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But Everybody’s Doing It

Very well put my dear … being successful, (however that looks to each of us) involves promoting ourselves – the basic fact is that we all do it in one way or another … so stop being coy about it !
Do a random act of kindness – TODAY not tomorrow, say hello to someone new, smile at a stranger – that’s promoting 101 right there, it’s not rocket science … and that’s what makes the world go round 😀

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A Holistic Journey

This happens not to be how I view my blogging but this metaphor is built into every one of our blogs. You’ve all done sales. Every time you’ve recommended a book, movie, or restaurant, you were doing it. And every referral of yours that someone’s followed through on showed either your delivery was good or the product sold itself. Well, here you are self-employed as a blogger, your currency not dollars and cents but time. So why isn’t your blog growing as you’d like?

1. They don’t know you’re there.
I’ve seen you put up 800, 1200 impassioned words and I’d love to see you earn more than four likes. You obviously care about your blog. It looks good. You’re open for business. But it sure is quiet. If your livelihood were at stake, what would you have made sure to do before the Grand Opening and kept up?…

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