Paradise Lensflare Beach Sunset #9412

The shot says it all …

a privilege to witness and capture, the overhanging tree frames it all off nicely …

Enjoy 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Paradise Lensflare Beach Sunset #9412

    1. Hey Shari,

      I know 🙂 … I’ve been taking a retreat/sabbatical from sitting at my desk, other priorities, other projects, you know how it goes ! My waistline suffers and I can’t blog 24/7, well I could perhaps if I was getting paid, but I do this blog for free.

      I do very much appreciate your loyalty and support, over the years, you are one of my longest followers, it counts to me and does matter.

      Photography wise I’m still in the process of organising my lightroom catalogue. There are approx 60000 photos that I want to include, picking, tagging etc, is weeks of work, and it does get tedious if one does too much in one go. I’ve had some success with AI for tagging, but still a lot of Don Charisma hours to go !

      It reminds me of my itunes match, which took me best part of 6 months to get everything online … now I have all my music in the cloud, which was (probably) worth the effort.

      I could go back to “the quick way”, but in the long run that becomes unmanageable and unprofessional, so I need to persevere with “the right way” …

      My writing – I’d like to do more in the creative/fiction area, as I think it’s easier to convey sentiments and ideas, emotions and complexities … I do/did enjoy very much anything around improv, and hope that I will be able to do more later …

      There have been some negative factors here on, which I’ve blogged about, but not intending them to make any difference to me in the long term. I put it down to enviots, which is in some ways a compliment if others think I’m doing better than they are … anyway …

      Long story short, I’m working on it, taking a break, but not finished blogging, yet ! Always happy to hear from you Shari 🙂

      Speak soon



      1. I’m just glad to know that you’re well. I don’t have the tech skills you successfully manage. There have been lots of complaints about the WordPress changes but I don’t even see the problems – too out of the digi-tech sphere to notice them.
        I did like the pretty boat that got in your recent sunset photo.
        Have a great holiday season. Now that we’ve re-connected, you won’t hear from me for a bit – gotta make grandkids time and I’m really looking forward to proving to them that I am not a phone.
        Be well, Don.
        Shari *: )

      2. I do my best with the tech, helps having some experience behind me …

        Enjoy the time with family, I’ll still be here when you get back …

        Speak soon


  1. Ack! I’m running out of adjectives to describe your photos! Another great one – that’s not good enough either. I’ll have to start inventing new words. Zindofanderful – how’s that?

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