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ART Reblog Day

Following the outstanding success of yesterday’s “Photography Reblog Day”, I’m today asking for submissions for you to have your ART reblogged here.

Slots fill super quick, so don’t think about it, do it …

Today I will reblog a limited number of ART posts. To enter you need to post a link here in comments and you’re justification for me reblogging. eg :

“Don, I drew/sculpted/etc a picture of an apple recently, it reminds me of you – so masterful and handsome. Here’s my link – ######” … in your own words obviously, doh !

How it will go down :

a) It MUST be your own work, I won’t reblog some crap you downloaded from here or there.

b) Comments will remain open until I have 5 links or 2 hours have passed (I’m gonna be a little flexible on time, as I don’t know how many artist I have in my ranks). After that time comments will be closed and I will accept no further submissions. I HAVE A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME AND RESOURCES, please don’t take advantage of that. If you didn’t get in this time, there may well be opportunities later, so be patient, and don’t take things personally – I’m just doing my best, all I can do.

c) Reblogs are at my discretion, if I feel for any reason ANY submission is not suitable or not in the spirit of helping each other, I won’t reblog, without giving notice or explanation. This is collaborative co-promoting, for fun and mutual benefit, not a slot for you to blatantly promote yourself for free.

d) Priority will be given for authenticity and originality. Within that do use your use your skills and creativity the best you can.

e) You agree to answer ANY and ALL comments left on your blog by my readers and interact with them in a charismatic way.

f) You agree to approve my reblog link, or retrieve it from the spam folder if it should end up there because of the WordPress fairies. Not doing so will result in the reblog being removed from our blog, and I simply will make a mental note to ignore you in future. Helps me if you reply to the reblog comment on your blog, and it’s also polite.

g) No gratuitous nudity, porn or what otherwise might be offensive to me or my readers. Art nudes might be considered, but you’d better have a very good explanation (water tight) of why it’s art rather than gratuitous 🙂

h) Don’t submit anything that’s outside the spirit of my blog or isn’t congruent with who I (we) am (are).

i) You agree to permanent permission for us to use of your ART on our blog in the context of a reblog. We agree to use it for no other purpose, and respect your rights as the copyright owner. WordPress usually copies the image as a result of the reblog process, so why we need to make this clear.

j) Where you make a profit as a result of the reblog, you agree to make a generous donation to our blog. Helping each other, not being a selfish C**T, basically.

k) YOU CHOSE WHICH POST – don’t give me a choice, I don’t have time to look through hundreds and choose myself. Your choice is *ALWAYS* the best one anyway 🙂

l) One submission per person only.

If you don’t agree to any of the above, then don’t ask questions and don’t enter your submission. There are no exceptions. The only caveat is that donors and sponsors are always welcomed, and we do what we can to help in return, provided it’s ethical and within the T&Cs.

So get posting your favorite or latest ART here. I hope to be impressed and overwhelmed emotionally by what you’ve created recently.

Open to pros and amateurs alike 🙂

LASTLY – Additional credit and priority will be given to submissions which have the words “Don Charisma” in the title of their post. Shows us that you’re thoughtful and posted specifically rather than generally.

LASTLY LASTLY – I still have the flu today, so do cut me some slack and don’t take yourself too seriously … then I promise I wont either 😀



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19 thoughts on “ART Reblog Day

  1. Don Charisma, I made this really great painting recently. It’s about the beauty in life, and relaxation. I was inspired by the feeling I get when I am enjoying the outdoors, and how beautiful the simple things can be. Who doesn’t like to sit back and enjoy life (every now and again). Thank you for this opportunity!


    Here’s the link:

  2. Fellow bloggers would be wise to participate in this! I did it yesterday and it was really fun.

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