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Don Charisma – Blogger, photographer, writer, promoter, scuba diver, web designer/developer/ninja, SEO guru … tinker tailor soldier spy … well, you get the idea, my talents are varied as are my interests …

  (Beach Sunset Selfie (c) Don Charisma 2014)

Iron Man, Don Charisma… because anything is possible with Charisma

I’m a bit of a phoenix, as my life changes, so do I and the things I focus on and do, I guess it’s much the same for everyone.

“Life has three rules: Paradox, Humor, and Change.

– Paradox: Life is a mystery; don’t waste your time trying to figure it out.

– Humor: Keep a sense of humor, especially about yourself. It is a strength beyond all measure

– Change: Know that nothing ever stays the same.”

Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives

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(How I Cartooned Myself (c) Don Charisma 2013)

Don Charisma’s Realms

tools-carpenter-pixabay-498202-DonCharisma.org-1024LEIn the practical realm I’ve been an engineer fixing boilers and designing central heating systems. Not many a tradesman’s job that I can’t do or haven’t done. Whilst I can be incredibly creative, I can also be incredibly technical. So art + geek, or any degree in between.

ingredients-pixabay-498199-DonCharisma.org-1024LEIn the thought realm I’ve also been an engineer fixing bank’s humongous computer systems, building new parts and adding a little creative sparkle where possible. I like to fiddle, play, hack, build, create or what-ever-you-like, with software and hardware, DIY in the world of technology, love it! Cooking up ideas in the thought kitchen, ideas-chef, sometimes I am 😛

diver-sea-pixabay-79606-DonCharisma.org-1024LEIn the teaching realm I’m a qualified and certified diving instructor, helping people to learn to dive is fun. What I love about teaching is – what’s more satisfying than helping someone else achieve their dreams and become all they can be ?

buddha-pixabay-525883-DonCharisma.org-1024LEIn the spiritual realm I’ve explored myself and my mind through channels like meditation and relationships. I believe in God, but I’m not religious. Knowing myself and taking responsibility, I know are key. Also “let it be, let it change, let it go.”. So simple wisdom, “KISS”, ie Simple Stupid !


apple-mac-google-pixabay-459196-DonCharisma.org-1024LEIn the internet realm I built a successful company that SEO’ed number one for quite some time, all my own doing… well a little help from my family and friends. Right now we’re doing well on Google etc with DonCharisma.com and DonCharisma.org

business-coins-pounds-pixabay-18107-DonCharisma.org-1024LEIn the financial realm I’ve been involved in property, I’ve worked for employers and traded the financial markets, I’ve made money, I’ve lost money. Making money isn’t so hard, keeping it, now that’s a challenge:) Financial freedom and passive income would be nice, but for most of us it’s hard work that keeps the bank manager at bay.

children-future-pixabay-214437-DonCharisma.org-1024LEIn the future realm it’s not always certain for any of us. The best of both worlds is to be do something I love and make a decent living doing it. That said, happiness trumps wealth, for me, almost any day of the week, so I’m happy doing something I love, like blogging 😀

My Blog My Way

This is my personal blog for things that interest me, from the mundane and everyday, to the very exciting and fun. Art, design, geek, writing, photography, videography, improv and opinions … oh and did I mention I love watching movies, and my life wouldn’t be the same without music.

BUT Overall, Charisma is “what it’s about”.

If you’ve found this page I hope you enjoy what you find here, and I wish you happiness and success in your life.

Most of all I hope that some of you reading this will become friends. WHY? Well, it’s not possible to have “enough” good friends, the world is a far far better place for those that like us and probably wouldn’t turn without those that love us 😀

Thanks for reading,

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By Don Charisma

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  1. thanks for following me…I will seek inspiration from you to get my book out of the blocks in a few weeks time. As for your future you may want to follow my example and take a long train journey, they can be quite inspiring.


    1. You’re very welcome 😀 … and wishing you every success with the book … a very very good idea, although mine tend to be long flights, a great chance sometimes to be doing nothing, room to “just be” I do very much enjoy 😀

  2. Thanks for the follow and the point to your blog – I’ll definitely be visiting you for inspiration and technical advice as I get more comfortable – and adventurous – with my own!

  3. Thanks for following our adventures in sailing and photography, DC. Not sure how you came across our website, but appreciate the support! It’s only been going for a few months, but we are enjoying the connections we make.

  4. Evening Don, You looked in at my Blog some time ago and I failed to respond because…well for many personal reasons and I had stopped blogging…but I’m thinking I’ll take another go at it which will probably still be an occasional offering…at least for awhile & for a variety of reasons. I am enjoying the upbeat tone and smiles offered in your writings & comments.

    1. Hey Earlene, ok, and don’t worry it’s ok to take a break, do your blog because you want to … if it starts to feel like work, take a break …

      I try and do upbeat, also like to have a moan once in while, sometimes it’s good to get it out there 😀

      Speak soon


  5. Thank you for visiting and following my Flights of Fancy blog (which I should rename to ‘the utterly unambitious blog’). Your blog is such a wealth of information and fun, but it will take some time to look around thoroughly. 🙂

  6. Hi Don Charisma,

    thank you for following my “poor” blog (geoch1.wordpress.com) about typical and funny things of Switzerland, seen with the eye of a foreigner.

