Frayed Nylon Drift Rope Close-up

I came across a piece of what I’m calling drift-rope. I thought it might make a nice pattern at least for a background, and actually it’s an interesting image on it’s own.

So here’s frayed nylon drift-rope 😀

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

44 thoughts on “Frayed Nylon Drift Rope Close-up

  1. Any image is beautiful in the eye of the beholder who appreciates such. Yes this makes for interesting wiring.

      1. It’s been a while since I’ve done one but I’m thinking that it needs to be converted to B&W first. Then you overlay it on your photo and play with your blending modes and opacity to get the looks you want.

      2. Thanks Suz, I’ve been taking pattern kind of photos for a while now, hoping to use in graphic design work later … just emailed you, it’s one of my icloud addresses …

  2. Simply engaging pic, Don. Perhaps I’m connecting to all the entanglements and how they seem pretty and somehow purposeful. Perhaps, again, the entanglements of life have a similar pretty purposefulness 🙂 Stay safe, friend.

    1. I have a while yet, the politics have been unstable for many months so was expected … I have a friend who was here in 2010, said one is really pretty safe outside of bangkok … so hopefully nothing to much to worry about 😀

  3. Nice one! It seems to be crafted by some art imaging software, instead it’s genuine. I like it 🙂

      1. I like the detail of the closeup one. Of course most of my work is closeup in macro world. I love the tangles in this rope, and the way I see pictures within pictures. 🙂

      2. Absolutely, and yes I enjoy the close-up work I do … keep meaning to do a patterns series with things like tree bark, very useful for a graphic designer to have these kinds of things in his toolkit 😀

      3. Oh, yes! Bark designs are fascinating. I see faces and animals and angels and faeries in the markings on bark. I think the best designer incorporates Nature’s designs into what he does. Just some of the patterns on leaves I have seen are like OMG blow me away! The Master Artist is Mother Natue. No doubt in my mind at all. Your sunsets just for instance, show that. xx

      4. All one has to do is to talk a stroll through Petals to see without doubt I am one of the good gals. I hold the Banner of Love high for all to see. Love, Amy🌹

  4. Don, very nice. I heard earlier today that the military in Thailand has declared Marshall Law. Do you see any evidence of that where you are located? Jim D.

    1. Hey Jim, it’s just started today, but Thailand has had political issues for months … I’m a couple of hours from Bangkok, so I think it should be quiet … but I will be making provisions in case things turn unpleasant.

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