Stormy Sunset Over Greenwich Pier – HDR

I posted the non-HDR single shot iPhone pano of this one a few weeks ago. Finally got around to merging a HDR pano I’d taken of the same scene.

Taken on my iPhone 4s, 8 portrait shots wide merged with PTGui Pro.

It’s the pier used to catch a boat in Greenwich, London, on a rather cloudy cold moody evening.

It’s worth double clicking as there’s a larger image behind this one 🙂 Enjoy !

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

65 thoughts on “Stormy Sunset Over Greenwich Pier – HDR

      1. It is certainly amazing one’s first trip overseas … mine I think was a kid to Malaga in Spain … My first trip to US in teens, visited NYC, Washington and somewhere in Ohio … Buses and planes … Was very inspired by the sheer scale of the USA …

    1. Thanks Laura, and exactly what I see too … It was kind of luck/skill on this one, I saw the sunset was going down, then frantically rushed to find a good vantage point as I know the sky changes very quickly …

    1. What was good practice for me was a request from a reader for photos, I did a photoshoot and then edited and published them all … it takes time, photoshop is great for improving quality, most important is contrast and highlights in shadows/highlights in my opinion 🙂

    1. Ah, you are welcome … I tend to keep quite a lot within the wordpress circles because of the reader integration, it’s a great feature … I’ve added you new blog am now following 🙂

      Warm regards


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    1. You should at least if only for a visit, I wouldn’t recommend a long stay unless you have a good reason to be there … and greenwich is one of the best places to visit …

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