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Me And Nav

Nav and I share a common ethos, neither of us suffer misandrists gladly.

Suz Jones was the catalyst that brought us finally together after his recent “Follow Blogger” submission on her blog. I hadn’t until that point realised that he was someone I wanted to get to know, or any common interest apart from both being men. After reading his about page, and empathising with what he’d been through, I decided to cultivate him as a friend. Indeed a good friend he has indeed turned out to be.

Nav is an accomplished wordsmith and currently working on a new fiction book that is an exposé of misandrists. At least that’s how I understand it.

You can find Nav at THE MIRROR blog.

Please do enjoy Nav’s guest improviser submission.


Don Charisma

‘What do women want?’ is the dumbest question a man could ever ask


(Don Charisma – No Intro from Nav)


Without a doubt, the dumbest question a man could ever ask is, “What do women want?” By the time you think to ask it, it is already too late. Might as well be half way up la rivière du Poop and ask, “Why would I ever need a paddle?”

Let me give you a true example. One Canadian Christmas when I was a wee lad, my mother wondered where her Christmas gift was. Dad told her: “It’s in the garage.” Mom ran out to the garage, excited that she was getting a car for Christmas.

Only there was no car. Instead, there was a brand new snow shovel. Seems Mom had been griping about shovelling snow when Dad was away. Dad couldn’t fathom Mom’s disappointment. “What do women want?”

Not your best question, Pop.

As men, we must understand what women want before coming in contact with this rather alien gender. To do this, we must turn first to biology. It is a fact that women prefer rugged, masculine men when they are ovulating. The women, that is. The remaining 90% of the time, women prefer sensitive and supportive men. Navigator Navigator

This explains why navigators are in such high demand. We’re masculine, yet we also do dishes. Sometimes. This is why feminists say, “Don’t be that guy.” Even feminists don’t like wusses.

The lesson here is that 90% of the time, women don’t really know what they want. That rounds up to 100% of the time. So let’s ignore them, and use REASON to figure out what women REALLY want.

Women are sensitive about their appearances. Think of the clichéd line “Does this dress make me look fat?” What women REALLY want is to never be in that awkward position. So keep an eye on your wife’s weight for her. “Gee, Honey, did you shrink your jeans? Why don’t you try cottage cheese for lunch?”

She’ll thank you. It’s your way of showing you care about her feelings.

Hair? She’ll bouff it up for that night you’re both going out. Why? Why does the sun rise? She has insecurities. Tell her that her night out hairdo would make Medusa look good. This means that her normal hair do is beautiful. She’ll feel great about herself and will love you for it.

Is she upset about the toilet seat being left up again? “Gee, Love. It isn’t fair that I don’t have a urinal in the bathroom, is it? Besides, it also isn’t fair that I have to lift it up AND put it down. We’re supposed to share the work.” She’ll appreciate your sharing how you feel about the issue. She will also appreciate realizing that you two can have a meaningful, adult conversation when she is being unreasonable.

You can’t put a price on unconditional love.

Women also need to feel secure. This includes financially. So stop buying her flowers. It’s insensitive wasting money like that. Pick dandelions for her instead. You save money, get the organic salad greens, save her some grocery shopping and yardwork, and show her you care in one fell swoop.

Since women don’t know what they want, you’d better know for them, before it’s too late. “What do women want?” is indeed the dumbest question a man could ever ask.

Don’t be that guy.


(Don Charisma – No Outro from Nav)

BY navigator1965, blogger extraordinaire at the THE MIRROR blog.

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92 thoughts on “‘What do women want?’ is the dumbest question a man could ever ask – navigator1965

  1. Very funny. Some of do know what we want sometimes but most of the time I’m just happy to be appreciated for being who I am. The same could be said of 99 percent of the other people on the planet, regardless of gender.
    Thanks for the smile and for reminding me that I have an awesome husband. I’m sure he thanks you as well.

  2. I like reading a man’s perspective about women. Quite entertaining. 🙂 Some of us can be complicated, but then some of us know exactly what we want, and it isn’t complicated— someone to cook, do the dishes, the laundry, and don’t talk to us while we are watching football.

