Beach Sunset Panorama … Today !

Today’s sunset 🙂

It’s nine (landscape) photos merged with Photoshop Photomerge … Horizon correction on the blink today. Still, nevermind, it adds some character …

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

62 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Panorama … Today !

  1. What a serene sight! All the frustration and sorrow I harbored completely washed away when I saw the sunset! Just picturing myself sprawling on the warm sand, with a cold drink in hand and the moist, warm air hitting my neck makes me want to pack my bags and head off to the nearest beach! 😀

      1. that is quick

        I upgrade too
        but it is appear on below the post
        please may I know what do i need to do ?


      1. I’m doing well. I have no pain from the kidney stone. Doctor says it must’ve dropped into my bladder and that people have them there for 25 years without even knowing. It’s a good thing too cuz it was 6 mm. That’s big and would have been just able to pass because I’m big. Usually, 5mm is the limit. He said he saw one in the other kidney that is 7mm. It’s still in the kidney, so it looks like the tons of water I drank paid off. I may be in the clear. I go for another ultrasound in two weeks, and if the tube isn’t dilated, I’m home free. Thanks for asking! And you? How’s life treating you these days?

      2. Ah dude, that doesn’t sound nice, I’m sorry you’re suffering with it … I hope that you’ll find a solution 🙂

        I’m pretty good dude, I’ve had a flu that doesn’t want to say bye bye. Usually my life is full, which is usually a good thing, but sometimes it gets on top of me a little …



      3. Yeah, that flu is everywhere! I’ve had it. All my friends and my insignificant other has had it too! Glad to hear you’re living a full life Don. Very important. Cheers my friend!

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