Kim Jong-il – The Coolest Movie Villain Ever

Trolls always remind me of the “I’m So Ronery” song from “Team America – World Police” … which leads me nicely to this post, thank you dear trolls, you’re a consistant source of inspiration and amusement to me 😀

I first saw “Team America – World Police” at Somerset House in London, UK, few years ago.

My girlfriend at the time had booked tickets for us to see, as I remember, a double feature – “Master and Commander” followed by “Team America – World Police”. With a short indie animation in the middle to break things up.

It’s an open air cinema in the heart of London, just off of Aldwych and Strand. It soon transpired that it was going to be expensive paying £5/$8 for a glass of wine, so we slipped out to the local supermarket. We managed to get a couple of boxes of wine, 3 litres each. By the time Master and Commander had finished, they’d played the short animation, we were both pretty drunk, well very drunk to be honest.

Here’s a trailer made about this year’s Somerset House movies :

A very lovely experience to be sitting on the floor, in the warm summer air watching a movie and getting nicely pissed on white wine, and feeling not a care in the world. Moments of bliss like this are to be remembered, well cherished actually 😀

Team America – World Police, I hadn’t seen before. I had little idea of what to expect. To me it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen, because it’s just so silly, and somehow cool at the same time.

My most favourite character is Kim Jong, the villain in the movie. The accent they’ve given him, and the way he talks, well just had me in absolute fits of laughter which wasn’t difficult considering the amount of wine consumed.

It was a lovely evening/night out, I thoroughly enjoyed, and will remember for the rest of my life, amazingly since I was very drunk !

NB: Clips below do contain bad language, please do not watch if you are of a sensitive nature or easily offended.

Here’s Kim Jong (Weapons Of Mass Destruction):

And here’s Kim Jong (I’m So Ronery)

And here’s Kim Jong (Hans Blix)

And this is the first time I heard Steppenwolf’s – Magic Carpet Ride

I hope you enjoyed hearing about Kim Jong and Somerset House … it’s a really cool movie – do watch the whole movie if you get the chance, highly recommended.

Warm regards

Don Charisma

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Somerset House Photo – Wikipedia CC

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36 thoughts on “Kim Jong-il – The Coolest Movie Villain Ever

  1. Always on the look out for movies for me and the teeny-bopper son to watch together – – bookmarked and grabbing the wine box for me, not sure what the child unit’s going to do – – LOL- – 🙂 Thanks for sharing – from the clips, I imagine we’ll both love it – (and if there’s any wine left at the end, maybe another viewing of Monty Python’s Holy Grail – – hmm…) LOL

      1. Child unit said the movie was good, but went rather downhill as it went – he’s sure if he’d had wine the end would have been great too! LOL

  2. Great post, really got a sense of what that night was like- I always love to experience a movie in different setting than a dark theatre.
    As a kid, spending summers at our cottage, I lived for Sat. nite and the roller rink movie. Projected on a giant white fence, the sound of roller skates drowning out the cheap sound system, we flopped in the sand with our 25 cent hotdogs and grooved to such cheesy fare as “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” (w/ Zero Mostel !)
    “South Park” is hilarious, I eagerly await new episodes, it keeps getting funnier all the time. They’ve really hit their stride. The “Honey-Boo-Boo v.s. Cartman” episode takes some great shots at pop culture, and is funny as hell.

      1. Hi Don, thanks for following my blog however I don’t write on that blog anymore; that’s why the last post says completed! Just an FYI; thanks again.

    1. LOL, very pleased you liked … I had no idea what to expect prior to seeing it, and was utterly amazed at how much I enjoyed … enjoy the rental 😀

  3. I was familiar with Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s work on South Park, as were my 2 adolescent children, when Team America was released on DVD as a rental. My daughter kept begging me to rent it, and even though it carried an R rating—and I knew how South Park always pushed the envelope—I figured it should be OK for my 12 yr old daughter and 15 year old son to watch; because it was a “marionette” movie. How risqué could a puppet movie be, right? LOL I was thinking it terms of marionette TV shows–like “Supercar”—that I had watched when I was a kid.

    We were watching it together, and as soon as the first strains of “America: F*ck Yeah…” were being sung, I did my best to keep from laughing and to look disapproving. The looks on my kids’ faces when they realized that “we” were watching something that they knew I wouldn’t think was “age-appropriate” for them was priceless. I think they kept waiting to see if I would eject the DVD right then and there; but I figured the F word “cat” had already been let out of the bag, and how much worse could it get…right? Besides, I was laughing my arse off—on the inside. A while later, the “love scene” started, and I figured they would do a soft focus dissolve to the “morning after” scene. (Once again, I had underestimated the comic genius of Parker and Stone) I didn’t realize they’d have them perform the whole Kama Sutra! LOL

    By then, there was no “undoing” what my kids had already seen, and it was one of the most hilarious—and yet strangely disturbing (because no genitals were involved)—things I had ever watched, 😉 We finished watching the DVD, and I told my kids NOT to let their mother know that I had rented it for them and let them watch it. [We had watched “R” rated DVDs together before—which I thought were no big deal—but their overprotective mother would always give me an earful when she found out.]

