My Valentine – For She, My Girlfriend

My girlfriend doesn’t read my blog, so I could write whatever I wanted and she’d probably never see it. However I don’t have much bad to say about her – she’s a good hearted spirit and is a positive influence in my life. I’m actually quite fussy about who I want to spend my time with. She, thankfully, ticks my boxes just perfectly.

She tells me she’s not romantic, but she’s a whole lot more romantic since she’d been hanging around with me. Anything’s possible with (Don) Charisma I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

For someone who reckons they are not romantic, look what I came home to today :-

I’m no poet, it’s a one off, enjoy, don’t enjoy, same for me.

For She

That day was just happiness inside, free, no cares

I looked at you, you looked at me

I smiled, you smiled

My heart didn’t sense anything wrong

I took your number, you took mine

But I had no doubt about you

You’ve suffered I know

You’ve shown me often enough

But you can’t lose me

You’ll have to try harder than that

Try crossing the road with your eyes closed

And I’ll pull you back to me

Just to see the love in your eyes

Another woman cannot have me

There’s no other she that’s right for me

So it’s just you and me

You see ?

Don Charisma (c) 2014

We were crossing the road, on our way to go shopping. She didn’t look to see if there was any traffic, almost got herself squished. I had to yank her back by her shoulder … This is where :-

And lastly, when I was back in London, we stopped the car so I could buy some Earl Grey tea. My friend parked in a nearby side street. When I returned from the tea buying, to my suprise it’s called “Valentine Road”. So I thought a photo would be in order for today :-
That’s all folks … Happy St Valentine’s Day …

Warm regards

Don Charisma

89 thoughts on “My Valentine – For She, My Girlfriend

  1. Give yourself an A for admirably expressing your affection..simply shorn from your soul..and this is what matters..not the literary skills but the sincerity and depthness of emotion dwelling within the hand and heart that conveys the missive.

    It doesnt matter how well we write but how much we care..and the multitude of ways we express it..mostly, in the day to day deeds and survival of life..and in your actually did save her life..right there on the street!..WOW…!

    I lov the foto of the street..thank you..i lov it..!! ..and i love your pictures..need to spend more time, exploring your blog..thank u in advance.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend with your honey ~

    ~ t

    1. It happened a few days prior … it’s one of those looks she gave me that touched me very deeply and I won’t forget easily, to be so very happy that someone cares about her so much ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey Mickey, she’s one in million, had to kiss a lot of frogs to find her, but happy that I found her … I’d like to be able to express myself better in poems, so for now I just do the best I can … Cheers DC

      1. My husband looked at my blog for the first time ever this week, he was hilarious, he called me from work and said ‘omg, you really do photograph everything you eat’!!!

  2. Aw, how romantic. Almost makes me regret being single on this day. As an anime recluse I shall have to make do with my harem of 2D girls.

  3. What a great post! Having just ended a long term relationship it gives me great hope to read something as special as this. Makes me believe in love and look forward to another Valentine’s Day to come and sharing in your love for “she” makes tomorrow a little less lonely.

  4. Bless your heart Don – you are one lucky man. As she is one lucky gal.
    If I may be so bold?
    Your poem – I know I could just say this because it is easy to talk shit here…
    I got a bit of a little soft spot happen there. So beautifully written – I can feel your love for your lady – and how you see so many things just tie together to make it so ‘just right ‘ for you both.
    GOD I love that.
    Have a blessed and peaceful time – not just on Valentine – but everyday you are surrounded by love as this. It is to be cherished indeed.

    1. Thanks Belinda, that means a lot to me from an accomplished poet like yourself … I hoped it would convey what I felt ๐Ÿ™‚

      I bought her a new phone, she’s been nagging me for months, so I think she’s happy …

  5. I’m a sucker for those who write poetry but don’t consider themselves to be poets. Happy Valentine’s Day to the both of you. I wish you many more. Your poem is heart felt and touching.

    My honey doesn’t read my blog, either, but I chose to shower some love on him through it with tomorrow’s post anyway. The post is a Valentine’s Day reading.

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