Cocker Spaniel 1P

Vicious Little Bitch

Don’t be confused for even a second, I found out the hard way – this little bitch is vicious … sure she’ll pose for a photo and looks docile enough, but DO NOT try and stroke her, she nearly bit my hand off !

Reminds me of a few women I know actually, but that’s another story …

I think she’s a Cocker Spaniel, although I’m not a dog expert, so if you’re one then do correct me ! (A dog expert not a cocker spaniel obviously) Cocker Spaniel 1P Cocker Spaniel 1P

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

78 thoughts on “Vicious Little Bitch

  1. She’s distemper psychopath (psychological). She’ okay, you’re not okay. Also, probably spade, since she should have taken to you as a male, unless you’re gay. Dogs know these things. She appears to be flat affect meaning she’s not emotionally mature. she was probably weened too early from her mother and raised on manufactured food. Let her come to you. She may be territorial. You invaded her space. Adult dog only, unless she was protecting someone. Just saying.

  2. although everbody is discussing the dog I’am wondering were you took this picture. The place looks fammiliar so maybe I have been there as well during my trip in Thailand, or every single beach looks the same over there, can be the case as well haha

  3. Old Cockers are usually quite nasty. I say this because all old Spaniels I have met were nasty (warned by the owners, I never touched any). Don’t know why, if pain or something in their brain switches on with age? Springer Spaniels on the other hand… I had one, and I never saw such a loving, patient dog, they only time I saw him mad was when he stepped between me (age 8) and a German Shephard that was about to murder me. I miss him so.

    1. We used to have a cocker when I was a kind and she was good natured enough, but defensive if provoked. Old dogs and dogs that live a relatively feral existence have to be wary of humans as they could cause harm or pain. Best thing I think is just bit wary oneself. And yes some dogs love their owners, as you’ve proven … warm regards DC

  4. she looks old–maybe senile and grumpy?

    i’ve only experienced really grumpy old queens, cats that is. so i’m extrapolating

    1. Yes, I think you’re right, plus it’s hot for her thick coat and I reckon dogs may face ill treatment here in Thailand … Cats and dogs tend to be a bit wary of people here …

  5. Looks like a mixed Spaniel and Basset Hound. Spaniels are little nippers. Get her a big chew bone, preferably not one attached to your arm or leg. 🙂

    And, thanks for following my blog.

    1. You are welcome … are you a warrior princess ?

      And yes she could easily be a mixture, I don’t know … When I find the pet shop I’ll look for something for her to eat, that would probably have yielded a more friendly response in the first place …

  6. I had 2 cocker spaniels- they can be temperamental, but also very loving. One of mine actually bit me when I pulled him in a way he didn’t want to be pulled. Learned after that, and having to get a tetanus shot!! Just have to approach them with caution.She happens to be a beauty!!

    1. I had a cocker spaniel when I was a kid … she was generally good natured but would snap or attempt to snap if she was annoyed … But I think my dog and this one probably a defensive rather than agressive action, so not a big deal … there are other dogs here I’ve seen that are aggressive for “no reason”, my approach with this is to stand tall, and gradually walk off, being prepared to defend myself if I need to.

      1. Yes I think wary is best option … the peter sellers video someone else posted in my comments is quite funny even up to the bit about the dog, well worth a watch 🙂

  7. hmm, the cocker spaniels I’ve met don’t usually have such long faces. hmmm … she may be a cross between cocker spaniel (the world’s friendliest dog) and a basset hound/a bloodhound? 🙂

    1. Could be difficult as a layman to know really … There’s also one of those HUGE swiss rescue dogs, St Bernard ? that lives close by … very hot for these European dogs with thick coats !

      1. I’ve always wondered how dogs bred for colder climes survive as pets in countries with hot climes …

        I have a cousin who lives in Singapore and keeps a Sheltie. that’s a lot of coat for a tropical country! I’d imagine she keeps it indoors in air-conditioned rooms most of the time. 🙂

      2. Yes, but I reckon most dogs get over hot here, they seem to spend most of the day sleeping and more active at night … So I guess it’s possible … The Sheltie I’m assuming has long thick fur ?

      3. they probably would like it for the outer coat, but there’s no guarantee that the fur will grow back exactly as it was. (speaking from second-hand experience!)

        especially if the undercoat should get part of the shaving treatment, too! 🙂

    1. I reckon that’s a big factor, plus she has thick fur and it’s very hot here … often I see dogs sleeping all day, because it’s just too hot for them … they tend to “roam” at night …

  8. LMAO! Great Title Sir!
    Had me wondering —‘hey – what??’ – thirsty for drama and gossip us lot!! OH dear
    Is she maybe a golden spaniel (looks a little but not quite)
    Leave it at some sorta spaniel ey 😉

      1. Yeah – it is the way it is at times hey 😉 Must dash (so far behind EVERYTHING!) Must chin wag sometime soon (Not today – LONG BUSY AND GERMY day :/)


  9. yeah, ppl are like this, too. they turn on you, like evil spirits.

    ugh; now you know why i stay a hermit. lol…trust no one, m’dear! 🙂

    1. Certainly added a new level of cautiousness when dealing with dogs … and yes I’m inclined toward the don’t trust anyone thinking, however there are some that are OK, happy when I find them … keepers 🙂

    1. Lessoned learnt in her defence I think she’s old, it’s hot and she a thick coat and I think dogs often face bad treatment here in Thailand … so can be explained …

  10. Hey, A little friendly advice about dogs. In general, never walk up to a strange dog and try to pet it; especially in a foreign country. Always ask before you pet a dog. This dog looks old and may have painful joints. This color of Spaniel is known for its not so friendly demeanor.

    1. Hey, thanks that’s useful, and I certainly am usually wary of dogs, I’ve had “situations” before. What caught me off guard was that she looked so docile and friendly. But I reckon dogs probably face a lot of ill treatment here in Thailand, plus it’s hot, plus she’s old, so probably should have known better … A lesson learned anyway 🙂

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