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Whose Blog is it Anyway? – The Finale

Phew, now that was hard work guys, seriously, I put in 15 hour day on Sunday. Cuts, scrapes and bruises aside, very enjoyable 🙂

My amazing writer friends who I’m graced to know, produced some lovely pieces of improvised writing.

You can see all of the posts for this first challenge here – Whose Blog is it Anyway? Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster Whose Blog Is It Anyway Poster



First I would like to apologise to the commenters who I haven’t been able to reply to. My blog does get quite busy and some days up to 250 comments. So sorry for that, I do my best, but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day.


I wish to express my thanks to IdiotWriter, navigator1965, travellingMacs, dannyboybroderick, suzjones and sfoxwriting blogs for rising to the challenge and exceeding all my expectation. And thanks for taking on the comment load, appreciated and well done.

The Winner

Now I would like to announce the winner. It’s calculated thusly :-

(Age x shoe size + no of comments – word count / sex appeal metric x minutes it took you to write it) / number of trolls you provoked x feminist-masculinist coefficient

And the winner is … ME of course, no one else managed to upset any trolls 🙂

Joking apart, I really couldn’t pick a favourite, wouldn’t be fair and it was never meant to be a competition. I realise everyone worked really hard, and I enjoyed ALL of your work.

You did a really fantastic job, I’m very proud of each of you. First class effort.


Suz – thanks for going first, and being super quick getting back to me. You’ve achieved exactly what I asked of you in a most wonderful piece, I’m sure they will name a hospital or a bridge after you. Luckily you seem to get my sense of humour 🙂

Nav – what can I say bro, you charming devil, a very eloquent and well put piece, that leaves me in no doubt that asking “What do women want ?” is a very very dumb question. I don’t know if you know but somehow you worked your way up to my top commenter in two days, quite a feat with 53 comments. Dude you’re awesome. I’m rooting for your book going gold, platinum or whatever, I’m right behind you.

Kerry-Anne – you’re a sly one aren’t you! Listening, who knew ! Well I did actually, but thanks for elaborating and explaining so well. First class work.

Belinda – what a charmer you are, I love your poetry, but what a piece, it’s like you read my mind and then improved on it. Superbly improvised, great theme, perfect. And I love that you’re now getting guys asking for relationship advice. Maybe you should do a relationship advice blog for men, or relationship coach !

Steven – thanks taking up the challenge and grabbing the bull by both horns. A very informative piece, on a topic that men aren’t usually “for” so high praise for that. Especially also liked your power-ladies of the ages, and very nice summary, as a complete history-ignoramus I learnt a lot.

Danny – super fast writing writing, and what a great bit of luck you’d already thought about the topic. Very well written and thankyou my friend, always a pleasure.

Christopher S. Malone – Thanks for your input, the intro to impro and the warm up exercise. This was very useful for me as a reminder, and also hopefully for my readers learning a bit about impro.

ALL of you are welcome to participate in any later challenges.


There will always be a special place in my heart for the morons who can’t read simple instructions, and feel the need to blurt out the first thing that comes into their heads. It’s a place called pity, mostly.

Sympathy I have for those who take responsibility for own their feelings and state their case without the need to project their inadequacies onto me or my friends. That’s adult rather than child. In my mind rather than blogging, a counsellor or therapist would be a more productive use of their time. Or perhaps just learn to read, and cultivate a sense of humour ?

Troll-flushing whilst tiresome and irritating, has it’s rewards, in the knowing of loyal friends and followers, versus the one’s who are just here for a good-time ride.


A very rewarding experience, and something different for my blog.

Would I do it again …. Hmmm, now look out for my posts I have an idea there might be something coming up soon …

“Whose Blog is it Anyway ?” 2

Last of all, have fun and happiness in your writing and all your creative activities.


Don Charisma

Please note:
Comments are invited. BUT you are reminded that this is a public blog and also you are reminded to think before you press the “post comment” button. 

Good manners are a mark of a charismatic person – so please keep comments civil, non-argumentative, constructive and related, or they will be moderated. If you feel you can’t comply, press the “unfollow” button and/or refrain from commenting.

