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Why The Past Matters – The Critical Drinker

I haven’t really had much to say, or blog, and then along comes the critical drinker and just about sums it all up :

I have taken the “I am Sparticus” measure of also uploading to my BitChute channel, in case YouTube take it down, so you can also watch it here :

Hope you are safe and stays that way.


Don Charisma

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3 thoughts on “Why The Past Matters – The Critical Drinker

  1. Life imitates art, it seems at the moment we’re playing out George Orwell’s 1984! I suppose that book has been completely banned so we don’t cotton on.

  2. Wow, that was powerful. Scary at how quick this is all all going down. Not unpredictable at all, but I didn’t think things would come out a head so quickly.

  3. I wonder what people think will happen if we could just airbrush everything we don’t like from history? As the saying goes the past is a different country and they do things differently there. Doesn’t mean it’s right and we shouldn’t care just that we need to understand, learn from it and seek to grow and progress not take huge backward steps.

    The world is batshit crazy at times but I do have faith and believe the batshit crazy is actually from just a small minority (am I allowed to say minority???!) and social media whips up this insane belief it’s actually real.

    I just caught the end of “The best episodes from Big Brother” and it was nothing but vile people treating each other like crap, bullying – I mean flat out abusing people who looked at the end of their rope and in need of support. That to me is worrying. It’s worrying because we still think it’s somehow acceptable to include that shit in a TV show stating “The best of” WTF?!

    That’s fine but God forbid we see a movie with munchkins, any TV show that says a naughty swear or flashes Daryl Hannah’s arse. Not an arse! *le gasp*

    We don’t take kindly to folks that don’t take kindly…

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