Compassion – Don Charisma’s Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Compassion”


Earlier today I posted about people who’d like to have some company, friends or just friendly acquaintances – “Lonely” – Don Charisma’s Opinion … No man is an island !

DO – Sit, walk, lay down, whichever is preferable. Imagine if you yourself didn’t have any problems at all, all of life’s woes are gone, and you are happy just as you are. Imagine you’ve become aware of someone who is on their own, but you can’t be with them, only create something for them :

  • They’ve just moved to a new city, and yet to make any friends, come home every night to empty apartment. Sitting in their empty apartment, with no one to talk to or be with.
  • They are a child who’s parents have abandoned them, they have no other family.
  • A man or woman who was abused as a child, and now suffering mental health problems, is frightened of others and stays at home alone 24/7.
  • A mother who lives in a rural area at home alone with the children all day, doesn’t get any adult company to shoot the shit with.
  • A boy or girl that has a physical deformity, sitting alone during lunchbreak at school, ostracised by the other children, alone amongst many people.
  • A man or woman in hospital with a serious illness. The occasional visitor every now and then, but the rest of the time immobile and on their own.
  • Or any other person, in any other situation, who might be in need of a friendly face, some kind words or just a chat.

WRITE – What you would say to them, poem, verse, conversation, you choose what style you like best. What would they like to hear ? What would make them feel better ? What would help them feel connected to another person ? What could you do with your words to ease their suffering and help them know they have people that do care about them, and it’s not all loneliness ?

ARTISTS – Use the above process in your art. Explore the feelings that come up. Use them to guide you in creating your art.

FOR INSTANCE – This is what Belinda from Idiotwriting did for yesterday’s prompt “Heart” :



DESIGNERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS – Use your imagination !

MUSICIANS – Definitely use you imagination !

Why ? Empathy is a very powerful tool for understanding oneself and others. It’s also tool to increase one’s social intelligence and emotional intelligence. Alongside that it may mean when we’re called upon to be a support for someone else, we know what to say, because we know what we’d want said to us. Compassionate people know how to use empathy, which is what this prompt is about.

Write about it. Design it. Draw it. Paint it. Photograph it. Compose it. Play it. Whatever it. Publish it. Job Done.

Do it because you want to try something new, learn something, not for a reward. Pingback me and leave a comment with the link to your work.


Don Charisma

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58 thoughts on “Compassion – Don Charisma’s Prompt

  1. I write a little a poem in spanish but I don’t know if you can understand it 😛 And I don’t know how I can show it because is not uploaded :P. In any case, make someone feel good is one of the best feels in the world 🙂

    1. If you’ve posted on your blog then send me a link here … if it’s something you want to keep private, then that’s fine also … I don’t read spanish well, only que pasa hombre … gracias .. de nana … al la derecha … al la ithquerida … a little more, I visited spain a few times, but not conversational or able to comprehend more than a little of spanish writing !

      1. Hahahaha that’s crazy, reading you in spanish (because the ortography lol) I can give you some lessons if you want…You make my day. Well, I prefer to keep private, but if I publique something relationated with your prompts in an artist style I will send you a link.

  2. Pingback: Idiot Writing
  3. Ahem *clears throat and coughs* This post is my heart and soul pouring out here! I actually love making people feel like they aren’t alone, that they ARE special, if at the least let them know they can talk to me and that they are loved/welcome. Part of this comes with nursing…the other is just being a non-self absorbed human being. I’ve sat with patients that were dying because they either didn’t have family or they didn’t care….sat and cried and held their hands while they went to sleep for the last time, because God only knows….I really wouldn’t like to be alone when I leave this world….I want to be surrounded by loved ones ifvat all possible… we all need someone’s love or attention……whether we realize it or not.
    Or I love to pick out people who just look like they need a good talk/ friend and just start talking…. and I ALWAYS smile at everyone who passes…you never know when it can turn someone’s day around.

    1. That’s lovely hun … one thing … can you post it on your blog and send me a link, please 🙂

      I have no problem with you writing here, it’s just it makes it easier for me to reblog or republish, and I reckon your readers would want to see that anyway 🙂



      1. This could be a very long conversation is we keep saying thankyou, one of us should say “you’re welcome” at some point I guess …


      2. It was probably smoke…and not cos I am just so hot… The gears are going plenty lots right now. WHY oh WHY does this happen to me at nearly 1am ??

      3. It might that the yanks are getting home from work and checking their blogs about this time … and yeah, probably smoking too many fags Belinda !

      4. It has suddenly come alive hasn’t it?? FLippin heck – I remember now…but it has been a while since I was awake at this hour ( I think?)

        …the fags dear – S*&T – now I feel like one…
        On THAT note – I pressed publish – so I think WE should BOTH be getting some sleep good Sir!

        Good day altogether – (except for your missing posts – never mind)
        May tomorrow renew you to the full 8 cylinders 😀

      5. The yanks are main audience, and that’s why we tend to blog during their peek times, because of the “buzz” … got two more posts to do then bed …

      1. Not really. I heard it last night during a webinar and have pondered it. At first I disagreed but now I can see the sense in it.

  4. Serendipity ~ I have had a picture in my head all day from a conversation I had with someone this morning…I was going to go to bed…looks like that just changed 😉
    Inspired once again to forge on.
    Thanks Don ~

      1. I could do with a couple of glasses of red … but I’m less tired than I was yesterday, I’ve been letting myself sleep a bit longer and doing my heart meditation from the other day … so perhaps I can start calling myself Don “Charisma” again 🙂

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