I read ALL comments but can’t always reply. I will comment if I think there’s something that I can add to what you’ve said. I do delete comments that don’t follow rules above. For persistent offenders I will ignore you permanently and/or report you.

Most decent people already know how to behave respectfully. Thank you for your co-operation on this.

Don Charisma

36 thoughts on “Whose Blog is it Anyway? – The Finale

  1. DC, It was a blast. Thanks for all your effort in what was a super initiative. I had as much fun reading as I did writing.

    Also appreciate the support on the book. Big kudos to you, dude.

    1. Welcome dude 🙂

      And double welcome, I have empathy with what’s happened for you, and I hope that your book might bring about some positive change. I have a friend who went through almost the exact same thing and it had a devastating impact on his life, took him years to recover. He hasn’t seen his daughter since she was a baby, seven years I think and may never see her again.

      Partly you were the catalyst that brought this event about. Suz too. And of course the others giving their talents and time.



      1. Your friend is welcome to fire me an email if he ever wants to talk or have a gander at the manuscript, gratis and with no strings.

        Total World Domination (for the better) 2014 includes everywhere.

    1. Looks like you’ve been spending more time on my blog than I have ! …. and yes I shall have to temper my sense of humour with some caution, as some people just don’t seem to have a sense of humour … walk on the beach will be done, but WBIIA 2 is already in the discussion stages and may have found a coordinator … so all good in my hood.

      Thanks Audrey,

      Warm regards


    1. I wanted to keep it small this time see how things went. I did think to invite you, but wasn’t sure whether you’d want to try or not. Anyway let me know if you do for next time, no pressure either way, up to you 🙂



    1. Totally my pleasure it’s been emotional (it really has actually) … and really enjoyed working with you guys, best team I’ve ever had 🙂

      I’ve got another idea in the pipeline, but also a lot to do the rest of this month, so if I can get a coordinator then I’ll have a go at WBIIA 2



      1. Bless you – I think I can understand that actually 😉
        So leave it till next month maybe? Make it a monthly thingy? Just an idea – take it easy see. Coordinator?

      2. Yup, I’m sure you can 😉

        Not sure, part of me likes to press on with things, as often feelings will have changed in a month. But HMRC won’t wait nor will my flight, and have op on sunday.

        Yes need someone to to coordinate the whole thing. Reason, there’s a lot of fiddly work with images, typos, chasing people for submissions etc, behind the scenes a lot of work. To be honest Sunday was more than I could cope with comment wise, just gave up trying to keep track in the end.

        I reckon someone might enjoy the aspects of coordinating, would free me up. That way could do more posts in one day, more guests. I’ve found this would probably benefit everyone, because the blog just gets busier and busier. People usually figure out there’s an event going on and curiosity gets the better of them.



      3. Makes sense Don – dear Hmrc – hope they are behaving themselves! Um – so – I want to offer to help co ordinate – but I am truly not sure. It is part the time factor and part utter terror! BUT – IF – a co- co ordinator is needed – shoot me a mail ok 😉 I can either yay or ney – depends on the timing and kids goings on etc blah blah bbbllllggl.

      4. Yes, just annual tax return, fine £100 if not done by 31-jan. Not much to be terrified of, it’s just a bit fiddly and toing and froing on emails. And yes I think you’d make a good coordinator, you’re very personable and good English skills obviously. I’ll ping you an email, please do reply as my email has been playing up. Cheers DC

      5. Oh yeah – that time – again. Fiddly is indeed a descriptive term for it – I would be more inclined to say it is a – nevermind 😉
        Don – my email is too OK so – we going to have to both improvise somehow if it goes awry 😀 –
        Fab old yahoo…

      6. Ok, I’ll look into an icloud address, this yahoo crap gone on long enough … I’ve just typed up a very rough draft of a basic plan will email … please keep confidential for now … cheers DC

      7. She’s got access to the recipe for the secret sauce … well part of it for WBIIA 2 … so hopefully it’ll take thumb screws before she divulges 🙂

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