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Don Charisma

Men make better chefs than women


I am definitely NOT a chef and definitely do NOT want to upset the missus (my wife) over the topic of cooking – just in case she stops cooking.


I once had this exact discussion with a good female friend at work.

In my line of work – the IT industry – women are quite a rarity. I had the pleasure of sitting next to one of the few women in the whole IT industry. Ramsay vs Lawson Ramsay vs Lawson

I can’t remember exactly how we started on this topic, but my argument went something along these lines –

Pretty much all the top chefs running successful restaurants are men. I’m sure there are successful female chefs running restaurants, but I just don’t know any.

TV cooking programs often have female chefs, but it’s always the male chefs that run successful restaurants.

This surely is the clearest sign that men make better chefs than women.

They MUST know how to cook food to best satisfy the palate.

They MUST know how to combine ingredients to complement each other perfectly.

They MUST be better chefs because there are more men running more successful restaurants. Gordon Ramsay Gordon Ramsay

I do watch quite a few TV cooking programs – James Martin on Saturday Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen, Gino from I’m a Celebrity get me out of here (ok, it’s not a cooking program, although they do eat a lot of Aussie delicacies).

The female chefs I see on the TV mainly cook desserts and bake bread.

Perhaps this is all down to how sensitive our tongues are to the basic tastes – Sweet, Salty, Sour and Bitter.

Female chefs, tending to be dessert based, must have a more sensitive tip of the tongue, whilst male chefs, tending to cook more complete meals, must have a better rounded use of their entire tongue.

This clearly gives men the advantage in producing a better all round flavour and limits women to the sweet stuff.

Of course I didn’t mention this to my wife, as she would have stopped cooking for a few days. Whilst this would have been good for my waistline, I would soon be fed up cooking steak, egg and chips and reverted to the male specialties of pizza, ready made currys and boil in the bag rice.

Which brings me to the other side of the argument – who usually cooks the meals at home? Nigella Lawson Nigella Lawson

I can definitely say that this is my wife. Whilst I could say that my culinary skills are better, I doubt that I would be capable of cooking a Thai green curry the way she does, unless I could by a jar and put it in a pan.

Perhaps if I invested the amount of time into cooking instead of working, then I would be as good a cook, but sadly it’s just not my thing.

So here is the thing – a chef is not merely a cook that cooks meals at home, they are professionals who make a living in cooking food for other people.

In reality, men are probably better chefs because they are more focused on producing the food that makes a good restaurant, and are able to handle the high pressure environment of a busy restaurant.

Women are happy to make their family happy by making great meals at home, they don’t need the adoration of a hungry public to know that they a great cooks.

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54 thoughts on “Men make better chefs than women – dannyboybroderick

      1. I thought so! Ummmm, I don’t think I’m ready for that, but thank you, that ‘s sweet of you to ask 🙂

  1. I use to cook all the meals in the family. Than my husband got into cooking… I no longer cook and our meals are AMAZING! Yes men are better at meals but I feel women are better at the treats. After all no one can beat my cheesecake! ^.^

  2. Can’t remember what I was going to say as I was distracted by that photo of Ramsay whom I find abhorrent and have done since I saw him in Boiling Point. He’s a vile bully, who thinks he has the right to scream and tear strips off anyone in his line of fire, reducing some poor kids to humiliated tears, and I can’t understand why (and long for the day when) someone lamps him upside the head with a heavy bottomed preserve pan.

    The Hari Krishnas imbibe their food with love which apparently enhances it, which is why I’d never touch anything he produces as he’s so full of spleen and hatred, I’d probably end up in casualty/ER.

    As for Nigella, I’d happily dine at her table any day of the week, she clearly loves food, inspires others to love it, her recipes are fabulous and would be fully capable of running a restaurant, if she didn’t have a hugely successful career as a food writer, media/TV star and two kids to raise.

    In fact maybe that’s why there are more male restauranteurs than women – because they have a WOMAN at home raising their young for them! 😉

    As for Ramsay being a successful restauranteur, he’s had many closures/financial losses in the last five years, was caught using ‘boil in the bag’ meals and charging top dollar for them, lots of dodgy in family business scandals and Jamie make him look like an amateur.

    Sorry, not sure where all that came from, but all of a sudden I feel a whole lot better! 😉

  3. I am sure Nigella, who I adore more than anything, is a home-cook and not a professional as she stated on “the taste” and she made it to the top with her passion for cooking and taste. In my opinion it’s not a matter of gender but a matter of passion for cooking. Great blog, keep up the good work!
    Emily George.

