Street Art – David Walker

I can’t sadly take any credit for this amazing piece of art. It’s not even my photo !

Never-the-less it’s a lovely piece of work. Amazing use of the colours and contrast for a 3D effect.

Photo taken in London by Jun Tuazon. The art is by David Walker 2012.

65 thoughts on “Street Art – David Walker

      1. Popped out of the screen at me when I was doing a search for something else … been on my harddrive for ages figured it’s time to share … glad you enjoyed 🙂

      1. Well I thanks you for that! I use to share a lot of street art on Facebook. This is the first one I’ve seen here since I started blogging.

      2. That’s just so not fair…lol I’ve had a couple of trolls but I ignore the little buggars.

  1. Дон, Вие ни давате пример за възхищение, за възторг, за въодушевление. Когато красотата е създадена от други…Тогава прекрасното за нас да бъде вдъхновение.

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