Unconditional Joy

Long time follower of my blog Monica, of “Bubble Bath Self Empowerment” blog reached out to me, in her own words :

“Thank-you for this opportunity Don! I’m Monica and I write some self-help, life lessons, post my art, a few road trips here and there, recipes, dating, beauty and food related things. Pretty much anything that I think might help people live a better life or is worth sharing. I’m addicted to the blog world and hope to make it back to this page often to visit other people’s blogs. I have a full-time job and hope to someday write full-time. The following post seems to be popular so that’s why I’m sharing it. I appreciate this!”

So, I proudly present her eloquent writing, as a gift for you, I hope you like 🙂

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Ideas and Advice for How To Live a Joyful and Empowered Life.

For most of my life, having a good day or a bad day depended on what was happening in my life.

When I weighed myself going up or down one pound was the deciding factor for how I felt that day. (I stopped weighing myself years ago).

When I’ve had a partner and things were going well, it was a good day. When things were not so well, it was a bad day.

When someone made a rude remark, it was a bad day and when someone made a kind remark it was a good day.

When everyone was well in my family, it was a good day.  When someone in my family was having a health problem, it was a bad day.

When my car broke down, it was a bad day.  When my car was running well, it was a good day.

It’s raining – bad day.  It’s…

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