  4. To decide that a man or woman is better at any given skill based solely on their gender is ridiculous. The cooking industry is heavily saturated with men, it’s true, and it’s been that way for a long time, but that shouldn’t mean that women can’t be great in that field. There aren’t as many women there, true, but you can bet the ones who make it to the top are freaking amazing. Because they have to fight harder to make it through such a male-dominated field, my bets would be on them more times than their male counterparts. Not always, but that’s when it comes down to skill over gender. Who cares if the chef making your meal is male or female, if the meal is exceptional and wonderful and delicious? There are more notable male chefs in professional positions because women have only just started to crack into the field. They can be just as professional as they guys…they just haven’t had as much of a chance to do so.

    Conversely, many men are also better in the home kitchen and providing those loving meals for their family. My dad’s the one who taught me to cook, while my step mom is notorious for her disastrous meals. These are not gender-specific skill sets here.

  5. Really, the two are not even comparable. Women pour love into their cooking, and for men, it’s more like playing chess or fighting a war, for instance. They’re not playing at the same game at all… 🙂

  6. Great write here! I learned all I know about cooking from my father – fortunately I had my man come along to show me the better way of doing things 😀 WIsh he would believe me how awesome his food is — but I think there is method in his madness 😉 I stand and watch him in the Kitchen on Christmas and then peel the spuds 😀 – He JUST knows what goes well with what – it is a wonderful thing to watch and interrogate him over to learn more. BUT – I do do a mean lasagne and cottage pie and traditionally I burn the rice at least twice a year.

      1. Well…I usually do it on anniversaries …sooo… lol! (not really – I get distracted easily out the kitchen – but I recently discovered that if I keep a bottle of red wine in there with me I am more likely to stay focused on being in the kitchen rather than dashing around all over the house ~ 😀 )

  7. I’d love to see a follow-up article on why the tongue of men and women evolved differently. 🙂 Great post…you are really funny and made my morning. Thank you for following my blogs, especially since I was led to a witty and interesting one in return.

      1. It probably has to do with men hunting for meat, and women gathering berries. I’d much rather snack on the berries than a lump of raw gazelle while I’m working.

  8. Like most things it depends a lot on social pressures/expectations.

    You don’t see many women in IT, you don’t see many women as top chefs…..nothing to do with handling pressure, just gender based and often internalised stereotyping combined with recruiters for the industries who have also internalised the stereotyping.

    And, as a sideline to the two people shown…give me Gordon Ramsay any day…he has passion…while Nigella Lawson offers a soft porn show.

      1. Now Nigella’s single, maybe she’ll branch into a new industry?

        Unfortunately it’s a vicious circle in a lot of industries – lack of women means they won’t even consider those jobs in the first place.

      1. I’m on the fence over Gordon. He can be a real twit sometimes and you see it in his overly agressive nature on tv. But he has done well in his life – at least professionally. His personal life’s a bit of a mess.

      2. i partially agree with you.. I read in some magazine that private life does not go as strongly as to give a picture of herself…
        but i love baking for others..:)
        only missing it prince to whom do!!!:D haahaaa..

  9. dbb & DC, I must be an exception to the rule. Every woman in the world, including the dead ones, is a better cook/chef than am I. She-who-must-not-be-named was mortified when I could not foresee that canned tuna would not go well with canned baked beans. My stomach ached for half a day.

    Has Nigella stop using “foot powder”? We don’t hear much of her in the colonies.

      1. See what you’re missing Don. Nigella’s been in the news every day for the last 2-3 months.

        Public strangulation by husband, quickie divorce, drugs scandal and employee’s mis-using her credit cards. Oh to be a celebrity…

  10. I agree. Women like to cook and might be better cooks than men, but a chef is something more intense than just a “cooker of meals.”
    Additionally, I’m happy to allow the three men I live with to cook for me all the time. Sadly, to some of them, this means boiling a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese and tossing in a few sliced hot dogs. This barely passes as cooking and in no way resembles chef-ery. However, considering it is Sunday morning, my husband will cook pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Not a chef speciality, but I have to admit, I’m a simple girl with simple tastes, so I intend to enjoy it. Everything tastes better when someone else cooks it (in my opinion).
    Hope your wife didn’t punish you too long for this fun blog, Danny Boy.

    1. My wife cooks terrific food, but I don’t think she could be a chef. She loves taking time to make the meal, which you just don’t get in a professional environment. Thanks for the comment.

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