developed.

I keep a record of who’s awarded me, when and what award – it was too difficult to keep track otherwise. When I receive an award – I always make a point of thanking them, and popping over to their blog to say hi and like and comment. This I believe is the correct way to do it, even if one isn’t currently “doing awards”.

So, now I have a backlog of around 125 awards. Question is – do I accept them all ? One award per day would take 4 months ! Or do I just continue on with the current system. Or something else …

I haven’t made a “final” decision, I’ll probably keep my options open anyway – but I thought I’d throw it over to the floor and see what you guys think in a poll :


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7 thoughts on “Poll – Awards On DonCharisma.org

  1. I think you should accept the awards 🙂 Maybe if you got nominated for the same award multiple times, you could just answer the questions of ONE nominator in your “award acceptance post” but still publicly thank and link to all the people who nominated you. Or perhaps you could answer one question each from the different nominators. And of course, only award one set of blogs per post rather than making up for all the people you “should” be awarding. Otherwise it takes ages to find people.

    1. Pretty much agreed … and what I was doing at one point to try to keep up, several times awarded the same award in one post … what I don’t really agree with is lumping multiple awards into one post, would rather not do them at all !

  2. I love receiving awards but I just don’t have the time to pass them on and do everything that is required. I will always thank the person that awarded me as that is the right thing to do however I wonder if they get annoyed that I don’t pass them on.

    1. I think the award should be given in the spirit of giving, so expecting something in return, well it’s not really why I did awards … but yes, I’m sure there are people who’d be annoyed if one doesn’t pass on … what can we do, there’s only so many hours in the day !

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