Instant Beer

Just when I thought I’d seen it all …  

Instant beer !


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14 thoughts on “Instant Beer

    1. The video is pretty poor quality, my first guess was Chinese … on reviewing the video, I couldn’t make out any Thai words in the background … however it was posted on Thai YouTube I think, so they might be Thai, I don’t know for sure …

      You and me both, when I drink, which isn’t that often, I’m happy with the traditional packaging … and providing ice cold water to make this stuff is more hassle than buying cans or bottles anyway …

      As Mike pointed out, it might be a good way to “travel light”, which I’m very much in favour of … so there’s a possible use … and if there’s a saving moneywise, then that’d be another hit for me … so I’m not ruling it out, but no need for me to rush to purchase either …

      Time will tell if it’s a hit or miss …

  1. Is that dancing pitcher an illusion? No one seemed eager to taste the brew. I don’t like beer anyway but if the flavor follows the course of powdered eggs and powdered milk, it will have a nasty taste and limited appeal.
    Except of course for teenagers who will chug it.
    Have you tried it, Don?

    1. Hi Sharon, not sure, couple of people asked same thing. I suspect it’s either the combination of very unsteady cameraman and smartphone trying to do something clever … or it may have been edited in post production with some kind of “magic” … I don’t know the authors, the video came to me via a news source, and I just shared the link because I thought others probably enjoy the idea too …

      AS for the taste, no idea, I think it’ll taste pretty close to ordinary beer … and as for teenagers, well I can only go on personal experience, we’d drink anything that had alcohol in it !

  2. There’s been a fair amount of debate around here about powered alcohol (“talcahol”). I haven’t seen it in the stores yet, but people are afraid it will be easier for teenagers to get than real alcohol. The packets could be slipped into a pocket or purse and then reconstituted elsewhere. I have no idea what it would taste like, but then what difference would taste make to a bunch of rowdy kids?

    1. When I was a teenager wild horses and police didn’t stop me and my friends obtaining alcohol, so not convinced that because it’s in a sachet that makes any difference … however public perception isn’t based on any kind of logic, or often any common sense, so my conclusion in the end – they’re probably right !

      I’m guessing it’ll be very similar to beer in cans or bottles taste wise … whether it’s just a marketing gimmick or it’ll become more than that, only time will tell …

    1. Pretty much the same for alcohol in general, for instance it’s used in medicine throughout and an early antiseptic I think … on negative side people take it to excess and lose control of their ability to judge right from wrong …

      I had to watch it again … I can’t be sure if it’s the combination of the smart phone trying to “do something clever” in combination with the completely unsteady cameraman … hard to say really, but yes it’s a very odd effect !

      1. Must be some kind of freeze drying process, but honestly I don’t know how they do it … alcohol I thought was a liquid, so some chemical magic going on there to change it into a powder … again my chemistry is only school level …

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