Don Charisma – Awards List, Now’s Your Chance To Get Added

My prestigious awardees list is quite extensive, as I’m sure many of you have noticed. Some people ask to be added to the list – I’m happy for pretty much anyone to join the list, if you want to be included … Please just let me know.

Also if you’re on my awards list and you’re not doing awards for whatever reason, then please do let me know, I’ll take you off 🙂

Warm regards

Don Charisma

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84 thoughts on “Don Charisma – Awards List, Now’s Your Chance To Get Added

    1. Hey Leslie, I believe in Prague, Czech … I say that because tis’ a stock one from morgueFile, I use them quite often when I don’t have something that’s right for the post …

  1. Thank you very much for your angel award….but I’m going to ask you to take me off your awards list as I’m finding that I don’t have the time to do justice to those – like yourself – kind enough to give them and I don’t like taking something for nothing.

  2. Always enjoy your site, Don! I love your photography and your genuine spirit! I would love to be on your list too please. If not, it’s still great just to be part of the comments. 🙂

    1. Hey Emily, with that much charisma it’s hard to find a reason to say no … so you’re on the list for the next award 🙂 and thanks 🙂 warm regards

    1. I’ve added you on the list Abigayle … and I can never resist a virgin about page … I’ve upset a few people so have to explain the joke, otherwise they don’t think it’s funny 🙂

  3. Hi Don! Definitely very kind of you to offer awards, especially to those who ask. You did, however, make me wonder: how does one EARN one of these lovely shout-outs?

      1. Okay, so what are the characteristics of “charisma” as per Sir Don? Some of us are very concrete and love examples, even for an abstract quality such as charisma! 😉

      2. Perhaps the definition on my front page ? … in any case strong, wise and happy … happy being the most important, but I think they’re intertwined for charisma … however it’s subjective and everyone defines charisma differently, so plus side for me, no one can say I’m wrong !

      3. (Chagrin reddens her face I’m sure.) Perhaps having landed at your blog page, I never made it to your home page. Thank you 🙂

      4. LOL, ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you … and don’t worry, happy for people to dig straight in, that’s what blogs are for, really 🙂

      5. No apologies necessary, Don. I tend to miss details, especially when I’m moving faster than I should be, lol. Be well!

  4. What list? Am I on it Professor? I do hope so. I like lists, I like looking at them…shopping lists, ahhh, ‘to do’ lists, ahhh…I can’t think of any more, but please do not let my momentary memory lapse dissuade you from my genuine love of lists (plural).

  5. What a great way of spreading your special magic and helping others to discover some of the amazing blogs out there which we often miss. Everyone should have their chance to feel validated and special. Thank you for this great idea. I don’t know if I am on ‘the list’….maybe one day.-Karen.

      1. That’s so funny! And there was I thinking I was being subtle! I need to work on my charisma! Thank you….I am not sure what I do next.?

      2. I am good at waiting, well most of the time. Most gardeners have to nurture the art of patience as well as their tiny plants. I will keep on practicing being an angel until I have the chance to become one!

      3. That’s good some ladies don’t seem to know what patience is !

        “It’s a wonderful life”, “angel-a” and “life is beautiful” are three films I enjoy very much 🙂

      1. Hahah it was a legit question? I really have no idea. I see people giving each other awards and I am wondering what is going on?

      2. OK, awesome, I was thinking of some of these indirect people speaking, so hence the question … blog awards have been around quite a while I think … it’s a formalish process whereby bloggers can thank/share with other bloggers … I think for new bloggers and people that struggle with inspiration it gives something to write about … it also helps bloggers to promote each other … so there are multiple pluses really …

      3. Haha that is awesome, so how do I go about giving awards or earning them? I am really very new to all this only started blogging last December/January..

      4. Well if you want to do it “organically”, then keep blogging and networking … sooner or later someone will give you an award then you can pass it on … if you think you’re charismatic enough you could ask me 🙂

      5. Haha naah I will do it the organic way. My first love is writing and anything that comes along is incidental. But thanks for the offer and for following 🙂

      1. Not as yet, I’m fairly sure I can get the tinned variety … I’ve already seemed to have a woman around who can make it so never had to make it myself … but my girlfriend almost certainly won’t be able … she can make awesome thai food, and I’ve trained her up in pasta making, but humous will be a whole new hurdle for her … plus we don’t have a blender, I just ground some coffee beans today in a pestle and mortar !

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