Gherkin Flat Broke

Here’s some breaking news for you guys – the gherkin, one of the most iconic buildings in London has gone bust. It seems the company that bought it back in 2007 was playing the currency markets in a bid to reduce it’s loan exposure. Instead it has all gone against the company and they are looking for a buyer.

As an individual, you can be declared bankrupt with as little as £750 in debt in the UK, but this corporation managed to rack up a few 100 million before they called it a day.

This is all just an excuse to post the photo of the gherkin that we use on our commercial site – I’m going to ask the bank tomorrow for a few spare hundred million to buy it for our new offices ;).


Taken in London (c) Don Charisma / dannyboybroderick

39 thoughts on “Gherkin Flat Broke

  1. It’s a fab building so count me in for a few quid! I once found my way to the bottom of it, simply to take a photograph from the bottom up. It was a bit like trying to find the end of a rainbow, but I got there eventually.

  2. 😀 .. very beautiful pic! .. and, I was about to forget, ask ME.. while I’m now the new owner of the gerkin 😀 😀 .. OK, I know, I drank to much red wine at dinner..

  3. Guess the owners of the Gherkin got pickled, hey? And all sour I’m sure. Next thing you know, Sears Tower will go bust. But then, years back, Trump Towers didn’t do very well. If you have any spare space in the new digs, how about leaving some empty rooms for visiting bloggers to come and sit in and write a post or two? Live, from London, in the Newly Named Charisma Building….

  4. I take it that the gherkin is the giant easter egg in the middle. When you’re at the bank tomorrow, how about a few hundred million for your friends too?

      1. It’s a bit old in the tooth now, some newer ones are still empty, so might get it at a bargain price!

        Maybe we should do some collaborative fund raising and buy it ourselves.

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