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Coronavirus Update: 85,000 Cases, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Amsterdam Cases, Stocks

This update from Styx from about 6 hours ago @ 29-Feb-2020 18:14 UK time.

Hope you are safe, and stays that way.

Disclaimer – I AM JUST PASSING THIS ON (as fakestream media continues to lie, omit, cover up and spin an extreme minority narrative) – When opinions are stated anywhere on this blog they are just opinions, not facts, truths or endorsements. I am not a journalist or an activist and TBH most of the time not a “serious” writer either, more I enjoy creative writing (blogging is supposed to be fun?). I’m a centrist, I read and view content from both sides of the aisle (as long as it’s not blatant propaganda, or utter trash) – so I’m sharing this for your information, something you may not be aware of and may be interested in (or not, in which case, just go to the next post). As with any news, article, post, writing or report, don’t just take it at face value, do your own research, use your own critical thinking. Kind of obvious really, but best stated, so that it’s clear.


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12 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update: 85,000 Cases, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Amsterdam Cases, Stocks

  1. Hello Mr. Charisma.
    I don´t want to get in the email account since I see that this great computer is going to shut down, if and when I can will read or right the email to your account that is… mmmmm

    You did say it, sublimely, write better, you said it kind off, yet I am the crazy priest.

    I think I did … o.k with this comment writing, hold it there ( don’t forget about the email thing if you wish that is) and here we go, forgot, take care. I ended up not cool with the comment…. anyways forget, but take care, of that virus, now hit it!

    1. Hey Charly Crazy Priest,

      Thanks for YouTube video.

      I enjoy chatting with you, I think we’re similar in a lot of ways.

      If there was a misunderstanding, wasn’t my intention – generally with friends I try give my best advice, in order to be helpful.

      Anyway, best to keep the more personal stuff on email – because these comments on blogs can, and are read by anyone with an internet connection.

      Speak soon hopefully … best wishes to your family.



      1. Hopefully you know by now my weird humour, had to re read the comment to see what I said, nothing bad I guess, Although I might be out of place without knowing it. Not the brightest I am, specially when drunk. (I did say that in public) .
        Goooood Morning! 7 a.m in the land of the wild bulls and waiting for a meeting with the social security and my guess is that is not gonna go well.
        The reason I contacted you through the comments is because this computer doesn´t function very well and I´m literally afraid of going to the mail and then the computer shuts me down or some weird thing can happen. For 250$ dollars what did I expect of this computer? Still work for now on wordpress…. go figure that one out.
        Anyways, hopefully I can get into a normal computer and send you an email, I do enjoy talking with you, hopefully I didn´t say nothing to offensive, I don´t think so. I do consider you a good person hence I write to you and read your blog.
        Take care Don, talk to you soon through the email.

      2. It’s all good Charly. Sorry to hear about the laptop.

        And don’t worry, I’m not the brightest sometimes too – we’re only human.

        I have a busy period coming up, but will do my best to keep in touch.

        Hope speak soon


  2. According to this morning’s paper, Trump says this is all propaganda from the Democrats trying to undermine him. Gee, I wonder if he’s tried that line on any of the people who have lost family and friends?
    Thanks for posting this, Don. It’s definitely a pandemic now and can get much worse before it goes away. Horrible how many of these things spread so easily. I’m going to boil all my money (all two dollars) for half an hour before I handle it again. The rumor here is that it is a germ warfare attack by the Chinese spread thru the paper money. Better not post this one. I would hate to have it start something stupid!
    Have a good weekend!

    1. I’m a centrist for the most part, more conservative than anything else – so I don’t like or dislike Trump. However I don’t trust politicians either side of the fence Trump included.

      I think it’s pretty disgusting to be using a global pandemic for political gain, partisanship should be set aside for Coronavirus, and everyone work together, whether they like Trump or not.

      LOL, I’ll probably sanitise my 3 dollars with alchohol, I’m told it kills Viruses 🙂

      Take care of yourself, speak soon


      1. I just bought 5 large bottles of alcohol. It helps control pests of all types including on the Donald Trump two dollar commemorative bill they just came out with.

        I’ve noticed they just don’t have honest politicians now. Who would really want to go through all that scrutiny for a thankless job like that.

      2. That’s good, at least you can get drunk if Coronavirus means you have to stay at home 🙂

        I heard is said by source I can’t remember that being a politician is masochistic.

        And, yeah most of them are liars Angie, that’s life.

        As for trump, I listen to both sides of the aisle.

      3. I don’t think I want to drink this particular kind of alcohol, just sterilize things that are most exposed to the outside in it. Of course, if I ever did drink it I’ve heard that my brain will be completely fried and I might just be happy all the time. Or more likely not know anything ever again.

        It seems to me that more of the politicians have a god complex, wanting to wear the crown of whatever they are searching for. We are in the waning years of “The Rise And fall Of the American Emp;ire” only 250 years since that story began.

        And lately we just have to decide which liar and cheater we want in there, the one we already know about or the one that is still a bit of a mystery.

      1. We can only hope Don. Sentiment is changing here. I’m curious about it. I thus created a survey and just posted it. Check it out if you have time and share if you wish. Would like to gauge how people are feeling.

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