Today’s Perfect Sunset Panorama

I just couldn’t describe how much I enjoyed this evening’s sunset here. First there is what I call the faux sunset, this happens before the sun is really setting. To the eye it doesn’t look all that much, but the camera does lie on this ! Most people don’t even bother photographing it, big mistake, there are some incredible shots to be had during this phase.

Then the sun approaches the cloud cover, things start to get interesting, I notice the clouds look like multiple explosions have gone off on the island in the distance. But completely tranquil, no noise no stress, a silent apocalypse. Then the sun goes behind the clouds, and I think it’s all over. It then reappears under the the clouds for yet an another amazing array of colour. Absolutely epic, I was taking photos for about 2 hours, and I mean really taking photos, like 600 in total.

Sometimes I Photoshop to bring out the colours, often the camera doesn’t do justice to what I saw with my eye … but just occasionally it comes off the camera just looking perfect. This one is that one, I’ve done nothing with the colours, it’s pretty much as it came off the camera. Only Photoshopping I did was merging the 6 photos, and minor error correction in the stitching.

To process all the photos and panoramas that I took will take me some time, but I’m building up a stock to post on the blog, so you’ll see them sooner or later … Well unless Richard Branson buys them for multi-millions, in which case I’ll just take some more and post them instead.

Enjoy 🙂

Taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma

53 thoughts on “Today’s Perfect Sunset Panorama

    1. thanks hun, and it changes from evening to evening depending on atmospheric conditions … sometimes it’s cloudy, stormy etc … plus it’s been insanely hot which I think has a factor …

  1. There’s something about the tropics that produce wondrous sunsets, you’ve nailed these Don.

    1. For sure Laurie, I don’t know if it’s heat or humidity or being close to the equator, but we do get some awesome skies in the tropics !

      Within that I’ve seen beautiful sunsets in other places too, I was in London for only 5 days and managed to get a stunning one of the river, canary wharf and the stormy/yellow sky above … if I’d have reached 5-10 mins earlier it would have been even more spectacular, I could see it going down in the distance, didn’t have a great vantage point !

      1. It’s probably a combination Don, whatever it is they’re always exquisite. Yes, people tend not to think of England when it comes to sunsets. That would have been nice over the wharf, sometimes a city scape can give an added zest. You’re right about timing, I’ve been out front of the house, taken what I’ve thought is a great sunset and gone inside. You turn around and viola, there’s an even better one happening. Keep your pictures coming Don, they’re beautiful.

      2. For sure Laurie the sunsets do tend to amaze from going from a good one to an awesome one, when I least expect it … There’s more in the pipeline, I’m aiming to post at least one sunset a day for a while …

      3. Looking forward to them Don. I actually remember seeing a few fantastic ones in Vietnam.

      4. This is true, although my trip was all expenses paid and see the countryside from an armoured vehicle. 🙂

      5. 🙂 sorry, that was a bit insensitive Laurie, I didn’t mean any disrespect, was entirely meant light-heartedly when I typed it … occasionally the foot goes in the mouth LOL

      6. No apologies necessary Don, I thought it was quite funny. I actually volunteered to go, let’s face it there’s nothing like a free trip. I imagine you were referring to the Her Majesty’s Pleasure in regards to doing time?? A lot of people who came out here from 1788 onwards were doing it. Don I’ve got a huge mouth and an even bigger foot, you did nothing wrong.
        Laurie. 🙂

      7. Ok, glad you understood Laurie, convicts in prison are a very different thing from people who volunteered to protect their country … I’m getting sometimes 250 comments to reply to in a day, so have to type fast and sometimes the brain isn’t quite quick enough !



      8. Don, it’s okay. I understand about the confusion. I was calling a Susan, Sherman last week. 🙂

    1. Thanks dude, much appreciated … you’ll have a lot of fun, it’s a lovely place … be a bit wary of the troubles in Bangkok, please get yourself up-to-date and informed about what’s happening there … be prepared – scout’s moto !

  2. Thank you Don I always love your photos with your sunsets and sunrises. Keep up the work and the photos coming. Oh by the way where you’re at do you have any lighthouses if so could you take a picture of one for me.

    1. Thanks hun, that’s very much appreciated 🙂 I do my best to post as and when I can, so you’ll get them as fast as I can post them !

      I haven’t as yet seen any lighthouse in Thailand, but you know what now that you’ve mentioned it I’ll be on the lookout, so if I do see one I’ll post it for sure 😉

  3. Yes very nice. I also like the bit of green framing the beauty. I completely know what you mean about sunsets and photos. I have a sun set view in Seattle over Lake Union and space needle and Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains… I have a million photos. Watching the sun go down is my favorite thing to do each day. So peaceful… when there is sun that is. I hope Branson buys all your photos and you have to start all over!

    1. Your sun view sounds amazing 🙂

      I like to drop some leafy edging in from time to time, and yes it does frame it nicely … it’s a really nice spot here, just on the curve of the “bay”, and counteracts the square sea effect I get sometimes …

      Stranger things have been know, wealthy benefactor would go amiss for sure … my bank manager certainly would be happy !

      1. Individual truth is as you know subjective (as is collective truth), therefore even a “Buddha” cannot say for certain what is a dream and what is reality, because that in itself is subjective.

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