Beach Sunset Panorama 2 iPhone

Beach Sunset Panorama

Enjoy this beach sunset panorama. It’s an iPhone panorama done on the phone with Apple’s built in pano feature … plus a little extra joy added in Photoshop.

It’s been an odd day by all accounts, so I’m off to bed get some ZZZ’s

Enjoy 🙂 Beach Sunset Panorama 2 iPhone Beach Sunset Panorama 2 iPhone

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2014

78 thoughts on “Beach Sunset Panorama

  1. Sighh … I complain to all takers of nice pic.s that I do wish they wouldn’t enhance them. ‘Raw’ photos are so much more interesting! – they have character. Beauty, too.
    G’wan – show us the original; bet it’s just as good!

    1. Maybe later, and actually I’ve found enhancement can bring closer to what the eye sees, the “raw” photos I often find are distorted and lack the majesty I remember with my eyes. HDR shots for instance re-introduce colours that seem to get washed out in non-HDR.

      1. I even posted another sunset today, and wrote about our conversation. The sunset this evening had one phase of this most vivid yellow. The phone camera entirely wouldn’t capture it anything like real life … So I did listen to you, and there is a valid reason, not like those dunb photoshopped photos of women who look like barbie, but in real life aren’t that attractive … So photoshopped doesn’t mean totally inauthentic, it can be used for white magic not just black !

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