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‘What do women want?’ is the smartest question a man could ever ask – suzjones

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Me And Mrs Jones

Suz and I have become friends through the fact she spends more time on my blog than anyone else, she’s top of my commenters and has been for months now. I think she may even spend more time on my blog than I do !

She’s a good-hearted lady, who’d do anything for me, so proud to have her writing on my blog. I never told anyone this before, but when I first “met” her I didn’t even know she had a blog that she updated, her link took me back to an old blog that hadn’t been updated in years. It’s only by chance that I found her actual blog, and would invite you all to visit her, she’s as we say in London “One of your own”. You can find Suz at It Goes On blog.

Please do enjoy Suz’s guest improviser submission.


Don Charisma

‘What do women want?’ is the smartest question a man could ever ask


My friend Don has set me a challenge. Always one to take the bait (just ask my family. They ‘reel’ me in all the time), I will rise to the challenge given.


As a woman who has been on this planet for almost 50 years, I have had numerous opportunities in my life to assess exactly what women want and why men need to know this. At various times in my life, I have also been known as a secretary, teacher aide, personal trainer, disability support worker, waitress, barista, restaurant supervisor, house keeper, Avon lady, salesperson, ‘tea and tidy’ in a hairdressing salon and bank teller. These were all paid positions – unlike the other 2000 or so other unrecognised and unpaid “jobs” that come with being a wife and mother. Therefore I am suitably qualified and uniquely capable of informing those of you reading that asking a woman what she wants is the smartest question a man could ever ask.

Men, I am here to tell you that if you do nothing else of worth in this life apart from asking the woman you love what she wants, then you will be forever remembered with fondest recall for your exceptional intelligence.

suzjones - Hand With Rose
suzjones – Hand With Rose

When asked the question “What do you want”? women the world over will almost always answer “I don’t know”. It then becomes your task to woo her and love her and tease the desired response from her. Women love the whole concept of wooing. The most perfect way to do this is to bring the sunshine of your life flowers. Heck, pick them from the garden if you wish. It’s the thought that counts. I know that being a man you are thinking “They will only die” but that is not the point. The whole point is to find out exactly what your woman wants and if flowers will help your cause then so be it!

suzjones - Chocolates
suzjones – Chocolates

You may also wish to indulge in gift giving. Chocolates are always a good go-to gift if you can’t think of anything else. However tread with caution in giving this gift if your chickadee is dieting or watching her weight. Remember, that you wish to be thought of as smart – not dead!

It must be difficult as a male to understand the vagaries of the female psyche. We get that and will cut you some slack. After all, you can’t be smart all the time. This is why being direct, open and honest with your lady love will score you big brownie points. She wants you to know what she wants and she has more than likely given up on providing you with subtle and not-so subtle hints as to what they might be. She has given up on casually pointing out things to you in stores and mentioning that she quite likes that. She has given up on dropping the names of restaurants or gallery openings into conversation with you. She has more than likely resorted to actually purchasing items, wrapping them and putting them under the Christmas tree with her name on them. (Whilst this last option might appeal to the men reading this as it lessens their workload, it is NOT what women want). Women want to be listened to and actually heard.

suzjones - Couple Talking
suzjones – Couple Talking

Therefore, I believe I have argued the case of men asking what women want as being the smartest thing they could ever do in their life. I am a woman and I know what I want – just ask me!! 🙂


My name is Sue and I write as It Goes On.

BY Suz Jones, blogger extraordinaire at the It Goes On blog.

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73 thoughts on “‘What do women want?’ is the smartest question a man could ever ask – suzjones

  1. Great post Suzjones! Women are so difficult. I’m kind of glad that I’m not a man. Men can be difficult too, but women have it mastered. I do agree that women want to be listened to and heard. What we have to say is important to us, whether the man understands why or not.

  2. Love this Sue – and the repartee with Don and Nav is priceless. We know what we want, but men may not fully get it because it isn’t soley dependent on them …… They are useful tho!

