Greenwich – Ship Figureheads, National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum in London is pretty interesting to have a look around. We were using it as a shelter from the wintry rainy weather, but hey I don’t need an excuse to take a photo 🙂

And again, I’m fairly sure there was no clear shot of all these figures in one photo, without using a panorama, it’s impossible to get the vantage point. Well with my iPhone 4s as it is …

This is a vertical panorama (Towerama) taken entirely on my iPhone, with no external merging.

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

43 thoughts on “Greenwich – Ship Figureheads, National Maritime Museum

  1. What a wonderful place! I must get to London one day, have a sister there. Thanks for the follow, you’re awesome!

    1. I live there when I’m in London, so yes been many times … love it and wish I’d had an opportunity to get some photos of the park … I’m back in the summer so will do then 🙂

  2. Maritime museums are a real favorite for us as sailors. If a place we visit has one, we go. These figureheads are marvelous. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

  3. I just noticed you started following one of my classroom blogs, Drown In Ink. Currently it is on hiatus, so there will be no updates. If and when I do update it, it will be mostly academic, and pertaining only the class I will be teaching. You may want to rethink your choosing to follow.

  4. Carlypriest: they are ships’ figureheads. Most ships, typically between the 16th and 19th centuries, had one built on the prow so that, when sailing, that was one of the first things other ships saw.

  5. You never have an excuse to take photos, by they way that´s some pretty cool picture. What I don´t understand, although they are some cool looking figures, is what do they have to do with maritime things.

      1. Great and unusual artworks from the ships; nice photography. Don, I want to show off to you live (sort of): Go to YouTube and search for “A Crone Who Likes Reese’s Pieces.” A little fun.
        mickey morgan

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