    I like your blog and website.
    Interesting subjects!

  7. Hi Don Charisma,
    thank you for following my “poor” blog about typical and strange things in Swtizerland (geoch1.wordpress.com).

    I like the variety and the subjects of your blog!

  8. Hi Don Charisma! Thanks for following my blog. Yours is interesting, too. Will be back …
    Cheers, Adrian

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I am surprised that a person such as you would find interest in a little blogger like me. But it is cool. I lead a rather boring life but maybe reading your blogs will add a bit of seasoning to mine. Have a great day. Cheers ~ Louise

  10. Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog! I pray that it blessed your heart and I hope you’ll stop by again! You have a great blog! I’ll be visiting again! Blessings to you! 🙂

  11. Hi DC!

    Thanks for following my li’ll old learning log blog – am astounded anyone outside the course I’m doing is remotely interested – but it’s lovely. Am looking forward to reading more of yours – very entertaining and informative – cheers 😃

  12. That’s one hell of a name you’ve got for yourself my friend – I might change mine too – Titanic sounds good!

    And I see you’re a “scooby-do” diving instructor – now that’s one group I definitely swim in a totally different direction from – you lot are a danger unto yourselves and those of us who have to come in and rescue you ~ “no honestly, we never went below the 100 ft mark, our depth gauges must have been faulty and clearly as were our inflatables that took us to the surface at the speed of sound. We most certainly did not panic and anyway, we like wearing our lungs on the outside.”

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – seen it all before and many times.

    Thank you for your “follow” indication – however, I would like to point out that I don’t “follow” anyone or anything – not even Charisma !!

    1. Thanks very kind … the only person I’ve ever heard use that phrase was a retired navy diver, who now owns a cheese farm, so guessing you’re (ex?) forces or commercial diver … whilst the bravado is funny, perhaps witty, I honestly couldn’t see the point of being a commercial diver essential a underwater grunt, a labourer working in conditions with extreme risks, and obviously the serious associated long term health risks … and personally never had an interest in underwater war-games … so I think you guys take the piss out of recreational divers to make yourselves feel better about yourselves, mostly !

      So laughing mostly at you, which hopefully you are too by this point … I could go on to do technical diving, but the effort, cost and time investment to “go to 100m” probably isn’t worth the rewards … well at least that’s how I feel at the moment … so I’m happy where I am, for now, paddling in the kiddies pool, it’s relaxing(ish) and relatively safe 😀

      And you’re very welcome on the follow, mr i-don’t-follow-anyone grown up diver 😀

  13. Hi Don, thanks for stopping by my blog.. You have a great blog 🙂 Will surely keep visiting it often. Have a great day.

  14. Hi Don

    Thanks for the follow. You are probably the biggest “jack of all trades” of my dinky small following so thanks again. Very nice to see someone with so many talents since I see so many blogs authored by those who really have not done much other than create blogs and try to live in as many countries as possible without any real practical skills.

    I plan on going though your entire blog and exploring and now I know who to ask; Why the hell does someone with such a small following get so much spam? Is it people as smart as you that can’t put their time to better constructive use?

    Anyway, thanks again for the follow


    1. You’re very welcome, and thanks, that’s very kind, hope you find things that are useful here 😀 … there are some odd bloggers around, for me the most important thing is the connection made, networking and sometimes friends.

      As for spam, generally/usually the intention is to obtain backlinks to a website that sells something. In very basic terms Google uses backlinks as a way of assessing “popularity” of a website, and the theory is, the more backlinks the higher the site will rank on Google. I probably get as much or more spam, more spam than I do comments, and I get quite a lot of comments. Presumably they are after variety of spammed backlinks, from sites large and small, varied across the internet in order to increase the “quality” of their “portfolio” of backlinks.

      Google’s algorithm is a little contrived, so not sure I agree that it’s not constructive use of people’s time. AND yes there are smarter ways of doing such things, but at the end of the day, what works works … or another way of saying the same thing, spam must “work” or otherwise people wouldn’t do it …



      1. Thanks for the infirmation. I get five times the spam than comments. Although i write well i dont have paticence to spend hours networking beause fo me, early retirement needs to be relaxing and blogging has been harder work than my five years in the last job. Takes me three or four hours to craft a good post and i am maticulous with sentence structure and my eyes are too tired to then spend hours on social media

        I love writing and sharing storires and readers seem to enjoy and read rather than just click follow so thats giid enough for me even if i only have a dinky following. Thanks again for your support

      2. You’re welcome 😀 … perhaps networking not quite the right term, what I mean is connections with other bloggers … and yes agreed, blogging is a big time investment, some work harder than a job as you’ve experienced …

        Good to talk 😀 … cheers D

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