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Beer in my understanding is a carbonated drink which is made using hops, malt, sugar and yeast. It’s very popular drink with men, and still almost as popular with women. Malt in my experience has a slightly addictive quality to it. Hops I’m guessing add some “dryness” and bitterness to the drink so you don’t feel like you’ve eaten too much sugar, and not sickly sweet.


The yeast is used in the fermentation – yeast eats sugar and it’s waste product is alcohol. Mostly ethanol alcohol which is the normal alcohol we get drunk on, and a little methanol alcohol which can be toxic, although there’s not enough in fermented drinks to cause one an issue.

Beer is a very old drink and has cousins like ale and stout, which are made differently and taste different.

The most popular type of beer is blonde lager type of beer – Budweiser, Heineken and Stella Artois for instance.

That’s my mini “about beer” over, my question is – Why do we like to drink beer so much ?

Obviously there’s plenty of other alcoholic beverages, but beer I reckon is probably the number one alcoholic drink. The combination of malt and hops I think has something to do with why we like it.

Over to you guys …

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Don Charisma

PS (Vinnie Jones is my celeb name for this post … for fun you may think up a tenuous connection if you like, please keep it clean and respectful, otherwise I may not be able to post)

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146 thoughts on ““Beer” – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. Come visit Portland, Ore., Don! It’s a craft beervana and Oregon is one of the premier hop growing areas in the world. If you like your craft beer hoppy, this is place to visit! Summer is a great time for it too, with all of the beer festivals around here.

    1. Sounds awesome Paul, and similar to Kent in England were they seem to grow a lot of hops … must quite temperate place, as kent is 🙂

      Send me the money for the flight and hotel and I’d be there like a flash 😀

  2. Beer is tasty and often cheaper than other alcoholic drinks I like. And one of my favorite spots Rudy’s has their own blonde and their own red that are excellent and well priced for a pitcher. Beer can be celebrated with friends or just grabbed at the store when you want to relax with a cold one…

      1. I’d give two thumbs up but then I couldn’t hold my glass. 🙂

  3. I remember an advert from the 70’s which shows my age. The tag line was “All the sugar turns to alcohol.” Years later I grew to the age of drinking. So off I went one naughty night with a skip in my feet and proceeded to drink a vast quantity of said substance. Of course I tacked the lot up in front of Mother dearest who exclaimed how idiotic I was. I said “I don’t feel well…. Sniff sniff sob sob” little did I know then but as a diabetic drinking this amount not only made me yuck but the effect on blood sugar is amazing as it strips your body of sugar. Hence the reason people are hungry after a drink. But at that moment in time I was far from hungry but as I needed sugar to stay on the right side of consciousness I had to consume food. Double bonus when a diabetic is sick they have to eat anyway because of sugar lost! This my tale of my first encounter of beer. Did I learn the lesson? Yes after several years I have now learnt to enjoy beer whilst not being a silly billy. Off for a pint now.

    1. I didn’t know about the sugar striping and I guess that’s why diabetics have to take it very easy on alchohol … definately explains chips or burgers or kebabs late at night !

  4. I like it so much, even if I drink it quite rarely, ’cause I’m always driving and I wouldn’t want my driving license suspended! 🙂

  5. Cant eat pizza without it! I love it all, I always let my husband pick the pitcher – they bring it, I’ll drink it 🙂

  6. I enjoy an ice cold beer on a hot day but can only drink one. The GG on the other hand drinks more. Lately he has been experimenting with Pale Ales. There are so many boutique beers around now and I must admit that I do enjoy tasting these as well.

    1. I tend to drink whatever I’m given over here … chang, leo and singha mostly, heineken I don’t like much is the main imported one … oh and there’s one called san mig light, cheap so I guess they must make it here …

      1. Yeh, the GG doesn’t like Heineken that much either. Nicest one we ever had was one called Cockatoo Pale Ale but it is only made and sold in a town in Far North Queensland.

  7. I prefer the beers amber with the round taste and those red for the evening and the blonde lagers for the rest… To the morning no alcohols! And I don’t at all like the Guinness. For Vinnie, perhaps because it is Welsh? Or perhaps in his films he often drinks beer? (Sorry for my english traduction) .. 😊

  8. The most interesting way I’ve had beer? A Puerto Rican paella dish: saffron rice, chorizo, seafood, peppers, onions, various spices and other ingredients I’ve forgotten along the way. I just remember the added beer ‘knocking that dish out of the park’. utterly amazing food!

