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I monitor my PR, it’s part of being the all seeing all knowing Don Charisma. I bumped into an interesting thread, where my name had been needlessly and irrelevantly dragged into a support question. It seems that some feel that WordPress.com technical support forums are a personal chat room to further their own political ambitions … or seek attention, for whatever dumbass reasons.


They’d closed the thread by the time I reached it, so glad someone else had said exactly my thoughts, and very eloquently expressed … comes straight from a long time blogger too (musicdoc1).

musicdoc1 set things straight, so very well said that I’m quoting it and publishing it out to the 40000 followers here. Your a superstar in my book … GO musicdoc1, you rock … don’t stand for it, take that bully down !

WordPress.com technical support forums – Dec 27, 2014, 2:01 PM musicdoc1 said :

It was just a joke which took all of three words. You made a big thing out of it. In my second post in this thread I was just illustrating the fact that you have socialized in various ways on numerous occasions in this forum, the very thing you have here criticized me for.

I do not ever spend any time trying to tell people how to use these forums, have never done so, and never intend to do so. The same, however, can not be said of you. You’ve used these forums in part to repeatedly lecture myself and others on how we should use them, scolding us like little children as you do so, and I’ve never until today said a word about it. I’m not going to do anything to try to stop you. Go right ahead and exercise your freedom of speech.

The little joke above in this thread was not representative of my typical way of contributing to the forums, but I meant no offense and it was likely received without disapproval by all who read it except you. You have repeatedly taken offense at my behavior where none was intended, as I suggested in a post on your topic “Bumping threads after modlook tag is in place,” where I said, “One may imagine motive or intention that isn’t present.” I also described the following scenario, which explains why I sometimes might post a comment when you think nobody should:

Suppose someone enters a thread, and after reading the initial topic title and post, and any significant later posts, finds that he/she possesses knowledge, insight, or speculation which might contribute to resolving the issue or issues, And hasn’t even considered reading the tags. Reading post tags as a first step, or precautionary measure, particularly for someone not accustomed to using tags very often, is not necessarily an instinctive response.

I see your point though, and intend to be more careful about such transgressions. However, it’s difficult for me to imagine having enough free time to routinely devote not a small chunk of it to criticizing the behavior of other contributors to these forums, whose knowledge, experience, habits, internet connection and typing speed, etc. may differ widely from my own.

In the same thread, Justjennifer added the observation that posting after a modlook tag has been added is not necessarily a bad thing, saying,

If I have something to add to a thread, I will – modlooked or not. It may be that I might read the OP’s question in a different way than the person who originally answered. Modlook isn’t written in stone.

to which I responded,

If you don’t see it — and some don’t even know where to look for it — essentially it’s not even written.

That topic wasn’t directed at me alone, but just before you published it you had yelled at me about precisely the same perceived transgression. I’d seen you ranting about it a few times before that but really had no idea what you were talking about until you directly yelled at me a couple of times in early December, including once only six minutes before you posted the aforementioned topic, though I’ve just recently lost some bookmarks and have been unable to find it.

Since your yelling at me in early December, I’ve generally tended to refrain from posting on a thread where there is a modlook tag, but I still may do so for the very same reason I gave on 7 December. I don’t always look at the tags. When did reading the tags become a requirement for entering a forum thread discussion?

Your criticisms of me always come out of the blue, as a surprise, because I’m just proceeding to respond to topics where I think I might contribute something pertinent. Who else might have also contributed a comment on the same thread is irrelevant to me.

For reasons which do not withstand scrutiny you have criticized me directly in the following recent topics:

  • 5 December — old/new dashboard/stats designs — I made a perfectly legitimate analogy, and you criticized me for moving the timestamp. I didn’t know what you were talking about, but it gradually became clear over the next few days. Scolding me as is your wont, you said,

I don’t know why you posted into this thread and moved the timestamp forward so it will take longer for lulu13 to get a Staff response at all.

  • 7 December — Thread not found. You shouted “Stop It!” to me, and implied that I was intentionally upsetting things by commenting on a topic with modlook tag. One of the first things I did in response was to look up “modlook tags” to find out what you were yelling at me about.
  • 7 December — why can’t I get on wordpress.com — Your criticism wasn’t specifically addressed to me, but it appeared in a post which followed one of mine in which I apparently neglected to see the modlook tag. You said:

I tagged this thread for Staff 2 days ago and sadly the back and forth thread bumping with added information has led nowhere. All it has resulted in is two days without an answer. I’m hoping the back and forth will stop now, so the timestamps stop moving forward which guarantees it takes longer to get Staff help. I’m hoping the same bumping after tagging pattern on other threads tagged for Staff will also stop.

This comment by you was published six minutes before your Bumping threads topic was begun.

