A Diver’s Dream – Thailand

Gosh, I miss Thailand… I’d jump of joy for an opportunity to drag air tanks in and out of longtails and wash dirty (I don’t even want to think about what kind of…er…dirt, actually) wetsuits for a sunset on the beach with a Singah, or the magical sense of peace and contentedness when the liveaboard guests finally go to sleep and I can fold out the Thai mattress and fall asleep listening to the waves against the boat.


A comment left for me by Cay, after looking at one of my sunset photos – Thanks Cay 🙂

I should explain that longtails (or songtails I’ve heard them called, Thai word is “songathaew”) are the pick-up trucks used in Thailand to move just about everything including people. Oh, and people tend to pee in wetsuits, especially hire ones !

DonCharisma.org Beach Sunset Petals And Fishing 1L
DonCharisma.org Beach Sunset Petals And Fishing 1L

Photos taken in Thailand (c) Don Charisma 2013

25 thoughts on “A Diver’s Dream – Thailand

  1. Yup – a Singha (or a Leo) on the beach in Thailand. Not bad. I enjoyed the “east coast.” Cha Am, Petchaburi, Hua Hin.

  2. I also miss Thailand. Last year I was there for only two days… I miss the beach, the sunshine, the coconut juice, the seafoods and the Thai massage 😀

      1. because I just have a week time to flight from germany to singapore to visit some friends there. could just manage two days for a short trip to thailand

      1. OKOKOK! – on this one, you win! 🙂
        I remain anti, by and large; but I will at least agree that with shots like this – WELL worth looking at! – it can be necessary,

      2. 🙂 I’ve devoted an entire post to the subject which I’m sure you’ve seen by now … I don’t think anti-photoshop is a very enlightened approach, but everyone is entitled to their own point of view …

      3. You’re right, of course: ‘enlightened’ I am not.
        My thinking is that we have lost all ability to see precisely how good any photograph is, as there’s no way of telling. That’s all.

      4. 🙂 … and I think it’s the case of if it’s too good to be true then it probably is, which is perhaps the assumption you were working on … In a world of ideals I’d love to have a camera that captured what I see verbatim, but I’m afraid the camera lies just as much as photoshop can …

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