      1. kind of wish I had been the kind of eighteen year-old that paid attention to or wrote things down that amazed me… I don’t suppose it would be too hard to replicate years later… sure would have fun trying…

  9. This probably a really lame answer to your question: because it tastes nice and has bubbles – two things that a woman loves! 🙂

  10. Oooh no – I am a baby – I will do a shandy – but the bitter is not for me. I need lots of sweetness.
    Sweet red wine or kahluah. But Kahluah is ‘spensive, so it is normally wine – mixed with pepsi.

      1. Alcopops? Never had one of those – or is that just like a shandy? Have not had a shandy in over 16 years though right. Also have not had tequila or brandy or vodka in about that too 😉 See now. I was a dude once upon a time 😛 ( A bad ass one at that!) THAT statement will likely come back and bite me in the butt at some point! LMAO!

      2. Alcopops = barcadi breezer and other sweet lady drinks !

        I don’t believe in Belinda, I could never think of you as a dude ….

  11. Beer is good although I am more partial to cider. I’m sure Vinnie Jones would agree not to overdo it as excessive drinking LEEDS to alcoholism.

      1. Yes he has suffered from drink problems. My comment was more about him being a former Leeds Utd player though 🙂

      1. I would rather eat my liquor than drink it. (except for a glass of wine with dinner) Think about it “Rum cake”?

  12. Actually I can’t stand beer. I don’t like the taste and it takes too much of it to get me drunk. I don’t even really like nursing a mixed drink, I like taking shots so I know how much I’m getting drunk on, and get drunk faster.
    You make me want to go get liquor XD

  13. Maybe its got something to do with the beer goggles theory. Everything looks and sounds better. You’re a great singer, confidence is super high and you’re full of charisma! (Sorry I had to) In other words, the loss of inhibitions. Its good to feel that way every now and then.

      1. Perhaps, but different alcohol tends to have different effects on people. Like brandy apparently makes people aggressive. Although that may have more to do with the type of person that generally drinks brandy. Who knows! Either way, beer is fun. Cheers to beer!

  14. BTW great presentation. send this post to Heineken Thailand. you will get the job. hard to be in the beer business here with Chiang, Singha Tiger and Leo etc 🙂

      1. Yeah. Leo is very soft in taste. for us it taste like drinking 1/4 of a Western beer. strange how all tourists go crazy in That Chiang beer. Me too haven’t decided yet.

      2. Leo I find a little too yeasty for my liking, my body doesn’t get on with too much yeasts … chang is ok, san mig ok, singha ok … give me some more time to get drunk and I’ll get back to you on that one !

  15. The human race has been brewing beer, in almost every culture, for at least the last 5000 years. Bottles of beer have been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. It’s not just a carbonated drink, but a cultural tradition as deepy-ingrained in humanity as art or music. I love beer because of the incredibly wide range of tastes, textures and compositions that it has, because it’s fun to make yourself, and fun to enjoy with friends. I think we like to drink beer so much because we’re hard-wired for it, as the creation and enjoyment of beer touches so many facets of our personalities: creativity, social interaction, ingenuity, and the basic urge for nourishment.

  16. Beer is simple and complex at the same time. Water, Hops, Malt, Yeast and Sugar are fairly straightforward ingredients but a skilled brewer can make them sing. Hops for me are the key, they give the beer aroma and the bitterness that keeps you coming back for more.
    One of the best ways to pass an evening is to share a few beers with friends. I like to try and broaden people’s horizons and encourage them to try new beers. That’s the main reason for my blog!

      1. I was being subtle! 🙂 simonbroderick.wordpress.com aka Simon Says You Really Should Drink This

      2. simonbroderick.wordpress.com Simon Says You Really Should Drink This

  17. Beer is proof that God loves us 🙂

    In all seriousness, wine and beer used to what you had to drink because water was so often contaminated. Your options were dehydration, dysentery…or a alcohol buzz. It was a no brainer, beer and wine won out.

  18. I drink beer because it’s delicious! It’s light and crisp (unless you’re opting for stouts) and nothing says “refreshing on a hot day” or completes a burger quite like an ice cold beer!

  19. There is nothing quite like a beer on the coast of Thailand – underneath some kind of grass hut roof, of course. I used to drink Leo or Singha, though.

  20. Another good and not too sweet beer is named Estrella, do you know this Spanish beer?
    Beer is more easy to control how much alcohol inside and very fresh in a hot day 😉

  21. I personally loved the taste of beer, way way to much. my favorite dark ale was Guinness, and favorite light ale was Miller high life. Now I am a recovering alcoholic and dont drink anything.

      1. I used to drink a lot, blogged about it, I get such bad hangovers that, well, it’s not worth the gain … but yes I know what you mean, we often used to go for “one” after work and left the pub as closing time after 15 or so … smoking is my next “pleasure” to quit 🙂

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