Colourful Al Fresco Kitchen Loy Catong Festival

Colourful Al Fresco Kitchen – Loy Catong Festival

I really like the suspended lanterns in here that were part of the al-fresco dining area for one of the local hotels. This is the view across the ‘kitchen’ area. I already posted an individual lantern, this is what the ‘scene’ looks like for the cooks-eye-view.

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Taken in Thailand, Asia © Don Charisma

6 thoughts on “Colourful Al Fresco Kitchen – Loy Catong Festival

      1. I find a lot of “western food” pretty bland, and I do like spicy, sometimes … however, Asians can take spicy to extreme, which is too spicy for me … I like the spicy’ness, but don’t appreciate it so hot that I can’t taste anything else …

        And yes, I think you (or I) can become acclimatised to the spicy’ness through eating spicy foods often 🙂

        A Thai restaurant I like in London served me many Green curries that were ok spice wise … one day I made the mistake of ordering a Jungle curry, which was ridiculously spicy – the clue should have been on the menu, it said “warning this dish is very spicy” … doh !

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