  3. I think you two are very aware of one thing many people want (male or female) – humour (sorry about Oz spelling).:)
    I can’t speak for all women but men get away with a lot if they have a funny side.
    My father bought my step-mother a huge industrial mixer for her birthday ONCE (really for himself). She was NOT impressed, so he called it Bertha to temper the disappointment. Humour didn’t work that time.

  4. As a blogger to misogyny, I always find generalizations like above on woman mostly dictated by American TV shows and commercials. Why would a woman want to be insecure or being unsure of what they want? Why would any human being find comfort in that state. But I don’t blaim the perception, especially after all the comedy shows around the woman image who is blond and stupid and is only caring about not being fat. That image of a woman in fact has also being dictated by beauty contests. In the old days beautiful women image was rounder. The definition of beautiful was around the natural body of men and women. Now it has been defined by six pack muscles, very skinny figures. No wonder why the ignorant woman tries to lose weight without even knowing why? The reason probably is because the man wants that figure. And the reason the man wants that figure is probably because that is what he saw on TV being predefined as beautiful to him.
    I must admit that the post has sweet remarks which I had to smile myself:) I am looking forward to navigators book.

  5. You did write this very funny here Navigator.

    As a woman I think it is okay for a man (and a woman) to ask your partner, what the other would like or are thinking and wishing. It is NOT okay to need to guess the others minding. Why not talk together instead?

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have to say as the single mom of a teen aged son – I never get after him for leaving the seat up, but I also never put it up just in case he is the next person to use the bathroom – – I’m stuck, what

    Do Men Really Want?

    LOL – Nice post – And since I didn’t spy it in your post – I’ll let you in on a secret that would have been good for me to know decades ago, when I loudly declared that I didn’t want expensive jewelry (I’ll rarely, if ever wear for fear of losing it) and asked instead that we save such sums for house payments, etc…..

    Unbeknownst to me, fine jewelry is a woman’s nest egg – – -it’s a liquid asset that does not require the hiring of an expensive lawyer to get your due when hubby finds someone else to buy jewelry for – – SOO – with this tidbit, just saying – –

    Women really want fine Jewelry… even if they never wear it…..


      1. Hmm – Sad, but over half of the list, I wondered, “Is it considered plagarism if some woman’s husband says the same stupid things as mine did?”


      1. You’re very welcome.. I hope you don’t mind, you’ve inspired a response to it.. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and just had to expand on your lads’ ideas.

  7. До голяма степен този въпрос е забавен. Аз дори се питам дали не става дума за моя блог, където се опитвам да пиша като мъж, а съм жена Беше ми интересно и трудно да напиша този текст. Там пробвах да акцентирам върху разликата между женското и мъжкото мислене. Като жена се питах какво ли е мъжкото мислене…. Това е същия въпрос , обърнат на обратно Моля, погледнете моя блог, може да ви стане интересно

    1. The only reason that I won’t agree is that I am afraid I’ll end up with an East Euorpean wife if I do. Not that I would necessarily mind. However, “someone” might not be enthusiastic about such a potential outcome.

      Otherwise, yes dear.

  8. **Giggle** Oh now, why wasn’t I included in this Navigator? Could’ve been fun 😉 Incidentally gentlemen, you’ll never guess what I was working on this morning, perhaps less satirical, but funny all the same.. Great minds thinking alike and all 😉

    1. Divorced once, book comes out in February. Currently kind-of/sort-of married.

      I have enough “time in” that I can laugh at relationships and the broader gender dialectic.

  9. Sa-weet post. Women don’t know AT all. Or they do, but only in 30 minute intervals because they can change their minds? Or not? Im not sure….

      1. Yup for sure, I couldn’t be happier …

        And I do admit sometimes she doesn’t know what she wants, but I can usually help her with that 🙂

        Warm regards


  10. That was extraordinarily amusing! Because women really do not what they want in most cases, and men are left with the job of psychic while their telepathy helmet is being repaired several light years away; in other words, said man will be dead before he gets it back. So, to most men, y’all ought to brush up on the charm skills 😀

      1. Yes, most men do not realize it, but chivalry really isn’t dead. We like having the car door opened. and the doors held. It is just in the name of Feminism, women have forgotten that chivalry still exists.

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