On another thread back in November you described my comments regarding a topic I began as “faff.” Nobody else in these forums has adopted a condescending, scolding, and critical tone towards me as you repeatedly have.

Funny that you should find my behavior “creepy” when you’ve been attacking me repeatedly for over a month, shouting at me, instructing me and others on the proper etiquette regarding when we can and can not post without drawing your ire. I’m considering reporting you for harassing me.



“Freedom of speech” means I doubt they’ll do anything about your harassment report, there seems to be little care over the the forum’s code of conduct – as the string of irrelevant threads posted about the Don Charisma blog attest.

Thanks musicdoc1, for speaking up and saying what others where thinking 😀 I’ve seen this kind of hypocritical behaviour there before, and it’s exactly why I don’t want to participate. The same lady was extremely rude to me right from first contact, and has continued to make irrelevant snide remarks about me all over this forum. Not sure what her problem is, but there’s nothing professional in being rude to bloggers who’re asking for help. I’ve always tried to be friendly and courteous towards her, so there’s just no justification for it whatsoever

On her own blog’s bio she describes herself as a blogging expert and someone that enjoys helping other bloggers. Not quite sure how scolding and making irrelevant politically motivated snide remarks fits in with that. Perhaps it’s some kind of misplaced tough love … stranger things have been known.

Bottom line – It’s just bullying behaviour – nobody likes it or enjoys it, it’s not funny or clever, and it’s utterly unprofessional.

The WordPress.com technical support forums are for TECHNICAL SUPPORT … nothing else … so bloggers please STOP ignoring that fact, and STOP wasting the technical support staffs time.

The moral of the story … well it’s right there on the bottom of comment box on the WordPress.com technical support forums :

We love positive and productive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. Thanks!

Why oh why do people continue to ignore that … each to their own I guess … in the words of one of my favourite movies :

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

– Forest Gump

Almost forgot though – It makes for good blogging for me, so, ahem, actually please don’t start upholding the support forum’s code of conduct … Otherwise I might find I don’t have anything to blog about, and have to spend my time diving or chillaxing on the beach instead … scary thoughts !

COMING SOON on DonCharisma.org – “Blog TITS” … it’s the who’s who of “Stupid is as stupid does.” …


Happy holidays


Don Charisma

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22 thoughts on “Well Said – A Rant A Day Keeps The Doctor Away ! – Don Charisma’s Opinion

  1. Love this post. Lesson; most people who are focused on negative comments and trying to put others down, according to me, suffer low self esteem. To make them feel better, they strive to humiliate others. Sometimes trying to be cordial and respectful towards them doesn’t make it any better. Glad someone stood up to them. Lovely 2015.

  2. I enjoy your blog!!!! I am new to it, new to writing really and I have been learning from you since I like your blog!!!! So THANK YOU!!! For the ‘not so nice’ people, they need to find what’s inside themselves to make them so unhappy and fix it.
    Keep doing what you are doing!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    1. Thoroughly agree … but not many have the courage to look inside, and tend therefore to blame their problems on external … within that it’s not easy for some to look inside … but we all have to start somewhere 😀

      Thanks my friend, I intend to … and please do drop in and say hi when you get the chance …

      Happy new year


  3. I’ve obviously been missing for far too long as I have t cjeck up on so many things. It appears the strictures for writing a blog today ar become more…u, controlling thatn earlier this year. I’d better be more careful so I escape the ire of TPTB. Who cares. Life is too short not to speak the truth! Many thanks for the enlightenment and entertainment. 🙂

    1. Thanks Irene … and yes the green monster seems to cause havoc in some people …

      Anyway … hope you’re well … let me know when you’re ready for your VIP entry on Team Charisma 😀

      (You appeared in my top 5 commenters on annual report 2014 by the way, but I think you probably knew that)

      Happy new year Irene, keep well …


  4. LOL, I love a good rant.

    I have no idea why some people on the internet do the things they do. I suspect some people aren’t even aware of how awful they’re being, while others do it just because they they think they can. In the blogging world, I’m actually grateful for some of these encounters because they really do tend to inspire some good posts.

  5. I have never heard of a “modlook tag” before and I had to look it up, too. Blogging and learning from other blogs are both such pleasures. It seems a great shame that a small minority can create such negativity. As I wrote once before, these people need therapy.

  6. Don’t know what a modlook tag is – but there’s some good points here. This does describe bullying.
    Loved the Forest Gump quote. That one, and “Life’s like a box of chocolates…” has made it into my family’s vocabulary! Interesting post.

    1. “modlook” – It’s technical jargon in the support forum, if the tag is added to a thread, then it goes into the moderator’s queue. It’s so staff know which threads are urgent or need staff attention.

      Forrest gump … yup love that one too “Life’s like a box of chocolates” … isn’t it just !


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