  3. Hey Suz!! Awesome post dear 😀 Succinct and to the point Ma’am! Having read Navs one forst (somehow?? getting lost!) I had to have such a laugh at the flowers bit – AND the chocs – CHOCOLATES ARE LIFEBLOOD!! 😉

      1. Now see – I am JUST not going to say anything much. Though I may say something sometime – one day – in short – I may veer off on a random rant if I begin 😉

  4. Reblogged this on It Goes On and commented:
    I had so much fun writing this for Don however when I read this out to the Garden Gnome, he had much to say. I foresee a future blog post coming up 😉

    1. Keep trying different things until something works, that’s how I usually fix machines … is it that different with a girlfriend or wife ?



    2. Well the first thing to remember is that a wife doesn’t have an on/off button. She also doesn’t have a mute button.
      Good luck with that! 😉

      1. Yes, DC, I would say its a little different.

        Sue, as to the mute button, that would be terrible. Then I wouldn’t even get a response when I ask what I’ve done wrong.

  5. Now Suz, you have nailed it, as a female with a mind,

    Experience in womanhood. Men must seek and so they’ll find

    That much of what a woman wants is tethered to the stars.

    I know they say that we hail from Venus while men exist on Mars.

    A cosmic soul comparison to highlight different spheres,

    A lifetime spent in wondering, overcoming fears.

    But planets should collide in space in some ethereal way

    And, on earth, we bump together too but all men have to say, is

    ‘Darling, what’s your heart’s desire? Tell me, I will try.

    I’ll promise love eternally and search until I die,

    To overcome your subtleties, learn to read your clues,

    Endeavour to be true all days, pay what is your due.

    I’ll harness stars and catch the moon, remove obstacles in our path,

    I’ll humour you when you are blue, I’ll try to make you laugh.

    I’ll even buy you personals when Christmas comes along,

    I’ll sing to you with lover’s voice and soothe you with my song.

    Is that enough to win your heart? What more, please, pray me tell,

    Guessing at your nuances, men don’t do that very well.’

    Now that’s a start, if men are willing to read the woman’s book,

    They’ll tell you if you really ask. And listen, that’s the hook.

    ‘You’ve said it all, that’s all I ask. Willingness to show,

    Hidden voice within my head, you’re trying to understand and know.

    Woo me with a sense of worth, seasons full of longing,

    Ensure your heart is open wide, a place I may belong in.

    Answer me in sentences, not cryptic yes or no’s.

    We use our words expressively, while your dearth quite often shows

    That what we’re trying to say to you goes right over your head.

    Then we lose the plot at you and you wonder what you said.

    The point you see is you don’t say much to express all that is real

    You seem to think we should absorb, osmosis-like, what you feel.

    To you, a word or two should do, a nod or gesture feint

    To speak your love, exact desires. It doesn’t work! Not quaint!

    Exactitude in what you feel, expressed in tender giving,

    From heart and soul and mind as well; Woman’s way for living.

    Just a thought or two for you. Hope it’s not too much.

    That it doesn’t blow your mind wide open at all that mush and such

    Anti-male, Jessie-like, entrapments for the ‘soft’.

    Not soft at all but strength it shows; we’ll hold you so aloft

    If all that you convey to us is done with purest love

    And sensual thrown in, for good measure. That might just be enough!’

    No more I’ll say. I’m telling you, women speak in heaps,

    But not all we say is heeded, a pity, it would keep

    Unnecessary confusion from cluttering up our way.

    Openness and honesty might help to win the day.

    Remember though that truthfulness, although a wondrous gift,

    Should not be used when she asks, ‘Does my bum look big in this?’

    A gentle smile, no smirks, not wise, if you want to keep your teeth.

    See, it’s all quite easy. Next question, if you please!

  6. Nice post! Ahhh… It’s true. I appreciate flowers even how boyish I can be. ❤ thanks for sharing. Will be checking out Sue's stuff.

  7. Great post, Suz and Don. My sweetie knows that the way to my heart is with a great back rub, and bought me a massage table for my 60th birthday.

  8. Excellent post. Give me flowers while I’m alive to enjoy them and respect in the here and now, and listen listen listen. I shall certainly check out your blog. Bravo!

  9. Super post. Although, as a matter of principle, I must disagree vehemently. After all, I am to argue the exact opposite.

    Interestingly, I wrote about giving flowers too. }:-)>

    1. Oh, I am looking forward to reading your response. Particularly after the conversation I had with the GG when I read him my piece. 😉

    1. Thank you. I made the unfortunate mistake of reading it to my other half prior to sending it to Don. Let’s just say I will post about this in the future! 🙂

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