Greenwich Stormy Sky Flowers And Church

Greenwich – Primroses, Stormy Skies and A Church !

I always like to take these shots across the top of flowers, it always gives a stunning visual effect. Add to that an impressive church and a stormy sky and viola you have a nice photo.

The church is “St Alfege”, it’s very impressive and a real feature in Greenwich … Greenwich Stormy Sky Flowers And Church Greenwich Stormy Sky Flowers And Church

Taken in London (c) Don Charisma 2014

56 thoughts on “Greenwich – Primroses, Stormy Skies and A Church !

    1. Thanks …

      And yes anything that’s not a towerblock or modern apartments is old in London. Obviously this varies in age, but architechtural styles can be used to indentify how old a building is. For instance there are a lot of Edwardian and Victorian houses in London, each has it’s own style.

      Greenwich is a lovely place, one of the nicest places to be in London, in my opinion.

      Warm regards


    1. Hey Tonia,

      For travel info or photos ?

      For photos, don’t think so …

      For travel, I visited an area near Modena in Northern Italy (near Milan). I really love Italian food, so not hard to persuade me to go to Italy. Pizza is one of my all time favourites, and the Italians do it best. New York Pizza I’ve had did come close though.

      I also visited Sardinia for a couple of weeks. It’s a lovely Island, we stayed in the capital, and of course ate Pizzas every day in the same restaurant, they were *awesome*. I chose to go there because it’s somewhere there Italians go on their holidays. It’s like passing a Chinese restaurant and seeing it filled with Chinese people. Chinese people know where to get good authentic food, and so do Italians ! Same things with Holidays.

      Warm regards


      1. thank you so much for the recommendations. Pizza..yes, i’m told that the folks from NY are the one who make it best here in America.

        I believe we are headed for Rome…but maybe we will change our mind….

        thanks again.

        ~ t

      1. Yes. Just busy with life. Still have my son here. I have medical tests this afternoon. And my emails are being stupid so I’m not receiving responses to blog comments or the blog posts of others. Now it appears that all comments people make are going to moderation (which I don’t have on my blog). *sigh*
        Just working on an update post and then I am spending the day with my sewing machine. lol

      2. Oddly enough the comment I’m replying to went into moderation, so what’s up with that I have no clue …

        Good luck with your medical, I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

        Ah, the sewing machine day, long time since I had one of those …

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