Fear – Don Charisma’s Prompt

Today’s prompt – “Fear”

Don Charisma's Black Box
Don Charisma’s Black Box


I went out for a walk, and something I was afraid to think about appeared. Often I brush it aside, which seems to magnify the effect. So try the opposite, let it in, be OK with it. It was slightly unpleasant to be honest initially, and then once I’d got used to it, wasn’t such a big deal. I felt I could create something whilst allowing my fear to be. My creation is this prompt.

DO – Have a look around in your imagination, see if you can find something that you’re afraid of, pick the easiest thing not the most challenging. Let it be, explore the feeling and the thoughts that come up. Use what comes up to do your prompt.

Artists DO – Whilst exploring the fear that you’ve decided to explore draw random squiggles with a thick brush in your paint program. Do not draw a thing, like an orange or a cat – just abstract. Canvass size 1024 x 1024. Colour it in however you like, paint bucket spray can etc, up to you. Embellish it however you like. Save in a .png file.

Writers DO – Whilst exploring the fear that you’ve decided to explore write something, anything, a story, a poem whatever you like. Make it short and spontaneous.

Designers DO – Whilst exploring the fear that you’ve decided to explore, design a book cover for a book entitled “My Fear”. Please don’t strive for perfection or spend hours, just a mock up, a play around.

Photographers DO – Whilst exploring the fear that you’ve decided to explore, photograph something that you feel most resonates with your fear. Could be a tree, a cloud, a coffee table, a Starbucks, a car … whatever you want.

DO – Sleep on your creation. Don’t publish. Wait until you’re in another emotional state, preferably relaxed and content. Then look at your creation again, and make a decision, yes or no, publish or not. Your decision is based on whether you feel comfortable sharing what you’ve created, if not, file under drafts somewhere. Revisit later. Only share what you feel comfortable sharing.

Here’s my go at writing :

Today I was on my way to the beach. A most unpleasant fear came up, I pushed it away like I normally do. And then I thought what the heck, is it really that bad ? OK, so I let it come back, explored it, and hey it wasn’t so bad after all, pretty uncomfortable at first, but once that had passed, not so bad really at all. The rest of my walk I enjoyed so much, so alive and happy just to be listening to my music and exercising my body.

Please don’t copy mine, but I just wrote that in less than a minute, without thinking about it. I’m not even going to re-read it, so apologies if there are any typos. This whole post probably only took me 30 minutes.

Follow my instructions closely, if you wish to learn something. The most important thing is to have fun doing it, be creative and spontaneous, there isn’t a right or a wrong way to doing any of my prompts  🙂

AGAIN – I’d like people to have fun, and be spontaneous, not try to get it perfect. Once you’ve tried once then try again, again, again, this is how we learn to “be perfect” not from trying to be perfect first time. Repetition is the mother of skill, I think ?

Job done.

Write about it. Design it. Draw it. Paint it. Photograph it. Whatever it. Publish it. Job Done.

My bullshit-o-meter is fairly accurate, so if you want a reblog either be spontaneous, or if you’ve gone down the perfection route, then it’d better be a masterpiece – you have been warned. I only reblog at my discretion, and may be more suitable to group together responses into a post, or not – up to me. Do it because you want to try something new, not for a reward.


Don Charisma

“Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”

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35 thoughts on “Fear – Don Charisma’s Prompt

    1. Thanks hun, and of course don’t worry … I’m way behind on my comments, so sorry for late reply …

      Do have a go at any prompts that take your fancy 🙂



  1. Thanks Don,
    I had to sleep on this one, but banged it out this morning on a clear head.
    I am presently surprised at what I figured out about myself.

    Like to be a tough guy.
    This was interesting indeed!

  2. well when I read this I had already written something similar to this as a short story. which I’ll post soon 🙂

  3. Don, I already have a bizzare crayon illustration of the demon inside my head. I made it years ago, though. The fear was really ‘real’ then…..can I scan and post that???

      1. That’s awesome, I’m a bit strict in the prompts because I’m trying to get people not to be perfect, but pretty easy going really, so whatever spontaneous really !

      2. Ah, sorry, post on your own blog, link back to the prompt, I’ll get a pingback and perhaps just to be on the safe side leave me the url of your post … I’ll probably collate the responses tomorrow now it’s getting late where I am, and I need to catch up on my zeds !

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