    The movie was so hilarious—and so over-the-top—that my kids couldn’t help but “share” with my ex-wife what they had watched with “Dad” that weekend. Later, when my ex asked me why I had let them watch it, I explained that except for an abundant use of the “F” word, the movie was really no big deal; and even the one love scene in the movie didn’t really “show” anything. 😉

      1. Well, it’s possible I’d heard it elsewhere, it was just really cool how they fitted it in so well in this movie, perhaps it’s the first time I’d heard it and was enjoying myself at the same time … anyway, it’s probably the first time I’ve heard it and it’s a cool tune 😀

    1. Thanks for sharing Lech, that’s a funny story … and yes it’s verging on the mature side of things … I never really grew a taste personally for south park, but the guys really excelled themselves with this … it’s a little niche, but definitely a cool movie, one of my favourites 😀



      1. Yeah, South Park was an acquired taste for me. The first couple of years of episodes I had a hard time getting past the voices and the “drawing style”, and only caught a few episodes because my kids wanted to watch it. The show takes place in my “back yard”—which is cool—and in later years, the show satirized more political issues and exposed the foolishness of certain social movements. It’s definitely not a cartoon show for young kids.

      2. LOL, an aquired taste like stilton cheese or olives … I never persisted past the one episode I tried to watch … I got into the simpsons via my ex-wife, so perhaps I need to find a future ex-wife who likes south park ?

  4. I’m very much enjoying your sunset series and other photos, but even more, your essays.  I like your truthtelling.

    I’m sorry my Santa Fe Skies and Southwest travel blog on WordPress is on hold, and has been, for some time. I put more that’s fairly current on my Facebook–photos, etc., and all the photos from the two years in New Mexico, 2012-2014. 

    I moved back to Austin in April and am glad to be back in “my own spot” of the world for the time being. 

    I am planning a 2-3 months journey, meander-like through the Southwest, to Seattle and back beginning in August and through September at least.  I have not used up the American Southwest yet!  I lived in Salt Lake City for 7 years back in the 1980s and that’s when my love of the Southwest and its amazing landscapes began.

    That’s all just by way of letting you know why my WordPress blog is currently dormant.  Did I mention I was currently living with a 15-month-old and his mom and her mom, who is my housemate?

    The babe and mom are both U.S. citizens, but there’s a messy international custody issue emerging.  The young mom was traumatized by her last weeks in Cuba in late April/early May.

    She’d been there 6 years as a med student–happily, until hubby and hubby’s mom decided to throw her up against a wall those last weeks in April-May this year and threaten to take the baby away from her and have her declared an unfit mother and put in a mental hospital–all a later admittedly tactical movement on their parts to keep baby in Cuba while mom was taking a summer course in Kansas. 

    And to get more U.S. dollars from mom from whom $3,000 had already been stolen. All apparently precipitated by the hubby believing he’d got his visa to the U.S. and was no longer in need of his wife’s help to accomplish his goals. In fact, he didn’t get his visa and now won’t probably.  Ouch! 

    The threats went on for a week.  After much consultation by the mom with the U.S. Special Interest Group at the Swiss Embassy and consultations with an international lawyer in Havana, she escaped to Miami where her mom (my housemate) met her and we are all “cooling it” and settling down now in Austin. 

    I am functioning as a third “auntie” and experience great joy in floor play with this very active child.  There are other kid pleasures, like that unconditional affection given by young children and pets, along with kid-watching duties we all share.  I.e., it’s 24/7 baby.  No time for blogging until everyone gets situated and resettled and routines have been established.

    Much adjustment all around, and we are all doing fine.  Still, I can’t seem to find too many extra minutes for Facebook and blogs.  Even my (amateur) photography is on hold for the time being until I get more time and fix some technical problems with computer/camera.

    I just wanted to assure you that I absolutely love “following” your WordPress blog and getting it in my email is even better!  Thanks!  You have delightful thoughts and express them so well. 

    If you want, you can find me on Facebook.  Or not.  Photos I’ve put up there are about a month or two behind.  I have not taken a single photo in the last 3 weeks, so even Facebook photo albums languish for the time being.

    And no, I won’t make a habit of long email notes!  – Jenell Scherbel

    1. Hey Jill, thanks kind words about my blog, and happy for anyone to follow in whatever way suits there lifestyle … some of the essays are pushing the boundaries out, so it’s helpful if we get comments, as it shows support …

      Sounds like the mum been through hell and back, and lucky to have friends that are supporting her. Relationships can get really messy sometimes, and the level of nastyness beggars belief very often.

      I had a look on facebook couldn’t find, perhaps try the other way around I’m “Don Charisma” same avatar on facebook … although I have to warn that this blog is my main presence, everything else takes a secondary role …

      Keep well and thanks again for your message, almost a blog post in itself, you should post the bits relating to yourself on your own blog … free blog post !

      Warm regards


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