Ideo 2 – New Year Lights

My second Ideo. Ideo because it’s shot by a clueless idiot videographer, that’d be me and also because it doesn’t have any useful audio on it. Just an experiment as I’d like to be doing more with video. And also as explained earlier, some things are just impossible to stitch together as a panorama, like flashy lights and fireworks, so video is a good way to capture.

The hotel featured does actually look like a fairly cool hotel. I love the huge ballroom window they have, very ostentatious ! But this is kind of the “back door” view over the wall.

I decided to stay stationary this time and pan the “camera”, so hopefully not so many people will get sea sick watching it as the first one. And how the hell I managed it I don’t know, but it was still up-side-down when I got it onto my computer, even with the volume button oriented topside. So I will try with the volume buttons downside next time and hopefully it’ll be right-way-up. Quick-time pro can export videos right way up.

15 thoughts on “Ideo 2 – New Year Lights

      1. Don´t like colour green, everything is better not good but better. Thanks for asking.
        Going back to Malaga next Monday to the hospital, because of my uncle, so at least I have this week with the computer.
        Stay Frosty

      2. Ah, shucks, sorry, I didn’t mean to come across as frosty, was trying to be humorous … I like chatting with you, honest 🙂

        So this week will be Charly Priest week on Don Charisma ?

        Warm regards DC

      3. Forgot,
        People get confused with the Stay Frosty, in case you wondered the meaning came from a U.S Marine, read the book back when I was in the U.S. Anyways, before they got into a firefight he would look back to his fellow marines and say “Stay Frosty gents!”=Stay focus,maintain your training levels at their peek, be efficient and take out your target”
        The target is a human obviously, but it´s quite good philosophy in civilian life, and in civilian life instead of `taking out´the target if you have the first two things you have a better chance of accomplishing whatever you want to accomplish. Like little things like blogging. That maybe one day can become a big thing in your life.

        Man that´s a long freaking comment, sorry about that.

      4. AWesome, and thanks for explaining, although I think the phrase might get lost on a lot of people … basically stay alert and “present”, you never know what life will throw your way next 🙂

        Warm regards


    1. Yes a very colourful spot … there are lots of xmas lights going up at the moment, and the flashy one best to capture on video … so I will experiment 🙂 warm regards DC

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