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My Blog Stats Are Taking Off – Thanks To All My New Readers And Followers

Over the last week or two my blog stats have gone through the roof, and many new followers have added me – great to see as I know I’m sharing often content which doesn’t always fit people’s confirmation bias.

So, Just wanted to say a quick thanks. I try and post what I think is interesting, unusual, new, upcoming and outside establishment. And, when I have the capacity be creative and share new creations.

And, also of course thanks to all my old faithful followers, it’s been a joy to see you all again after a hiatus.

I’m pretty random, that’s kinda just how it is, I’d be bored to tears doing a single topic website. And let’s be honest – some topics are like watching paint dry.

Thanks for putting up with me – I do enjoy interactions with polite commenters, even when they don’t agree, or want to discuss, or even add to what I’ve shared. Most people are like this, thankfully, but of course the occasional insane person does escape from wherever they come from and land on my blog – that’s life. I usually just offer them a guest post spot, or say “It’s OK to be white” and never hear from them again.

We’re all only human at the end of the day, walking around wondering how we should be in the world. Quite humbling when you realise that everyone else is probably just as #thick and #confused as you are.

Anyway, I said too much already, probably get twitter bombed (if that’s a thing) for “wrong think” if I say too much more. But views are views at the end of the day, so maybe it was my dastardly cunning plan all along … guess I’m the only one who knows.


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